Thursday, 27 April 2017

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain you were my friend
when I lived in your house
I hope and pray you are again
and we are visited by the Little Mouse

How comforting Heavy Rain
on days when clouds abound
How many were our friends
who came to talk and eat
   with gusto and sound

How accurate each word you spoke
in the morning glow
In ways that are difficult to tell
in many seasons we let our Love grow

Time passed with many contended shouts
and we cooled off by a moments reflection
Living high we got by never having to do without
Not an average Life but one full of affection

Friday, 14 April 2017


A step on the rocky shore
to thirst for pleasure no more
To drink from the rivers' edge
To be sure and never again hedge
This way to the trail
that only good may prevail
How the trees and their fruits beckon
Only the pure of soul enter
only all who remember
their ways in Life forever
Written in the smoke of the censor

The mountain gives birth to stones and waters
and these to the seas
The Father Loves all His sons and daughters
and these He sees to
with memory and Love everlasting
Though the dove flies away across the seas
Its' returning is Gods' Love for thee
In stars and darkness a contrast
stark that harkens
to the good and evil in places we go
No more is the ill-informed allowed in tomorrow
For all will know of their fellows
All will be brethren and sovereign of their souls

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Strong winds

When the strong winds blow
where do they go
Does anybody care
Does anybody follow
In the rain of winter
where do they shelter
In the chill of morning
how are you going
my less fortunate friend
Are you paying a price
Are you making amends
Are you buying or selling
Are you sick or well again
In the depths of your blanket
have you a water bottle or trinket
Where are you sleeping tonight?
Do you have a friend
to hold you tight?