Tuesday, 27 October 2015

For Michelle

The illusions that I find in the secrets of the mind
lead me to wonder and to come under
your spell you weave so well
What can I do to untangle the way that you wiggle
and giggle at what you are doing so uncomfortable
it would seem yet you are acting I suppose from
your repose on the floor on the grass tickling your
naked ass And your power in the image of sex
to serve man and his excesses To create a sense
of well being even though what it may seem
to be is silly and disgraceful you have your hands full
To serve is noble yet is justice being served in this
game of depravity no thought to what might happen to be
in his mind what secrets do I find
in his very breath a secret of lovelessness

Monday, 26 October 2015

Eternal to all Forever Grace after fall

The eyes of the cosmos and soma are linked and united
The mouth with all its wants and desires to express and requite
The lips with which we give expression to words a fascination
The boobs which are of a fashion large or small on all women
And the torso by which we know a god or good person or so
The pubis clear of hair or sin let God in and go no pain no
For we live in perfection in the sky on the ground here (in Church)
The Life lived in affection for the by and by Wife we abide by
you Your Love and contrition made by conditioning of our
Life and Love together So far have we traveled yet in a day
we could get back to where we were as children at play in the garden
in the house above In the sky Don't know why things got to be like this
Just a way to live in perfection I guess

Peter was crucified upside down

The Christ said with silence awaiting approval