Thursday, 23 October 2014

Kiss the waves

Made perfect in Your Grace
I live in your given hours and days
So many the ways
and so great what you have to say

I ride the boat that kisses the waves
The water is powerful that Thou hast made
On the first You parted them with a wave
of Your hand On the next the sea is at your command

And in my days You come in the fourth watch
In the last hours Your hand reaches the touch
The blessing of You in my life is so much
that I praise You Lord. I feel I must.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

At peace, beneath

Beneath the mantle of my good deeds
I am like the rest a sinner who needs
Belief in the Saviour, Jesus
The true vine, the light of mine
eyes that truly shine
with grace. A gentle face
to smile at my fall from Grace.

At peace, at rest
as the child knows best
Let the children sing
the song of good tidings
The young coil of spring
The old seeker of true things
The fall, the passion, the call
The seeking, the wandering, the arrival
The creation, the beginning, the end
The destruction of all made things
and the coming again

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Myst

Embrace and ponder the mystery
Words are not to be taken litter ally
The truth sets you free
His Love for you and me

The way the world will end
You in my arms my friend
And always I will commend
You to Him and then

We will walk among the trees
Love the flowers like the bees
We shall have our eternity
in a willing ability

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Days and nights

The creator of the day
sun shines the blackness away
The near and distant past over
The here and now so much closer

O warmth of the summer night
You are smooth sheer delight
The maker of the way
Deliverer of another day

Lord and Lady lunch together
Before strolling slowly through the Heather
Coming to rest and nest by the stream
Lord of the day and Lady like a dream

Song: The hand that feeds me

The hand that feeds me
eyes that see me, every where
The land that embraces me
every where it takes me, with care
Wind that awakens
waves that shaken, take me there

For the Saviour knows my name
John, will you make His paths straight
Through hills and plains
Jesus will not be late

To save another soul that pains
The name that washes away shame
The maker and begotten
The fiery golden flame

Friday, 10 October 2014

A life within His Grace

A life within His Grace
far from the turbulent space
Salving the life within
riddled and redolent with sin
O Lord Jesus my Holy Saviour
O Lord you are, my Heavenly favour
Save my friends before me
yet do not forget me
For I am one most needing
of the sowing and the reeping

The wonder

I let my eye wonder over the Creation
That all things so cleverly made as this
are here for our entertainment
So blessed I feel that all this is real

That no mistakes are made in this Blessed Creation
is remarkable and beautiful and good
The way that every plant and seed has the fulfillment of its' need
The way they give us of themselves our food

The loving way of animals in their domain
that they leave a way for the passage of man
That they not harm a hair on any babe
All the world so wonderfully made

A prayer of thanksgiving

Bless me Lord for I have sinned
Please release my soul from the torment within
I had my shameful pride because I thought I could win
and now I know I can not.

I thank you Lord, for your Love
and know you that look at me from above
I am grateful, for your Grace
that you do not turn away your face.

I pray Lord Jesus, save our souls
with our bodies and spirits whole
I pray O Lord take us up
that we may drink from your cup

For the events of our lives
though they be foolish or wise
are but a fluttering of the heart
a beginning, a pause and again a start.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Lord

The Law has ended
Long live the Lord
His Son has been sended
Receive his beautiful word
For Love is to be commended
Love for worm and bird

God is source of all things
The forgettings and rememberings
For in him is no darkness
For from him is the sparkles

The dove has come and ascended
The word has been confirmed
The light is pure and accented
The word has created the world
The name by which all things came to be
Ben Jah In Em man u el by which we spell

The Chord

The chord of all possibilities
The word of creation
The way of what it will be
for all creeds and all nations
Driven by diverse lusts
I have fallen and I must
beg for salvation
For the fallen are deeply
buried and weep sleepily
The married are sanctified
raised in Gods' eyes
Oh that I may find His favour
Oh that I may touch my Saviour
For to touch
someone I Love so much
would be devine
Oh will you be mine?

Friday, 3 October 2014

The way you make me feel

Oh the way you make me feel
so fine
All the world revealed
Together forever my friend
walking talking we lend
a helping hand
My saviour we are tithe together
My Lord we ride the tide
Love never ends