Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Perfect light
You shine so bright
As the Son
In everyone
Give us the day
To show the way
To carry on
The way You shone
How bright you shine
Oh Light Divine

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What is more noble

What is more noble than giving pleasure
A moment of a lifetime and memories to treasure
What is more true
than my Love for you
My darling blue
Oh that we are apart
Brings aching to my heart
Oh that we were never together
How do I measure
the pain, the sorrow
The endless longing for the morrow
That dawn will bring you
My Lover true
Over seas and mountains
To my garden
To rest and lay
All the way

Nearer the shore

Set to drift
This weight too heavy to lift
Set on the tide
The blue ocean wide
Nearer or further
No closer to her
So someday His hand
Brings drifting closer to sand
Someday to the strand
And a simple plan retold
For her a simple band of gold


Eyes that have been crying
A mind no longer mine
The Soul above is spying
on a broken life
Lord all I can give you
My devotion reborn anew
All I can say
I love you as the new day
All I can see
Every thing I could be
is in Your blessed hands
I know You understand

A waning

A waning of emotion
A lessening of commotion
A coming of feeling
Prayer becomes real things
What could you be
A new feeling to me
A congratulation given
A blessing lived
So delicate the thread
that tells you what I said
The erosion in time
of the mortal mind
Leaves the earthly corpse with nothing
Worms ants and things
Devour the silly strings
The woven coil of flesh
Given over to nothingness
So the soul returns
onto the Heavenly strand
Back to listen and learn
Instruction by His hand
and by his hand renewed
New life shall come through
A new Heaven and earth
Old souls given rebirth

Monday, 9 February 2015

To be

To be free
we must flee
from immorality
To live in liberty
we would pass through the door
that opens to the grass at the edge of the sea
To be healed
we must feel
somehow unwell
and seek help
For he comes to the sick
and dying
a very good thing
Grace and Love, healing
from above
For he is your comfort
Call and you shall be heard
Pray and you shall be fulfilled
Speak and you shall have word
The world is yours anew