Thursday, 30 June 2016

Recovery tree

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is long suffering
Love is humble
Love is fullness and beauty
Love is righteous
Love is still and fast
Love is a kind of feeling
Love will grow
Love is steady ready medicine
Love is life living with Life
Love is husband and wife
Love is honest
Love is wise
Love is a force equaniminous with any other force
Love is for everyone
Love is good
Love is God


The words you chose
chose who you are
The way in which you say these words
And the way in which you are heard
Determines the outcome
income becomes what you need
when you place your fate in the hands of others
but who to place your fortunes on
Shall not sharing caring remain strong?

Shall not strength be within its' bounds?
What to chose, which words? what sounds?
And the aire given to your thoughts
What thoughts remain which thoughts have caught?
To say and to remember
to forget and to stammer
stymied of future reckoning
when will the rest begin
from this ill fate of wild sin

Wading, never still in the shallows of the sea

Wading in the shallows of the sea
All around a reflection of me
The sun in my eyes, a ray of light
In the fullness of the day, beautiful and bright
Like a polished stone on the beach
Easily within reach
Like a melody soft and true
Like the majesty of being You.

The miracle of being and being brought to birth
The beginning like every sacred Word
So true so connected so like rebirth
Being resurrected, A child like an ember lighting fire
Born of Lovers greatest desire
Born of Love for each other
Born of Father Son and Holy Mother