Monday, 24 October 2016

What above the darling dove

What does the blue sky learn from grey
What does the sunshine learn from rain
What does the night see in day
What pleasures come our way
In every thing a friend
In every song never ending
In every Life a cry
and a seeking as to why

To love

To Love and hold fast
that our friendships may last
To hold true to the beauty
that dwells in you and I
To raise each other to the Kingdom in the sky
For to cherish what we already have is precious and sage
To kindle the fire at every age
The coming is soon at hand
So dwindles the hourly sands
So save that none may be forgotten for the sake of all and The Begotten

Friday, 14 October 2016


Every thing that is shared grows
This we, l come to know
To share Love and knowledge
To help your neighbour build his shed and kids
Sharing comes at no cost
It ensures the important things are not lost
For sharing is caring
For the lonesome and despairing
Shared things are all they have
Cared for and given to another person for another day
To be used for another May

Friday, 7 October 2016

God does things in threes

God does things in threes
He mends the wounded knee
The knee that faulters
or bows in reverence
He restores
God is He and She and me
you or I

With an unwavering eye
He guides us
Gentle as a warm breeze
For the gnat is just as great
as these

The colour

The colour of blood
and the colour of water
The colour of wine
and the colours of the earth
During forty days how great a sacrifice
for the lives of others
For others come and He binds
them to your worth
For your sake

Leaves swept away by the wind

Leaves swept away by the wind
Only withered leaves that cannot stand the wind
For the sinner cannot be told
How does the burden fall

And yet how evergreen is the righteous
who does not stray into the wilderness
of unrepentant and blasphemous talk
Who keeps the words, jots and tittles of his
speech sacred
As a lioness who guards her cubs.
Who can buy and give at a glance
towards the Holy One
Who fears the Lawful and man in white
For the righteous are abiding in Love and
fear of the Lord.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The story of Ray Vagis death

Ray had an itch in his upper left groin. He scratched it and it became raw and infected and painful. Being obese he considered this pain to be in the region of his belly. It became so painful that he called an ambulance. Something awry happened and they took him in to "hospital". There they cut him, put tubes into his neck and nostrils and " treated" him. There he died.