Tuesday, 14 November 2017

When it is done

When it is done with Love
God and the Angels will be there to help
When you give a smoke to some one hanging out
give it and be in no doubt
that you have done good
in the world that it should be that way.

When it is done with Love in mind
Something inside that you will find
When you give food, a sharing out of your own
a little light has shone
in to the sad weary body
of yours and somebody you have met on the way.

When it is done with Love in your heart
On the long and winding journey, make a start
When you shelter in the sanctuary of your home
a smile will come
on the face of a homeless person
in this world no less than any one else on the Way.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

In the Now

It is comforting to have the Light with us.
In the incessant Now.
In the incandescent glow, candle burning low
The Light God gave, the one we trust

Blessed are those who trust
with solemn heart and faith.
In the Light God gave, to fools and the brave
Alone in the wilderness staunchly with out rush

Three birds flying over head
in the darkness quiet air
Clouds a deep red Love Stars circling up above
In the signs a wonderful God steads

Blessed are the fruits of faith
Never ending for the brave
signs and wonders to marvel and ponder
Signs that we have grace

upon the talents and faces
upon the hills and plains
with great suffering and pain
all resolved to gain, a glimpse of Gods' face

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

A spell of protection

The Heart is strong but vulnerable
to the devils that howl and babble
How have many been broken
for a penny or two stolen
Forgive and forget those who take
theirs' is not a lot at stake
but your heart is precious true
make it true to you
Tame the badness that the world submits
to the Life blood that the Heart emits
Take pity on your poor soul
which bears these burdens, tolls
The beating Heart of Saints
have lived through worlds strange and quaint
to the naked eye
a devil wears common disguise
No telling who comes or goes
who reaps tears and sorrows
Remain with Your True Friend
who keeps and defends
The stories some do tell
of how they rose and fell
Remember that you also fell
and Now the past dispell
For Now you shall rise
Clean the residue from your eyes
A Future made for us
of Love Life and Trust