Saturday, 3 February 2018

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The mastering

Berries ripe on the ground
they drop with barely a sound
Fruit ripe for the harvesting
Your heart beats waiting for the mastering
The Master doesn't withhold His healing
The Master of Love and feeling
A power mysterious to the untamed eye
yet alluring
A Love beyond all measure that is curing
That saves the sinning wayward heart
in all of us
That bleeds for the least infarction
yet resolves the deepest lust
That gives life to the ashes and dust

Monday, 29 January 2018

The dawn

The sunrise is re-born
new and innocent dawn
life has come again
after the nights' rain
listen as the birds sing
they tell you every thing

The passing through
darkness and death
the cold cold breath
misty in the moonlight
no left and right
the passage from living to life

Gentle light through the window
the lamb softly lowes
The manger padded and lined
cloth soft and fine
Mother Father beside
for now I reside

But I was born to die
on a cross raised high
A death of one for many
a triumph of good over the enemy
death reigns no more
only heaven in store

For to heaven I go
and to heaven I belong
to the light everlasting
abundance of every good thing
life as it should be
limitless and free

In His name we pray
this and every day

Saturday, 13 January 2018

We are the body of Christ

We are made in the image of God. We are the body of Christ. We are immortal. Love life. Love what you are doing or do not do it.
This mantra will set you free from slavery, oppression and death. For the wages of sin is death. A death you wished you had died from. A death in purgatory.
This purgatory may happen while you are not aware of it. You may slip in to it without realising that you have died. Yet your life will be as if you are dead.
Wake up.
Wake up to what ever sin you harbour in your heart. Purge it and survive. Look up to the life in Heaven and see a future. Your future bright and shining. Your birth right as a child of God. Erase the mistakes a broken world has cast on your name. Become as innocent as a new born babe in mother Marys' arms. And live.
Live the life that God intended for you and all your brothers and sisters.
I Jesus name we pray.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Each grain of sand

Sand common as dirt. Each grain of sand is critical to God. Each grain of sand is a universe. For a single grain of sand in your eye makes you cry. And a google-plex of sand on the beach gives you joy as you walk in the waves and the sun.
Sand in the soil gives roots support. Strong enough to support a mighty oak in the gale.
Dirt common as sand. A dirty mind spoils the soul. What could be told about my soul. Dirt, filth and muck destroys the soil and is no good for food.
   Guard your-self against contamination. Peril is for the failing. Love for the strong and wit.
Sand simple and true. To make a window to the sky. A window plain and clear. To shut out the wind blowing away the way-ward.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Theos' attitude to life

Attitudes to Life : A comedy 

Now Theo was not a poor man although as a younger man he was a stranger to money. But he was never poor in spirit. Every thing came to him in time, at he right time. He was never poor because he was and is an optimist.
He got this from his dad. For example; one morning Theo was feeling in the mood for a sandwich. 
He felt like eating a salad sandwich. He looked in the fridge for tomato and lettuce. There was no 
tomato or lettuce. He looked beside the fridge for onion and he found some. There was also a 
potato that had sprouted. Now Theo really hungered for a salad sandwich. 
He called his dad as Theo was still just a young boy. His dad said “Did you look in the fridge?” 
“Yes” said Theo. His dad looked in the fridge. He found a cabbage and said “Look, here it is.” Theo 
had also found the cabbage earlier. Theo had examined it, tasted it. He thought just looking at it 
that it did look like a lettuce, only bigger and harder. However when he tasted it, it was more 
bitter and harder but it was more aromatic as well. 
“That is not a lettuce” Theo said.
“It is” his dad said.
“How can I put it in a sandwich?” Theo asked.
“You can put it in a sandwich” his dad said.
Now in the language that Theo spoke Theo used the term “living leaf or vegetable”. And that is why 
his dad said it was a “living leaf”.
Theo had reservations about putting cabbage in a sandwich though. Although his mind was turning the 
possibility over. Theos’ breakthrough came when he reasoned that to soften and enhance the flavour 
of the cabbage he would heat it in the wok.
So Theo peeled a leaf off and chopped it. Put it in the wok and fried it. The aromas were very 
appetising. The smell of cooking suggested to his palate that onion and potato would go well with 
it. So he put those in too although he was not sure about the onion. But as an optimist he was 
willing to side with the onion.
And so as a young boy of six years old Theo cooked himself a meal. And it was good.

When Theo was fourty years old he lived in a little house with two nashi trees. The fruit was 
smaller than the commercially sold fruit and a little hard to eat. He decided to make wine out of 
the fruit which he picked up from the ground. Theo didn’t have vat so he used an old Esky he found 
on the side of the street. He didn’t have a grinder so he put the fruit in whole. He didn’t have 
enough liquid in the mix so he put in tap water from the hose. Theo put the lid on and hoped for 
the best.
He left the Esky under a table in the back yard.
When his friend came around and asked what it was Theo replied “Oh. That is mulled wine.”
“Can I have some?” His friend asked.
“Of course.”
The result was not very good.

The first shape you can make with lines