Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Waking when the light has begun
Let your eyes see the sun
A fresh day anew
So many good things to do
Oh Joyous Life in the spring
The Life of the Spirit in every thing
Early to light and crisp every morning
The sap in the trees flowing and storing
The leaves and flowers blooming
The fruits of the season soon coming

Joyous is the Light
for great joy comes from having sight
The vision internal and externally
His will fulfilled eternally
And His will for us that we may muster
an effort of our own
That we may reap where others have sown
That we may come in to the harvest
A portion to eat and a portion to invest
A time to reap and a time to rest

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Country and Western song: We may be stupid for believing what we believe in but at least we believe in something

You may call us stupid, you may call us cooks
But we believe in what we read in the Holy Books
You may think us old-fashioned or just a little daft
but we never had to rewrite so many damn drafts
Yes our Book is sacred Yes our Book is clear
on every thing from near to far to here
The Life is not easy to attain but we know our Lives will remain
Long after the sun goes down on our Holy town
Loving you is easy Loving you is fun
When you peek and poke and shun
Time is nothing to us We can wait forever
and we know there is more to life than trying to be clever
So next time you pass us by just try hard to remember
We are one of you and we are your members

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The life of the art

For the art to live the artist must live. Idols dead in stone do not tell the tale,
the story of the object, though they have a soul, the soul the artist gave them. For the fullness of the art to survive a living artist must give to the viewer the esprit.
Fear not for the Artist is and always will be alive. For He lives to give life to his Creation; the Heavens and the Earth, the host of Angels and saints, the land and seas and air, the plants and animals and to Man. Through Him all art may speak and through the art He may speak to you.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summer with you

The surprising and wavering light
that shines in the mind of quiet and lonely ones
Some times coming nearer some times drawing away
living a life of the spirit lively and spry
The illumination some times revelatory compelling
lucid times in the warm light above relieving anxiety
and they are good times to be remembered and expressed
warm summer breeze through her hair and her diaphanous dress
grass green in the meadow cold stream in the valley
little sparrows leaving their nests testing their wings to fly
Life simple and good every thing living as they should
life away from death far above the depths
How green and golden how do you fix an FJ Holden
for a drive down to the beach you need a spanner that will reach
The air in the shed smelling of drying hay
good times in the bed yesterday
how we laughed and carried on your way this time
Gin and tonic with a twist of lime please if you would
I’d get it myself if I could but I can’t get anything for myself
part of living with you is that you nourish me body and soul