Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Beginning

A defence of the Arts

What passes for art these days...

The "art" that comes out of the Greek tragedy tradition is dystopian. When someone dies, is murdered, tortured or scorned then that is bad. We only concern ourselves with this "art" because we still live in the fallen world. The Hollywood tradition falls into this category.

True art is an expression of our higher morals and aspirations. Beauty, morals, ideals, joy, true happiness are the ingredients of good art. eg. walking along the tropical beach with your lover and discovering all kinds of wonderment in the environment; the sea, the sand, the sky; music drawing you in in the evening towards the pavillion where there is food and drinks and good people to meet. This is Eden. The true art of God. This life was meant for us. We need to return to the Garden of Eden.
Fallen, as we are but sinners, to return we must die of our wicked selves and be reborn of spirit. For it is that miniscule speck of soul, which is the only pure part of us, that will live on forever. The soul is reborn in to a perfected body free from death and corruption and we return to our Maker.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

...The time is now ... (Part three)

In Peters' vision (Acts 10:9) he sees a canopy come down out of the sky with all many creatures living and moving and crawling and a voice saying "...Kill and eat..." Peter says "No, Lord for I have never eaten any unclean thing."
Peter is puzzled by the vision. Could this vision come from God or might it come from some bad spirit eg. Satan the Great Deceiver?
It says in the Book of Genesis (2:16) "...You may eat from every tree in the garden, but not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for on that day that you eat from it, you will surely die."

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

.. The time is now ... (part two)

Torturous time
for a mind to wait
... am I forsook forsaken?
in this land of mists and shadows?
For I took I have taken
what was not mine to touch
I anguish much
I am not the perfection of Heaven
and so do I fall all the way to Gehenna
below the ones who have not manners
"Thou shalt not judge... for vengence is Mine"
says the Lord."
Or is their manner more than what I saw on the surface
of my own flawed vision
"In the eyes of the Lord
there are no flaws."
Is someone who begs on the street
less than someone who eats meat?
Is eating something dead wrong?
Or is it the killing?
I have contemplated eating pigeons which
have died by other causes than human hands
but the Book of Deuteronomy says that
"Thou shalt not eat of anything that dies of itself. You may give it to the alien residing in your towns to eat or you may sell it to the foreigner." Deut. 14:21 also in Leviticus.
Have Vegans got the right idea?
My answer is a cautious yes.

The time is now

Some have reached the time
the time is now
Temples in the sun
a beach on which to run
The temperature rises ready for a swim
dip in your toe and wade in
The light so warm in the air
The rise and waves of your hair
in the breeze It is alright if you sneeze
a release of spirits which did dwell
in side of you making you unwell
The noon passes and soon evening
Like drifting past a star
So many stars in sequence for each day
Like a cycle ever so remarkable
Like beads on a string
Sometimes angels do not wear wings
A sneeze can be sometimes bad
losing a guardian spirit that you had
I am but a weak man
yet with my whole soul I understand
everything I am 99% well 1% weak
Yet by that weight of a gnat I fall
and I fall from the great height of 99%
I fall just as speedily in the vacuum of my eyes
as any one whom I may despise
as fallen and not worthy
of my Love and compassion
I am the fallen
I have stolen
from my Father
The temptation was too great
I have fallen with all my weight
And now I am anxious
unable to wait
Torturous time
for a mind to wait

Saturday, 15 July 2017

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God The Almighty

God The Giver of Life
knows what He has given.
Forwards and backwards
Left to right
Up and Down to up
For He knows all the numbers
to infinity and beyond.
God The Giver of Wife
saw that Adam was smitten.
With symmetry and grace
A perfect form and face
And Adam gave her name
"Eve. For you are flesh of my flesh.
Bone of my bone." Life of my Life.
God The Giver of Time
for God is beyond Time
knows all our stories
knows all the rhymes
Written in the Book of Life
For God is Life everlasting.