Monday, 27 February 2017

Song: Lonesome Sparrow

Chords: E(muted) A C G F E(let ring)

E                                A
Lonesome sparrow.    Lonesome Sparrow

C                                G                                  F                               E  
Where do you go

Lonesome sparrow how do you fly

into the sky

so very high

Lonesome sparrow      Lonesome sparrow

Fly in to tomorrow      Away from sorrow      Away from sorrow     Away from sorrow


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wandering star

Wandering star
across the Heavens you glide
Near or far
You are with me tonight
Honour the moon
Valour the Son
For salvation and favour
to these little ones
That all who might die
shall live again
To fly, to fly
Never fearing dying
Become the music you hear
in your heart
Always with you
Never apart

Feel the Love

Feel the Love inside you
A tireless seed that grows
to maturity as a tree
A plus, a boon, a cross that blooms
giving flower and fruit
to all good purchuits
And good seed in kind
to send to Loved ones
So that in their hearts
a love grows
Now and forever in tomorrow

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

In the times

In the dark times
when the light is not so bright
know that the Great Light is returning
ever burning with Love for you
In the scorch of Summers' day
when the flying trying dying pass away
know that relief is coming to stay
In the ambivalence of Autumn
when there is cold one day and
heat the next
know that you need not be vexed
For the play of heat and cold
is the delight of spirits young and old
and this is their time of change
In the freezing Winter wind
where only the hardiest of birds fly
know that warm Love will win
no need to wonder why
And in the Spring of eternal youth
know He comes to prove
the triumph of the Father
in Life and all that matters