Sunday, 20 January 2013

Avoid pain

Avoid pain
and avoid causing pain
Glory in the sunlight and shelter in the rain
Give with your heart
try to remember how it was at the start
The mystery of eternity
a finite universe stretching into the infinities
The infinities of God
The grass grows from the sod
Each plant of grass
are the people of the past
Each tree and flower
grow by Gods' grace and power

Upon the sea

Upon the sea where souls are lost
Time is wasted and pity tossed
Silver gulls in the red moonlight
Love is more than a pretty sight
Mermaids beguile and seduce
Tension builds and is then let lose
Golden rainbows of the Lords' devising
None may know him by devining
Past awash and future present
Keep the faith and never relent
from moral goodness is heaven sent

Thursday, 17 January 2013

In the morning, in the light

This was spoken to me from God

In the morning, in the light
I will be your song

In the darkness, in the night
I will be your warmth

In the trial, in the fight
I will be your shield