Tuesday, 16 September 2014

and I thank You

Each gust of breath that bears the butterfly to the flower on the tree
Each sigh of breeze that sways the leaves on a weeping willow 
These things speak of thee
Each leaf of grass that breaks out of the ground
Each note in the symphony of forest sounds
These speak your name profound

By the to and fro
you let us know
we are not alone in our lives
By knowing with our hearts
how agonising to be apart
You seek to be reunited 
with your bride
By gentle silence
yet without relent
You guide us all the night
By sleep and dream
by a sequence of means
you are there in the fight

In your loving hands
Your countenance which understands
In your sight that comprehends
You are a constant friend
In Your act of Grace
In not turning Your face
In sanctifying disgrace
You saved us all
and I thank You

Ocean of Love

Every line that defines a set of mind
Every word that sets free a caged bird
is good and should be heard
Every gesture every motion. Every dance of devotion
is another drop in the Ocean ….
of Love

Song: Loving you.

Loving you
is easy because you're beautiful
Loving you
is good because you are true

In the dance and the struggle
we get into more trouble

In the dance I dance with you...

Loving you
is easy because your heart is pure
Each step is true I take with you on the shore

In romance there is no end of sorrow
In the night a million hints of tomorrow

In the love I make with you.
Because you're true...

Loving you
is easy because you have no shame
You remember and recite Gods' names

Even if we have our quarrles
From yesteryear we seek to borrow

the remembrance of good times we had.
The good times we had...

Gods' plan

Gods' plan is the best
if you need to come to rest
In the gentle mothers' milk of her breasts
you shall find savour

From the desire to ride
the tide high
From the mighty aspirations
which are upon nigh

The world seeks a resolution
to the questions
which are pressing
and addressing to...