Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The perfect Life, as it is written

The perfect Life is written like a symphony written on music paper
Any one may play it given due dedication to the truth of the words
A Life of the soul is a Life less ordinary
Dance to the tune whether prince of pauper
so that none may doubt your moves or words
Each motion and gesture prescribed by Gods' Law and dictionary

Time is free and the musics rythym dictates
Each heart beat an act of faith
Song from your lips pronounce your fate
Your song is your destiny
The future of one and many
The music comes to a crescendo and suddenly a cry
A piercing harmonic
A weeping in your Mothers' eye
A sweeping of a harlots' wisp of hair
A world a symphony descending in despair
Silence for three seconds
and then miraculously a sound
The cries of your descendants whispers around
The audience of One draws sudden breath
as music is resurrected. Life after death
The dance goes on after the rest
Your song so strong

Memory is key. A sermon on History

Full disclosure obliterates and exonerates all wrong-doing. The shinning truth destroys the grey and dark of nothingness. Defeats and erases the negative. For in Him there is no darkness at all.
This is why memory and history are so important. This is why the book of memory and wisdom; the Bible is so crucial to the life of all humanity.
The memory is kept alive in pages, paragraphs, books and in our minds. In stories, histories, geneologies, proverbs and psalms. For the history of wrong-doing goes back to the Garden. To Gods' original plan. In darkness there was a voice which said; "Let there be light." and there was Light. A light has come into the world and the darkness has not put it out.
Learn your life. Learn His story. Remember Life. The Life of Him who has come to save the world. Him who has come as your personal Lord and Saviour. He stands waiting, reaching, knocking on your door. Hear His bidding and open the door to Life. A Life everlasting and abundant. A Life with Him and His Father who is Love. A Life filled with Love, close to the One who Loved you from the first. The One who made you.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

To err is human

To err is human. To forgive Godly
For any offence is an offence against Him
Any offence a measure of sin
He sent His Son so that in this world, in this dream
we may Live
In this Godly day that He gives
All in creation a song together we sing
In a subtle way convolving into being
He gives the little birds their wings
To fly To fly so that we may not die
a second death in the realm of nothingness
In everything created a good
To find that is to do what we should
In Gods' own given food
a bounty and sustenance fair
In Gods' own garden to Live and flourish there
As two, as many, as any who walk the earth
and breath his soul
As one who hears what was told

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

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You are looking for someone
you'll only meet
when you chastise what is within
For strangers come in form
not complete
to eyes blinded by sin

Legs shorn and shaven
are but a disguise of form
What must one make of what
has become of us
who do what seems the norm

For truth shall be told
and all in Heaven rejoice for it
For tales even as Tantalus tells
cannot cast or weave such spells

Triangles meeting

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The One who he always knew

Every bird has a song to sing
A truthful rhyme and trill
Angels know the truth of everything
under the sun and will
of God

Every man knows the truth
of Life though hidden in his soul
Every man knows from youth
and must learn from his sorrows

The air is pure for the upright
and the righteous of heart
The sky is never dark something bright
always shinning, a guide for his part

The dawn quickens to near him
and joyous is his face
When sun shines on his lot
darkness not a trace

Youth spent in training learning
from his God
Vigor in Summer yearning
to be without spot
Old age brings adventure
from the vantage of what he has got

And another venture to Heaven
when the world is complete
The seals of seven
opened to finally meet

the One who he always knew