Thursday, 24 December 2015

Song for you, my baby belle

A song for the singing
Smile and laugh, you are winning
A few words only God may tell
A few curves on the wishing well
And with these He shows
To those who study the Know
What has been and what is to come
What it feels like to lay in the sun
For the Saviours' day has come
All the rivers that run
For Life for liberty to just be as we please
For what is good has been fashioned by Three
Every thing made new and once again true
Made by Three, are you and me

Friday, 18 December 2015

Monday, 14 December 2015

He walks

He walks across the lonely sea
calling out to you and me
If only we could hear
If only we have less fear
For He calls for us to Love
and perfect Love casts out fear
He calls us to Life above
To be with the Father near

Time is only happenstance
If only I'd taken the chance
to be reunited
But I was shortsighted
Oh to be with my true Love
A kiss and embrace upon her face
I saw the sign of the dove
But the Law put me out of place

The Life I live now
Struggling on somehow
Alone except for You
How excellent You came through
And the Book keeps ennui at bay
Friends come over everyday
And I Live by Your grace
That someday I will sense Your face