Saturday, 30 July 2016

I believe

I believe in humble beginnings
I believe in coming home
I believe home is where the heart is
I believe anywhere is where the start is
Like a family will you be my bride
Like a family will you be my wife
Will you come home and play with me
Will you come home and stay with me
I am a tree standing in the wind
I am a door that invites you in
A trusted friend is better than gold
A room with a view to keep you from the cold

Count me in three

If you're Going to ask a question
He will open another door
If you do the right things
He will initiate and fulfill you
with every sure good thing
If you eventually find refuge
from a vexation you have
Him on every occasion at your
help and resource
In times yesteryear and
in times today, in all seasons
He is here in the near and now
In things intimate and sincere
He is naturally strict
For good men should control their

Monday, 25 July 2016

A night

A day and a night
A day of splendorous sunlight
A warm winters' cold
A night of mystery unfolds
A darkness pierced by stars
No Moon in the dark
Streetlights cold and white
A warm winters' night
A cigarette between my fingers
The smoke lingers on my lips
A quiet puff to befit
A warm winter evening
Family wake and go to toilet
Talking gentle and quiet
A room with air conditioning
A warm refuge. God willing.
And God has a place
to still and rest. Good Grace.
For the work of the day
is at hand. What a way
to spend a life
Looking for a good wife
One pleasing to the eye
A gentle soul and softly spoken
A lover in the night when she is woken

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Jesus My constant friend

The Love we shared from the depths of our souls
From the coldness we were spared. We were made whole
Forgiveness my Holy sender
Not to rent but to render
The Grace on Your Holy face so splendorous
Your steps on the sand with each step so wondrous
Take me there to clearer air The light
In time and away from time we are together
In Love and Life we are for each other
For we are whole with and for. We are Gods' souls in the beginning, now and evermore.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

For Kathy

What we have are memories of the past. I will give you a future. If you want the feelings of Love to last you should be careful. I will send Love. You may receive in full. Not take. The Lady in the Lake is wise. You are smart, but are you with God?

Friday, 15 July 2016

On the path

Danger on the path where friends meet
Stillness in the dark where souls may not keep
Words foreshadow what cannot be shown
Past echos with what I try to disown
The light that reigns over the night
The future now looking bright
He is here forever to care
He is good, forever who I should be
Forever to share a friendship
God you are my Love
Your praise is on my lips

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You touched me

You touched me in a beautiful way
The yearning in my heart fulfilled

You are nearer coming my way
My life repeat with splendour and still

Your light surfeit with colourful ray
Shining the light of perfect will

Your Love complete. May it stay.
The air clearer feeling distilled

My life cleaner after Your own sweet way
The juices purer and of better yield

You are a lamp upon my feet and a light to the path
You are a beacon of hope and a teacher of skill

Monday, 11 July 2016

When it happens

When it happens
you will know it
Never a stillness so
so profound
Never a more
precious moment
In the greyness
that surrounds
Movements in your will
that lead to better still
The words and actions
that will make sense
even though now you do
not know it
God bestows His
better judgment
and with your life
He shows it

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Say what is right

When you are quiet at the right time, the right person will speak.

When you speak at the right time, the right person will hear.

When you sing a good song, you will have a willing audience.

When you pray to the True God with a fervent prayer, while being an ardent man/woman/child, you shall be heard.