Thursday, 24 December 2015

Song for you, my baby belle

A song for the singing
Smile and laugh, you are winning
A few words only God may tell
A few curves on the wishing well
And with these He shows
To those who study the Know
What has been and what is to come
What it feels like to lay in the sun
For the Saviours' day has come
All the rivers that run
For Life for liberty to just be as we please
For what is good has been fashioned by Three
Every thing made new and once again true
Made by Three, are you and me

Friday, 18 December 2015

Monday, 14 December 2015

He walks

He walks across the lonely sea
calling out to you and me
If only we could hear
If only we have less fear
For He calls for us to Love
and perfect Love casts out fear
He calls us to Life above
To be with the Father near

Time is only happenstance
If only I'd taken the chance
to be reunited
But I was shortsighted
Oh to be with my true Love
A kiss and embrace upon her face
I saw the sign of the dove
But the Law put me out of place

The Life I live now
Struggling on somehow
Alone except for You
How excellent You came through
And the Book keeps ennui at bay
Friends come over everyday
And I Live by Your grace
That someday I will sense Your face

Sunday, 29 November 2015


A smile every where you go
A blessing for the whole world
A happy day as the sun shines
A good heart and healthy mind
A Love to last through the ages
A wise saying on your lips as the sages
A friend who will stand long
A child to share your lifes' song
A mother and father who for you care
A wife or husband who will be here
A life worth living
A gift received for the on-giving
Share what you least have
So all may have what is most rare
A true God who will always be there

Fire in the wind

Fire in the wind
Fuelling a terrible sin
The black stem must be burned
Or we suffer on and on
In the ash a layer of white
The start of a new life
In the black soil
A green coil
And three new leaves
God, Adam and Eve

Friday, 27 November 2015

many little chances

In a life of many little chances
heed the fleeting glances
Some one who looks up to you or to whom you aspire
Who burns with admiration and lyricism of the lyre
In the clear light and the haze
Live a life of many sunny days
Who knows what will transpire
In the fire of desire
In the days of Godly destiny
What might we ultimately see?
Your soul mate in union
with you

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

There is no test

There is no test
only rest in the Kingdom
There is no read through
you may know what you know
in all things
For you make the words
in your mind
Remember and do not discard what you heard
only smile as you isle
by the error of a style
The yeast of the pharisees is in doubt
while the way is through faith
within and without
Think on your feet while you are about
Wink on the meeting of your spouse
She will take you out
for a nice wank and dinner
Oh be not a sinner
but a winner
by a mile
no denile
on the Nile
and the Orient
Perhaps with Orianthi?
Be Ye Blessed
Honey child
Or with Michelle Wild?
Why not both?
Lord save me from wroth
We are the Children of God
Happy in the Land of Nod
Seasons greetings
Fruit for all
Fruit by the windfall
Endless summer
An end to hunger
and also its' beginning and middle
a creamy feeling filling the middle
rest and contentment
recreation and salutations
For the time is nigh unto noon
You have not come too soon
and it feels good to have you here
fetching and receiving not too dear
and not to waste
such a pretty face

Hair on your face, head and cranium

The hairs that are on my face
I cannot eradicate or erase
For the hairs on my arms, torso and legs
I would not give a smeg
They do not fill me with delight
I am frightened by the sight of them
To be naturally smooth
without the use of cooths
I hold to high esteem
Am I what I seem?
Do not fear for your appearance
For that is in the Hands of God
The Eye that sees all
By which I am called
Do not fret or pluck or pull or cut
You shall be in your luck
You shall enjoy
The Life of mens' foys
And never ending
women are beginning

Monday, 16 November 2015

A blessing for the Stones, a blessing ov God

Dear Rain and Stone and Tree
You are a holy three
Together we may be
A happy family
Live Love and Last forever
For the first shall (be) last and never
end, as good friends who endeavor
to be each others' flavour
Praise indeed for the saviour
of today and tomorrow His and Hers'
Son and daughter
Living Loving Lasting in mirth and laughter
In merry gentle folk
whom quietly enjoy the smoke
of an evenings hearths' fire from the local
leaves and debris
Whom are happy to descend to their knees
for a cause with out pause or pleas
Whom are blessed, vouchsafed and sealed
For whom all good things are revealed
Whom are saved by Gods' shield
For all may come under Gods' roof
and know the ultimate only proof
and put it to best use
in their Lives, Husbands and Wifes
In all there is a way up to Life
From the Ocean floor to the pelagic,
to the fisher mans' box of tricks
A fly or a fish
Then to the sky as avian beings
held high flying on angels wings
On subtle shufflings of strings

White snake

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Gods blessing

God blesses all
For you shall have Life
You shall have joy
You shall have happiness
You shall have fulfillment
You shall have every good thing
You shall have power over every thing
You shall be invincible
You shall be indestructable
You shall be immortal
We shall meet again in Heaven

Saturday, 14 November 2015


I respect the Maker so
through thick and through thin
I like to fix His things

I have hands, that is why
I like to have a try
at mending a torn garment

or wheeling a discarded sewing desk
home Home to honor and rest
To serve a while longer

To sure up and make stronger
for the use may be a little different
I have not always followed where others went

Spirit ov giving

There is no other way of living
than in the spirit of giving
To Love is to be in Love
with oneself reflected in another

Perfect Love shall save all in one way or another
Perfect Love casts out fear
In every Life the leaf must tremble
and reach to heaven The sun nearer

Yet begetting the son, the Father and one other
, perhaps His mother, came to Live amongst men
For the Father so Loved that all men be His brothers
and women His sisters that when

His only begotten son died, the earth stood still
Still everything is within His will
So that as One Perfect died and was raised
so all are Perfect and shall be raised Be He praised

With the wind

The flame has reignited with the wind
Burning even more intensely than before
Pray, some one come to the door and let me in
I am waiting eagerly evermore

I know God watches and feels just like me
Seeing what I dimly see
I sense and observe His ever greater Love
A Love supreme and deluxe, flying like a dove

The flame is burning on limitless fuel
Bright and warm to feel and scented
Pray, some one feels as I feel
yet escapes what I went through

I know God vouch safes and saves
I am here aren't I? A miracle that He made
And He is refining me for a greater goal
That I have a pure clean blessed soul

The space between the rain

The grey space between the rain
that fades down in to black
The night comes and death is plain
In the morning period the sun comes back
For the loss shall be made good
All the lost found and the guilty understood
For in the founding there was no fault
The stone that the builders cast out
shall become the corner stone that holds
the silent point that becomes bold
A statement made in blood and pain
The red and blue of the sky between the rain

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Addition to "Old man by Neil Young"

Old man, take a look at my life
twenty four and there's so much more
live alone in a paradise that makes me think of two
love lost such a cost
give me things that don't get lost
like a coin that won't get tossed
rolling home to you

Lullabies look in your eyes
run around the same old town
it means so much to me to mean that much to you
I've been first and last
look at how the time goes past
but now I'm all alone at last
rolling home to you

Old man, take a look at my life
tell me how things should be like
trying to be the best that I can be
I've got so much to do
but I need my rest too
and I'm so glad I have you
because you give me free

What comes of a few hours with friiends

Drinks with friends
what may come. Even at the bitter end
For some, a sweet early morning kiss
A succulent familiar risk
For others, an innocent shake of the hand
"We will see each other when ever we can."
For now we say good bye
and close our weary eyes
For now the party is over
I put my bag over my shoulder
For others still
a beginning of writing wills
Long winded and pointed accountancy
about how much money will be
forth coming in to his hands
For he had to pay for petrol
and that is not cheap
He loses money, he says
every time he comes here
and CentreLink has lowered his pay
by three hundred dollars

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A parade

A parade of colours
Be assured
that not on any other
Do they look so good

But the colours run
Under sweaty sun
And smudge on tea cups
And to set out to appear

to appeal out of coquettish fear
to the need for beauty
Some mysterious inner greed
I too am subject though do not expect

that any effort be made
A spring fashion parade
A pretty formly array
That males like to assay

Blue smoke, grey smoke

Blue smoke, grey smoke
The truth lies some where in between
Who would stand for a lady
as wonton or so it would seem
And Our Lady au contraire
Gardening best done in pairs
With a Lover of sorting hair

But illusions however hard fought
Must come at a painful cost
And to set out to illuminate
A great fairy tale of greatness
Smoothing a tough exterior
Belying a rough inferior interior
May be contrary

to morality. But who may judge
What a man or woman budgets
as to be of a sights' worth
Perhaps we would be worse off
I suffer along with my au pair
As to the grooming of hair

I may not cut string
Or any such thing
And so, I let it grow
Come hail, sun or snow
Candy, come back to me, please
I am on bended knee

Monday, 2 November 2015

Imagination in the manifestion of the world

He is the master of my Life
Granting imagination of the world
His creation given to us
that we may become a greater whole

In His story written for me
He has created deep mystery
A puzzle to unfold
for the minds of babes to behold

For the dark earthen soil holds
the sin of past lives retold
in the newly sprouted tree
On re-living of history

And a life perfected in re-telling
The blossom sweet to the smell
A beauty that does well
to all who come to the well

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Don't fade

Don't fade with the light
Your stars glimmer through the night
and you shine just as bright
as the day-star in full flight

Listen to thoughts He shows
Then it is easy to know
everything will come, fast or slow
Then you may live in the now

Still your wayward tongue
Too easy to argue or harangue
A time to talk will come
Every thing in the sum

of all parts
The sounds of the heart
are strong when we part
The sound of departing

So let us sing
a song of every thing
crucial to know the lingo
of where, what, when, who and how

Knowing this we go further
on the path to Our Father
Oh, and all the others
and the Saviour

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

For Michelle

The illusions that I find in the secrets of the mind
lead me to wonder and to come under
your spell you weave so well
What can I do to untangle the way that you wiggle
and giggle at what you are doing so uncomfortable
it would seem yet you are acting I suppose from
your repose on the floor on the grass tickling your
naked ass And your power in the image of sex
to serve man and his excesses To create a sense
of well being even though what it may seem
to be is silly and disgraceful you have your hands full
To serve is noble yet is justice being served in this
game of depravity no thought to what might happen to be
in his mind what secrets do I find
in his very breath a secret of lovelessness

Monday, 26 October 2015

Eternal to all Forever Grace after fall

The eyes of the cosmos and soma are linked and united
The mouth with all its wants and desires to express and requite
The lips with which we give expression to words a fascination
The boobs which are of a fashion large or small on all women
And the torso by which we know a god or good person or so
The pubis clear of hair or sin let God in and go no pain no
For we live in perfection in the sky on the ground here (in Church)
The Life lived in affection for the by and by Wife we abide by
you Your Love and contrition made by conditioning of our
Life and Love together So far have we traveled yet in a day
we could get back to where we were as children at play in the garden
in the house above In the sky Don't know why things got to be like this
Just a way to live in perfection I guess

Peter was crucified upside down

The Christ said with silence awaiting approval

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Letters for Kathy Dallas

Potato chips are yesterdays' good idea The corn chips and salsa know I like watching capsicums I Pray, you fall so tenderly upon your knees You open your mouth and give me to please The world at your feet We rose to Love each other each time we meet So sweet a rose, I Love your nose You knows so much such and sucks I Love you dear, like animals, Bambi and Jesus Christ Animals are the cleanest animals on Earth How about cleaning your lussy cat Or wood you allow me to do that?

True, I live in Grace and eternal Hope

You are not U unless you are happy We want You to come through the doorway of the soul To relinquish the control of whom are not wholesome To have and to hold To cherish and show To be independent of external infernal accident And be one on three Have bend of knee In the See we are free Of all encumbrance which defiles I only wish you'd stay with me awhile Perhaps forever, I do knot know yet It would take forever to find out And I am immensely, Emmanuel, intensely interested to find You, true, without doubt I live within, desire that all win A windrow for to protect their windows, that with a view To all things new Poetry true be my guiding light

Sunday, 13 September 2015

All good things

My heart thing My Love of all things For not a thing was not created By God in six days By sacred strings By angels on a'wing were all things arrayed In stillness and in motion there is something special Some emotion In every thing. Things are celestial in origin. "It all comes from God and it will all return to God." And in all things there is some greater or lesser measure of good

Thursday, 10 September 2015

To meet you again

One pure vision to set you on a mission To set ships a'sailing across the sea One pure light to burn through the long night To symbolise to us the sacred promise of the Three The triple twined thread to bind things sacred To sew a new beginning in the sacrifice of Thee One quiet morning Destiny never turning from its' mark. The son separated from His Mother Mary The stillness of the moment Separated waiting in torment till darkness truly came to the world. Dead upon a tree For three days in a timeless state Dripping water upon the face of the ether. To Sheol to meet Charon. Who is fair for his fee If the payment is good and all parties understood the journey through the under world you do not want to see And to a bright new life of your choosing. Same wife. For the eternal bond lasts through all lives. For ever eternally .

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sing forever more

The song of the trees The melody of the stones The experience in Thee For I am not alone Not alone in Your creation Not alone in being created Together we are a nation Together we are dedicated For we are united in being Yours Always and forever with a cause A gift pure and binding Of no other kind in quality. Of none other do I seek Than to be that kind that is humble, that is meek. That is delicate, that is strong Yet that is fragile, agile, yet weak For in the song of the trees The singing is soft and tender The melody of the stones is as if trying to wander As if guided by a Higher note As if it were God who wrote the score. A singing of an eternal Love. A Love forever more .

Passion Grace and Fire

In the Passion of the Christ
the flower in the radiance of the sun
blooms. Till the fading of the son, in death did He His Fathers' will. And in the grip of darkness and night the Father opened those fingers held tight. And loosened His son to life again, unburdened of stain. To Grace everlasting. To every good thing. A dance upon fields of joy. And the son shall come again to set Fire to the hearts of men. For all must be in good friendship. A'come to worship the Lord. To sift and say aloud with their lips, His word.
With Passion Grace and Fire say, "We shall follow His ways".
To you a good day.

Friday, 4 September 2015

To see

Body the colour of sunshine
hair raven black
silken, brushed with her hand, back
On the spring time sands, reclined
As the waves lap
And as the morning slides into noonday
and as the father and children play
at the shore
she turns over, rejoins them,
and they swim some more
The water makes them hungry
And they walk up the grass
There is a store, a meal and drink
Served in a glass
To the garden in the heat of afternoon
The sun sets on them joking
It sets perhaps too soon
Home, homeward bound
On the trains, a soft clacking sound
Silver moonlight after a golden day
In the night time again they play

Monday, 31 August 2015

Tree of life


All kindness All knowing
In the spirit All flowing
The way of kith and kin
a way away from suffering
Even and justly tempered
The measure and the method
In just a matter of time
we all will be thine
In only a drop of effort
if only I could wait
If only I could have you again
Once I had you yet I wained
For you and I
oh delight of the eyes
we can never part
alone I am a half

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Her gift

Her gift is her voice
as she orders you a tea
She gives you a choice
Her Love is given for free
Take it or lose it
forever on your anniversary
remember the way
on this day
how she looked
How unlike those books
you used to read
Radiant and splendor
glowing in suspenders
Her aching need
Her Love is for free

For Rory Gallager - Bad Penny Live at Montreaux 1985

Your music gives me wings
and I fly
The sound strengthens my heart
and I cry
The song and the power
The glimmer of joy in the lonely hours
The early morning preys upon my soul
The emptiness, lack of touch, takes its' toll
Oh to hold another
Mother father sister brother
Friend, I only begin to describe
the highs and lows of the spirit tide
For we are not meant to be alone
All men are brothers in the Heavenly home

Like a star

Like a guiding star
to a lost sailor
So is my Christ
My soul saviour
Like a rock
for my anchor
So my Love
has stamina

For the call to Love is binding
All may come and walk by His side
upon the road to salvation winding
its' way up the hill side

Like an island
Like a shore
For no man
needs any thing more
than a touch
of Grace
a tear falling from His
beautiful face

A flower in the dark
jungle beckons me
Turning in the wind
a skylark flies free
And the sand burns my feet
I am but a weak
man, given to lusts
I sate my fill
But feel disgust

But over yonder, over yonder
Over there
Some thing in the
pure clear air
Some one clean
with gleaming hair
Will He save me
From the grave

For He comes
for me and you
For He nears
to still our fears
To give us true
Life more fully
Yours faithfully

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Prayer over the meal on this noon day

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
In Jesus name we pray
Dear Lord, we come to humbly give thanks for this gift
and for your other gifts of Healing, Passion and Grace.
For it is in your Knowing of Who, What, Where, Why and When
of the comings and goings of mice and men
The cup filled to overflowing
My mothers bosom, alluring and glowing
In the sunshine and the snowing.
I Jesus name we pray. Amen.

In the stream

Looking at the fish in the stream
swimming not where they seem
Are you in a dream
of your own choosing?

The birds who sing before the first light
Have they eaten during the night
have you had the breakfast
of your own choosing?

The air sometimes heavy sometimes mist
Sometimes you must control your own fist
have you loved the person
of your own choosing?

The maker of the cord of the string
The guitar sometimes feels like a sting
have you sung the song
of your own life?

Sunday, 16 August 2015

On the hill

The Angels take flight
in to the bright light
who knows what might
be found

Perhaps the comfort of a pair
with some one who cares
how to compare
a thought that is sound

A beautiful tree on a hill
standing almost silent almost still
what is His will
for us on the ground

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Master of my fate

To serve and not to be served
The Kingdom is for all
To give for posterity the word
That we may stumble but not fall
For one of the fallen is raised
To life and all grace
A good seed to die and so sow
The next tree rising green and gold
All for one and one for all
Listen carefully for the call
A whisper a song in your head
Hear with trembling what the spirit has said
Only time will tell
Make things again well
Please do not fear
But try to see and feel and hear
Time has come and will not wait
Make Him the Master of your Fate

Monday, 10 August 2015

Would you look back for me?

Would you look back for me?
Can you see? what we have been
What we would be?
In the stars of night
Do my eyes shine bright?
In the winds of change
Does my touch remain?

Would you turn back for me?
When the changes shift
Will the curtain lift
In the dusty noon day
Will your passion stray?
In the darkness and cold
Will our love stay bold?

Would you come back for me?
For you set me free
In the middle of the air
I kiss your pretty hair
In the v above your knees
I am busily trying to please
In the ecstasy and shout
We both let ourselves out

Monday, 27 July 2015

The stones cry out

No, no do not please destroy
the ground the soil
The rocks cry out
In secret voice a shout
No no a simple truth
You should have learnt in youth
That the world is a living wonder
That the sky speaks with thunder
The sun for light the moon in sight
The day is warm the heat a bite
Till all are called by their own name
Till then the Sender and the Came
For all is all, a never diminishing number
For the time will come to remember
Your few your due Just as dew as
settles on each leaf
Yours comes as a gift from nadir
For cost is settled by the will
The greater will of God
For the rocks and the sod

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The truth of a piece of wood

What does a piece of wood say
to you this day
It sais to me in earnesty
That it will be a guitar saddle
But not in such words
Not that I heard
What does a tree say
When someone slays it
And lays it down
on the cold cold ground
Something dead and no longer true
The warp is in the one that slew
And the twisting of a mind
in to a pretzel
Death you find at the cost
For a life lost The robbing of a soul
of its endeavor
The end

A vow of simplicity

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The multiply symbol

The plus symbol

The long night

The season has come
Of rain and storm
For the Lord has spoken
The sky is broken
into drops of water
Of course his and her
way was made crooked
When they mistook
The forbidden fruit
Taking what they shouldn't
But the water and the light
remains wet and bright
The Saviour in our midst
Who invites yet does not insist
The coming
The longing
The Son for ever shining
into that long dark night
A comfort for these times
Thinking not about what might
or might not find
its way into your imaginings
For the rainbow has no end or beginning

Monday, 20 July 2015


The life that you save
could be a friend of yours
with the Love that you made
with the one you adored
From cradle to grave
to above and beyond
The one that you saved
may be singing this song

The company you crave
may well come along
if only you are brave
enough to sing this song
The only mistake
is if you take too long
So try to awake
and come along

Monday, 13 July 2015

The nearest mile

How do you measure to the nearest ml.
By being honest and ideal.
To measure the nearest decade, don't ever be reckless.
In the lucky find you were in good heart and mind.
And for the pure soul, nothing but an endless world.
In the eternal beautiful afterwards, there is only everything good.
For the life we live now is sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.
For every action has a recoil, a flour turned to spoil.
How do you measure to the nearest mile?
With a humble chuckle and smile?

Tempest and serene