Sunday, 5 April 2015

The stranger

Stranger at my door
Oh, You have come to let Love in
Welcome dear Sir
Come and rest away from the wind
Would You like a cup of water
Please sit any where
You may stay the night, of course Sir
And soon we eat of the days' fare
Did You walk the long way around
Here we care for whom we have found
on the road, sea or path.
Your way is blessed by Him who knows
Which ever way the road may pass
I hope I am there where You go.

In You

In the presence of You, my friend
I am everything
I feel delightful on
standing where Your light has shone
In Your aura
I feel awe all over
For Your grace has touched me
Your word has set me free
You give me need
and fulfillment
You gave me strength and speed
where ever I went
You are my comfort and my rest
You are my Friend, the best.

Gifts of a moment

God gives us so many gifts
And the gift of a moment
Is the most precious of all
For in each passing moment
Lies the germ of a new life
Each moment is a gift
of an opportunity to be Good
God go g ...
Be your own Good God go g ...
Be a star
For God created stars to light
the night and the Day Star
to shine for all
For all eternity

Praise and worship

Praise and worship
good God go g
Do not worship me
By his Love caressed
In his care I rest
I lay down my care
He is with me, Everywhere

A drop

The heart plumbs emotion
Churning a hot ocean
Of Love
I have a heart for Jesus
And he returns it renewed
I Love You
The end of the day
When all shall return
We learn
That all can be forgiven
For Love is the gain
When he comes again
In power and in truth
With nothing to prove
All is good
A tree is living
Dead it is wood
What we should have done
The dei is won

Saturday, 4 April 2015

One for all

A study of Christ Jesus.

To give a good end to sin
For sadness to end and joy to begin
The ache must be unwound
The word in the smallest sound
Heard and the lost found
To give to You, my friend
My bitter tears to defend
My life I lay down
I kneel before the crown
And in rising I meet You
When again I shall greet You
When You open the gate
I pray my coming is not too late
I pray the Lord take me
For You did not forsake me
In the beginning You made me
And at the end You shall remake me