Friday, 29 December 2017

Theos' attitude to life

Attitudes to Life : A comedy 

Now Theo was not a poor man although as a younger man he was a stranger to money. But he was never poor in spirit. Every thing came to him in time, at he right time. He was never poor because he was and is an optimist.
He got this from his dad. For example; one morning Theo was feeling in the mood for a sandwich. 
He felt like eating a salad sandwich. He looked in the fridge for tomato and lettuce. There was no 
tomato or lettuce. He looked beside the fridge for onion and he found some. There was also a 
potato that had sprouted. Now Theo really hungered for a salad sandwich. 
He called his dad as Theo was still just a young boy. His dad said “Did you look in the fridge?” 
“Yes” said Theo. His dad looked in the fridge. He found a cabbage and said “Look, here it is.” Theo 
had also found the cabbage earlier. Theo had examined it, tasted it. He thought just looking at it 
that it did look like a lettuce, only bigger and harder. However when he tasted it, it was more 
bitter and harder but it was more aromatic as well. 
“That is not a lettuce” Theo said.
“It is” his dad said.
“How can I put it in a sandwich?” Theo asked.
“You can put it in a sandwich” his dad said.
Now in the language that Theo spoke Theo used the term “living leaf or vegetable”. And that is why 
his dad said it was a “living leaf”.
Theo had reservations about putting cabbage in a sandwich though. Although his mind was turning the 
possibility over. Theos’ breakthrough came when he reasoned that to soften and enhance the flavour 
of the cabbage he would heat it in the wok.
So Theo peeled a leaf off and chopped it. Put it in the wok and fried it. The aromas were very 
appetising. The smell of cooking suggested to his palate that onion and potato would go well with 
it. So he put those in too although he was not sure about the onion. But as an optimist he was 
willing to side with the onion.
And so as a young boy of six years old Theo cooked himself a meal. And it was good.

When Theo was fourty years old he lived in a little house with two nashi trees. The fruit was 
smaller than the commercially sold fruit and a little hard to eat. He decided to make wine out of 
the fruit which he picked up from the ground. Theo didn’t have vat so he used an old Esky he found 
on the side of the street. He didn’t have a grinder so he put the fruit in whole. He didn’t have 
enough liquid in the mix so he put in tap water from the hose. Theo put the lid on and hoped for 
the best.
He left the Esky under a table in the back yard.
When his friend came around and asked what it was Theo replied “Oh. That is mulled wine.”
“Can I have some?” His friend asked.
“Of course.”
The result was not very good.

The first shape you can make with lines

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Judge not for ye art brothers bound

When we can look in to the eyes of our fellow man and woman without judgement, without resentment and without wanting then we may live finally in peace.
When all are equal in our eyes then we may live free. Free from rank, free from feud and free from vendetta. We may live free from accounting and money. When we open our arms in Love then we may receive Love.
When all Life is seen as valuable. Just as God Loves all of His creation. When the Lilies and the sparrow are respected just as much as any of you or mine, then all will be as it should.
We have a ways to go yet.
But, God willing, we will arrive.

Song: It's in the way

It's in the way
that you move
that makes me sway

It's in the way
that you touch
that I want so much

It's in the way
that you say
that makes me stay

It's in the way

It's in the way

It's in the way
that you groove
that makes me move

It's in the way
that you walk
that makes me talk

It's in the way
that you tell
that weaves a spell

It's in the way

It's in the way

It's in the way


Ladder to the stars

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The greatest and the least

Many Lives One Dream
In dreams not every thing is as it seems
Many Lives One Love
The Love of the One above
He sends the Dreams
to correct our mis-deeds
He sends the rain
to purge the land of its' pains
His touch heals the ills and strains
of a Life lived in refrain
Of a Life unrestrained from the terror
of errors and sins
To let all be in on the win
Of release to be free
The Highest and the least
You and me