Friday, 27 December 2013

Swim little fishes

So flows the river of time

"Why do you resist me?"

The Family

Song : So long are the days

So long are the days
without you
I don't know what to say
What can I do

So lonely the nights
without a heart
The arrow pierces
and I'm torn all apart

I wonder where you're going
I wonder where you are
I wonder if you're guided
by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know where I am
I don't know if I'll make it
I don't know if I can

So long are the days
without you
I don't know what to say
What can I do

So lonely the nights
without a heart
The arrow pierces
and I'm torn all apart

Beauty is a feeling

Beauty is a feeling
all through your body
and protected in your heart
Be tender and soft
spoken do not be hard
Keep the feeling
good and hot
Keep it safe
in your heart shaped box
Meek and mild
like a child
Cry when you are hurt
Don't you know it could be better
When it rains
tears from Heaven
you know
God is watching
Then comes sunlight
on a cloudy morning
You have cried
in the night
and awakened to the dawning
of a beauty for all to know
The beauty of Gods' covenant
symbolised by a rainbow


Far away

Far away, far away
from here to you.
What am I to say
what am I to do.

Love so strange
a feeling to me.
I am a river
running to your sea.

Far away, far away
from three to two.
What am I to say
what am I to do.

Love so strange
a feeling so true
What am I to feel
What am I to do.

Love you have
such a pretty face.
A beauty the world
cannot erase.

No worry or fear
for whatever time or place
for you are here
and I feel your grace.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

It is better

It is better to go round the bend
with a friend
It's better to take a ride
with someone by your side
Walk down the street
with someone you meet
I will be kind
to hearts I find


Oh Lord help me

Oh Lord help me
I cannot get free
Oh Lord I need
some help to get to sleep
Troubles surround
and love cannot be found
till you come closer
and put your arms around my shoulder
Then regret dies
and my heart yearns to fly
and I will learn and try
to give no reply
to temptation
Volunteers live to give
sinners go down to the river
where God has promised to forgive
If only there is enough time 
to heal all wounds
with love in our hearts
that time may come soon

The beauty of a stranger

The beauty of a strangers' smile
makes my day worthwhile
The day is created anew
with beauty to ensue
The pearly white teeth
open to speak
of the days' sunshine or rain
and a hope of meeting again


We can not deny our feelings

We cannot deny our feelings
so all the people say
Live by your heart
and enjoy day to day
Take time to find yourself
You can do what ever you try
Make things for yourself and others
One day we'll reach the sky
Weep gentle and not too long
for the sky is full of clouds
and the sound of thunder can be strong
When my heart strings break asunder
mud that sticks is the acosting of
the rain that falls when provoked by temper
Leave the well worn path Love bypasses
When the devil sits on one shoulder
In disgrace I die, in sin
In Christ I rise to fly infinitely


I run from pain

I run from pain and try to hide
but I cannot escape the hurt inside
Silver nails and ragged crosses
hold me high on bitter losses
The scouring of pains and passion
The wars destroying nations
Maybe you will taste the beauty
and reach moments of ecstasy
Perhaps a time will come for peace
and we will live in happiness

Everything to decide

Everything to decide
as I look in her eyes
A clear purple tear drop
she tried to hide
and she smiled at me
through a sunset sky

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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Monday, 16 December 2013

What is to God that cannot be undone?

What is to God that cannot be undone
Is it that time you were not having fun.
Isn't it bad
when you are sad
or when you feel
you can't go on.
What is a life
that cannot be made better
by the tightening or loosing of the fetters
that bind.
To let the stress unwind
a heart refined
made to recalcitrate
the hurt and the hate
So that still there is nothing
God cannot change
or create or rearrange
The truth so strange.
Yet we are born knowing
difficult to do the plowing
but so simple the sowing.

Life is there from the beginning

Do you fantasize
and if it became real
how would you feel
The pleasure the pain
would you want that again?
Thoughts are real in every way
art and music light the day
and when the world is run
can you say you gave fun
to those around you
in everything that you do
and that you didn't lie
or made anyone want to die
The end meets the beginning
and life is there from first meeting.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In the midst of the fury and the flame

In the midst of the fury and the flame
I don't realise I don't even know your name
Those words repeated often
Whose impact must be softened
Truth the final word
sets you free as a bird
still the thorn remains
in the claw which held
the evil seed
I gave in to my needs.

In His grasp

The lines on the palms of my hand. These are paths which we walk down. In Gods' hand we walk and live. When we sin God shifts his grasp of us and we stumble down a different line. We reach the same destination in the end-in Gods' tender loving care, but we walk down a different path. Then he covers us with his left hand. The left hand of darkness and we are enveloped in his mercy.


There was an old amusement park owner. Len is name was. He built most of the rides. There was the rollercoaster, the big dipper, the zero gravity drop and the ghost train. Then Garry built the hall of funny mirrors. Sue built the snack shack. They opened to throngs of people and the buisness was good. There were the takings in of moneys and the out goings of moneys.
They ran the amusement park for many years and hired many workers to help. The workers all had to be paid and that was a big part of the out goings. The out goings were slightly less than the takings in.
They were happy enough until the ghost train stopped working. They fixed that but then a few weeks after the roller coaster was falling to pieces. There just wasn't enough money in savings to fix that.
The roller coaster was the big attraction and when it was closed many people didn't come to the park. There were fewer and fewer people until one day they couldn't live off the days' takings. They had to close the park. And so that was the end of buisness.


Drink this water, taste this wine
It came from the sky, it is not mine
Jesus is the water, the well and the spring
It is sweet water with love that we bring

The river

A river that must be crossed
A moment that must not be lost
A time to forever remember
On the fifth of 2013 december
The passing of Modiba Nelson Mandela
A nation left to flourish. Sons and daughters
The mist in the air
To love and care
For all
the cave behind the waterfall
The refuge the passage to another land
and in this Kingdom
to be saved and redeemed
For all the fallen and brave
all of you shall be saved.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

His power

His power came from the holy one, the eternal and cosmic
He played for all who came and never played sick
Time was on his side because he questioned meat as food
Where were the animals raised and did they live as well as they could?
Things worked out if he let good run its' course
When he stressed and worried things got worse
He tried not to lie or tell any falsehood in word or deed
Sometimes fear got the better of him. It was fear not greed.
And to allay the dread fear in others we need to conquer the fear in ourselves.
To end the suffering we see daily we cannot rest until all are well.
To give wells to the thirsty, gardens to the hungry and love for the lonely.
This was his calling. And to save his loveliness for his true love. His one and only.
For to have offspring without the true bond of the God-given and only God can give this,
is to divide the soul to try and miss.
Cir is the pro-noun when calling attention from a woman.
And flowers and sweets the French way of saying without words; you want more than
casual aquaintance.
What makes the heart fond; that it desires so?
To hold the righteous up with strength and bold.
For to give all that we are worth to another
is to hold and kiss and hug each other for ever.
Love; such powerful a thing as love cannot be denied.
With love no other anything can withstand or hide.
Not ever nor even the great Satan.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Essay on the philosophy of life

On a serious note
To live well and to be healthy in mind, body and soul, I personally believe, one needs to be careful. Careful means to have love and tenderness and caring for ourselves, others and the world and God.
What we think, pray and do in our time affects us.
To have a worthy mind and philosophy and theology we should think and feel and act according to principles.
One of these principles is Love. To Love is righteous.
If we Love another will that enable us to love ourselves?
If we Love God do we therefore Love His creation?
Can God be a Person?
Can that Person be non-human?
Can an animal be a Person?
If we kill an animal have we committed a sin?
If we sin are we able to receive the blessings of God?
If we are looking from a fallen perspective do we see clearly?
It is like standing on the bottom of a mountain and looking around. Then compare that to standing on the top of a mountain and looking around.
To Love is the essence of the Law. And by Loving we are saved.
Love all of Gods creations and try not to eat your friends.
Birds are your aquaintances in the sky.
Mosquitos are the justice department of Nature.
Dogs are your best and loyal1st friend.
Cows mind their own business.
Sheep are good natured and careful.
Wolves dingos and foxes are the slaughter-men of nature. They kill chickens and sheep for us and all we do then is walk along the fields and pick up the carcasses.
We should not shake the olive trees when harvesting them. I propose that a fine net with holes just too small for a ripe olive to pass through be put on the ground in harvest season and collected and shaken off two-daily depending on the amount of olives that have dropped naturally. Naturally dropped olives are richer and riper, full of flavour.

Friday, 8 November 2013

The dove

So warm the feeling
of sunlight on the clearing
and the moon is nearing
its' zenith

How do we fare
Do we make a good pair
Can we prepare
to go with

each other Why does the heart ache
and always great pains make
Why does it take
away my wits

So lonely our lives apart
Will we ever embark
with a pure bright spark
to merit

Boldly the dove flys
in to the cold sky
never wondering why
so white it is

Thursday, 7 November 2013


The weaver of the art
weaves a lover for your heart
when will you start on
the journey of your life

The flame in the dark
when your friend calls you to hark
will you listen to
the voice of your wife

The threads that Clotho ties
are intricately twined
will you bind them
or cut like a knife

The love that light brings
The proven true things
Do you have them
as your right

The golden band of day
makes every lover say
that I love you
even in the night

What beauty in the spring
When the vegan diet sings
with health and vitality
and strength and might

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

When you have little time, will you be my friend?

When you have little time
take it slow
Tell me what is on your mind
Let me know
A caring place
the fertile field
We know your face
and for you we feel
So take your time
and make yourself real
Sing some rhymes
and spin the wheel
For you the sun will rise
and the day is long
Close your eyes
and just sing your song
We will be here
when you open them again
have not any fear
for we are friends.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beggar on the Street of Love

From: Jenny Morris with additions

In my life
I have been
a rich girl given favours
All the world
at my feet
in its' many different flavours

I sucked it all dry
now I realise

I'm a beggar on the street of love
I'm a beggar on the street of love
I'm a beggar on the street of love
beggar on the street of love

In my mind
I have seen
the courage of the Saviour
All the world
until He comes to save her

Ah the dove has cried
now I know why

I'm a beggar on the street of love
I'm a beggar on the street of love
I'm a beggar on the street of love
beggar on the street of love

Monday, 21 October 2013

God is in every thing

God is in every thing.
In  every gift of string.
The cord, the twine
is yours and thine.
In every gift of a little flower
lies at its' heart a mighty power.
For the turning of the spindle
the twining of the wick in candles
makes what light that shines.
The holy and divine.

How do I light a lasting glow?

How do I light a lasting glow
that does not die as one grows old.
As a candle that burns all through the night
to keep the warmth and hearten the eye.
Although the candle in the morning dies
it has at least lived a life.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shelter from the storm

Ride through the storm.
The wind is cold, the sun is warm.
Brother sun and sister moon
when shall the flowers bloom.
All through the day and throughout the night.
I watch and wonder at the sight.
The pink, the tan,
the beige and white,
throughout the day and all through the night,
something remains that is still hidden.
Laying beside the driven snow.
The tulip that miraculously grows.
Not easy to see.
A great mystery.
Somehow growing beside the road.
The road that leads to market and all that is sold.
Standing still so as not to be disturbed.
Not bidding but owning its' own word.
For to say that this is mine for a nice price
is un-given and not given right.
For to say that all is to share.
That at least is only being fair.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The flame

The weather drives me back
The sky is turning black
The wind and rain
has come again
The candle flickers
The spirit quickens
The flame is weak
My soul to keep
It burns on
and lights the night long.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Gods' word, what is it worth

Gods' word; what is it worth?
It is by his word that I am given birth.
Gods' dove;  what are you little bird.
The seal of the gift of the holy spirit.
Friendship like un-tarnishing gold,
a gift that stays with you as time grows old.
And doing what Gods' Law says has much merit.
I obey the Law in all ways that I saw,
and in all ways that I see.
I ride the waves and know myself
and tame the cruel sea.

I am well

I am well when
you treat me well
I am well when
you treat me as a friend
with love that never ends
Sometimes this is not easy
but it should never be impossible
Health and wellness
has less to do with
exercise and medication
than with respect and love
with which I am governed

Friday, 4 October 2013


Sunrise on a cloudless sky
Morning and I rise
The day has begun
and the heat comes
with the noon day sun
Day heat is long and
burning. So hot the sand.
In to the water of the
sea. Up to my neck no further.
Comes the setting of the dusk
beautiful till the end
and my friend comes again.


When the light is perfectly clear
All darkness fades and disappears
When the light from your eyes
hold not any disguise
The beauty is plentiful and precise

For the seer sees his own heart
reflected in many parts
in the world around
subtle and confounded

For the joker uses his own life
to make fun of
and here are laughs aplenty
The traveller journeys home
from where ever went he


Would that I hold the hand of Desire
and open the door to Summer
Could I make the man I aspire
and walk the world without slumber

Spring tears of rain
Summer has come again
Autumn warm and forlorn
Winter has come and gone

So the threads are weaved two by two
coming to conceive the grand design
How can love survive, the budding anew,
survive, if I am drunk on old wine

Careful is the maker that no sinner over there take her
Knowledge the eye of the storm that feeling can forewarn

If you think you can see better than the goose that flies with the moon
If you dare to set free the cobra with out having a mongoose
then you reap what you sow
fangs and webs you will know

For who ever leaps where angels fear to tread
the fool will make and eat bitter bread

Monday, 23 September 2013

You are worth more than gold

You are worth more than silver and gold
with a faith that is not bought or sold
A heart that is warm and bold
So we go to heaven
where our loved ones are waiting
each other for the saving
Each friend for the mending
A Love Heart Box for the sending
to a person on Facebook for befriending
So sometimes all is not as it seems
when men sew the seams
Every stitch redeemed
But from what hast thou become?
The Saviour or the blame?
The vindicator of the name;


Sunday, 22 September 2013

God made me

God made me, Heaven knows
As blue as is the sky
As green as the grass grows
A happiness soft and lazy
Laying back on the grass and trees
A summer hot and grand
The sun blazing on the sand
A Joy soft and full
which God gives to us all

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The waters above and the waters below

Heart and other things

Rightmost light in the left hand of darkness

Jeshua, my hearts desire

Jeshua my hearts desire
You are my friend and I am yours
You are the waves and I am the shore

Jeshua my love you inspire
You are the sun and I am the rays
You are eternity and I am the days

Jeshua I am on fire
You are the water and I am the rain
You are the comfort when I am in pain

Love Love Love
So far from below to above

Live Live Live
I live life so as to give

You are mine You are mine You are mine
You give love so fine

Where ever you are I wish to be with you
Where ever I am you are with me

You are the one
True is true

You are the key
As pure as simplicity

I am your make
Completed in faith

Saturday, 7 September 2013

To love is righteous

To love is righteous
and to care is beautiful
By love and care we meet
and stay true
for beyond the forms before us
there is the grain
the heart of the wheat
The faith beyond trust
if you believe the world is a perfect jewel
that sparkles with no facets cut

Monday, 2 September 2013

After Bob Dylan

Love is all there is. It makes the world go round.
Love so simple and love so profound.
But the passing and the way
the crossing and the stay
makes the work and the play
so meaningful every day.
The worth is not in the weight
of the silver and the gold.
And how grand is the plate
that is passed and not sold.
How simple is life when we
are not so bold as to ask
How beautiful is life
when we see to the task
How does the Maker see us
before we were and the middle and the end
He was with us
before we began.

Friday, 23 August 2013

The little things

I walked down the aisle of the supermarket
and as I passed someone I smiled a little smile
I am waiting for the summer to come to Melbourne
so I can play in the sand in the sun, a little while
The little things that matter the most
my father and mother and the holy host
The little things that matter to me;
the little thing of being free

I walked out of the pub last night
and as I walked out I said thank-you
I walked out under the street light
and I walked home with you
The little things that matter the most
my father and mother and the holy host
The little things that matter to me;
the little thing of being free

We got home and slipped on to seperate beds
Saying things before I turned off the lamp
We didn't touch but we were happy
that we were warm and not out in the cold and damp
The little things that matter the most
my father and mother and the holy host
The little things that matter to me
the little thing of being free.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses mean so much to me
Ranking and judgement put me in chains
Prices and queues take time away from me
keep what is yours if it is not free.

Don't go selling your mispellings
I don't want to take what you make
when you made it with ill gotten gain
I will not come to you again.

I once was desperate and hungry
and I had nothing to give
I once cried on my mothers' belly
and she suckled me and in song told me to live.

Song : The thing if you want to sing

The thing if you want to sing
is to use your range
The thing if you would be king
is to know your domain
Every word has a meaning
there are no empty words here
To love is to share
it is to be fair
And in love there is no fear

Don't be lead astray
from the calling to the way
Far apart I want to be close
I want to be able to know
To love is to share
it is to be fair
And in love there is no fear

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Love the memory that thou wishest

Love the memory that thou wishest
Follow the stream of the fishes
Live the dream of the fittest
Forever we seem to be with you

Take the fruit that is blessed
For the world He has bled
To Christ the church is wed
For all to come into the true

way. Each and every day live
as was taught and as Christ gives
to us a precious gift.
That of foregiveness and to renew...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Eternal Flame

God saw that Adam was lonely.
He caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep.
Adam dreamed and he became a man.
When he woke up Eve was lying by his side.

Love gives you all the help that you ever need
and not any more than you can handle.
Love will nurture the smallest seed
and protect the flame of the weakest candle.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil
and the tree of the fruit of life were forbidden.
The serpent (sir pent; pent meaning five, five fingers
on a hand; a single hand; not two in a hand shake greeting
but a single person making command or demand)
beguiled Eve and tempted her or coerced her into
taking the fruit of life which was not for her.
The fruit of life meant that (;one mans' meat is another
mans' poison) the spirit which was not meant for her
caused her to become death bound. She convinced Adam
to take the fruit as well.
The fruit of life could have been the life making act of sex
and so was very tempting for both Eve and Adam.
The fruit of life could also have been the life of things slain to be
eaten. Therefore the "eat". If we kill an animal might not we also expect
to be slain?

So death entered into the world and it was terrible
although not the end of Gods' love. For though they
died it was not the end. The Saviour Son came into the
world to reconcile Eves' and Adams' sin (sin also means
to plea). To redeem the fallen and heal the sickness that
this act brought in to their lives.

So we have Jesus, who is God, who was with God and who
knows God. Through Jesus all things were created and all things
pass through Him to be reunited with the Father. Returned to the
Unity of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit within us passes through the
Door, Jesus, to the hearth, God. Who sits near the Eternal Flame.
Life goes on in the plenum as long as the Eternal Flame burns.
God sits on the throne and vouches the Flame and Jesus sits at his
right hand.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The language which we speak

The language which we speak
could be dead within a week
if it is not remembered in rhyme.
If we do not have enough time
to learn it. Are we bound by the writs?
Or do we have still our wits

I have a need

I have a need for which my mind and body crave
a redeemer who will come to me and save
from silver tongues whose spears draw blood
someone who can see the gold in the mud
for here, still and for the while
I am comforted by my friends' smile.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

No one should feel lonely

No one should feel lonely
We all need someone, if only
there could be someone for each and everyone.
To walk along the beach with in the sun.

The sun; what a glorious light that shines
from your smile, in your sight, I feel so fine.
To be with you in the night and throughout the day
To be free all the time to come to you to play

To play at being friends, to play forever as pals
To be free to the end, to say we have been with gals
For sad is the parting. To see the end of partying.
But tomorrow is the starting of something grand and inviting.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Incarnation

Jesus fish

Star of David

Quality, Quantity, Consanguity, Rationalism, Wholesomeness

Son, Father, Church, Time, Man

Quality, Quantity, Consanguity, Rationalism

Genesis to Apocalypse

"Genesis, Good and Evil, Heaven Earth and Purgatory, Apocalypse the fight between Good and Evil, Unity with God."

Gods gift : Believe what you want to

God Church Holy fire Smile

Crescent of Islam


"Things happen in  threes"
"Threes are all around us"

Love is very big

Beginning logos order

"Uno Dos Tres"
"Emptyness, Creation, Kings"

Jesus is the water and the light

"Return of the soul to paradise"
"Water touches infinity"

Together we can be something

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blue whale

If you believe

If you believe
the earth is a sphere
then you will have
a terrible fear
of over-population
and war
amoung nations.

If you believe
the world is in
Gods' mind
the truth you
will find
is of a life
and death
never final.

When we can be transformed
foretold and forewarned
When we love each other
and we love our fathers and mothers

Places concealed in our minds
so far away yet we find
if we know where to go
if we love and are kind

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Unadorned but ah so beloved.
Adored and so many doors opened for
Quiet and besotted
Sought after and sorted
To the simple and unadorned
someday comes the dawning
The day that glorious day that comes
to the people of the way and the door
To pass in through Jesus
to bow and nod the head
For he invites all of us
For all he died in our stead.

Some words

Some words are not spoken
Spoken words are speech
Words are created when we reach
for a meaning from a dreaming
I dreamt I was walking along the beach
and Jesus was by my side
and then he wasn't there
when my faults I tried to hide
and then he came back again
and found me, my Good Friend.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

When night comes

When night comes and you are near
then I have no need to fear
When morning comes and you are near
the light is beautiful and clear

Beloved you are my light
The one who grants me sight
Lord you are the key
You open the lock and set me free

For you are the given and company
for all who fall and greive
For all will come to you
To be reprieved
set free

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Catch and release (part one)

I write this story in respect to my Grandfather who is very Good in my hearts' recall.

When I was a young boy
(my Grandfather lived in the country)
my Grandfather took me to the lake to sit around
(I thought it was boring to sit around doing nothing)
I thought it was sitting around but what he actually said
was watch me. He was fishing with a long stick and line.
So he handed me that stick and left
and I got anxious because he left me alone
(I thought he was leaving but what he was actually doing was going off a short distance to sleep)
I felt a tugging on the stick and figured and looked and it was a tugging on the line.
I called out to my Grandfather and he said in incomprehensable Vietnamese
"Pull it up"
I didn't understand what he said and what ever was on the line went off
This happened a few times more
Then something strong pulled on the line and pulled the stick out of my hands
and bye bye the whole stick and line was gone into the lake.
Then we went home
One day when he had found another stick we went fishing again
And my Grandfather let me hold the stick and went off to lay down and sleep again
This time when something strong came back and pulled on the line
I was afraid.
But I pulled
Then something black and slimy came out of the water and flopped about on the shore.
I was afraid.
My Grandfather came up and was very happy. My heart was beating hard with fear.
He held it up and said "This is a very Lucky fish to catch." Then he said something about respect
which I do not understand very well still.
Then he taught me how to unhook the fish
And I unhooked it
And I let it go back in to the lake
A time later When I was walking back home along the lake
a catfish swam up to the top of the water and splashed about.
I kept walking trying to bide my time.
Then the catfish spat water at my feet
I did not react
Then the catfish spat water at my trousers
I ignored it but kept biding my time
Then the catfish spat water at my circi
I felt assulted
I ignored it
Then another day I went walking by the lake deliberately to meet the catfish again
This time he swam up and swam beside me
I acknowledge him
He said "Hey ...(? I like you  ?) (I would like you to enjoy ?me?) (I have lived a long and eventful life and learned a lot of things and now it is time for me to give up my life for someone I like)
I said why don't you learn to dance have you done that yet? "You may enjoy it?"
So I meet him again some time later
And he said "Hey ... (look at me. I can dance.)"

Phung Sang

I ate a canary balut carefully lovingly
I ate a chicken balut carefully lovingly
I ate a canard balut carefully lovingly

A time later I asked my Dad to open the window
And a bird flew out of my mouth a canary
The chicken wanted to come out as well
A time later I felt a stomach ache and went to the toilet
I could not pass the chicken out of my bottom by myself
A time later I saw a duck in the flat
I don't recall how he came to be in there

All's well that ends well
If you do things with care and love 
Then things just come out for the best

Friday, 26 July 2013

Anxious about money

We are punished there is no escape for the thief and the selfish fool
I suffer everyday with anxiety for my daily sustenance and temptation too
The mind and soul, spirit and whole
what tenor does it sound now
that I am set adrift God lift me
from the put the pit that has been dug
to trap demons and other forgotten
the stale and the rotten. The silver
and lead. The slow and the dead.
The amber drowning
The fire water which burns the stomach lining
Down Down Down from the mouth
the frown disquised as a smile
The bottle the vessel for denial
Sitting on the street bench seeking
validation for once surcease of the void
afraid others will be annoyed
The original and the remembered
The diamond and the emerald
To be restored to the kingdom once more
The rainbow remembers his covenant
and we are above the firmament

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Arrhg the pain injury of war
I cannot bear any longer
suffering dying at the door
will it make us any stronger?

Ice the cold of unresponding lips
as you walk past in the cold noon
I say hello with a dip
and wish you would not leave so soon

I cannot eat artificial plastic notes or coin
even though some behave as if they could
I cannot use concrete to sow in
although developers think they should

I do not count the gifts, they I only treasure
given by lovers lift, me from penury. Last forever.
I do not test your grace or try to measure
my own inadequecies I bury, at my own leisure.


The sting the pain
the empty the rain
tears come I try to come to you
alone with you tonight
the day the spring
you wear my ring
and I am yours
forever toujours
quickly toutsuit
catch that feeling
don't let it go
I will be here always another tomorrow

Une Unis One

A blade of grass, the mighty oak
a single man in a long brown cloak
When by his grave I tend the flowers
If I leave just one blade of grass unturned
I feel guilty of neglecting his offering

If the child of passion weeps
where do I go to keep myself sane
If the child is lost in neglect
What do I have that I can let
Help me child that I may be found

For the master knows all of his grok
He is the eye of the tempest and the rock
When do I come back to him again
Oh to be in his arms a'more
He saved me so many times

When one plant of grass is missing
is the whole field bare?
When one is a them and not an us
When one is a thing and not a being
Is a heart just to be used?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

I serve the truth

I serve the truth
God do not let me lie
I smile at woman
but she is cold inside
Alone in the dining room
so cold in the night
A pain heavy within
and a strain in my eye
Wishing and watching
fishing and fussing

Then you give me bread and wine
and I feel better than fine
I feel so good
to be loved and understood

I know the journey is long
and as long as the faith is strong
I know the night comes to end
and there will be your light again
I know the father and son
and holy spirit are one
For here is everything complete and done

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Don't frag me down

Don't frag me down
the sweat off my brow
the stress in my vows
don't pull me down

Don't argue or frown
for the worst comes out
be left in so much doubt
for moments are lost

can we make up the cost
of the strife
counting is not the value
or quality of the issue

What makes your arguments
worth so much to you
when will the crisis
in the seas and lands

affect you heart and soul
so much the toll
The days' work still to be undone
the damage has already been done.

These intangibles

These intangibles in the midst of the light
why must we go on in the darkness of night
For these give life and love and rightness
even for the sake of perceived righteousness
can we not carry on the unrighteous grudge

Do not drag the mighty dove through the mud
How can we go on when the feeling to stop is so strong
Why must we fight in the darkness with a glass knife?
Can't we all just get along? How long will this go on?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

There are no half measures in giving

There are no half measures in giving
There are no measures of living
For the fortune is told
the readers are young yet old
Given enough time
you might change your mind
Take care of the living
for every live thing
has a soul which feels
Which senses what is real
Which makes reality what it is
Which informs and reveals

Know another side of me

Know another side of me you never knew before
know me now forever even more
Take a ride from the desert to the shore
I am waiting for you to open the door

I am waiting anticipating for you to come
Why do I stray and these things I've done
make me feel less than real less than one
For the day is long, yearning strong learning won

Take me back for I do lack your tender touch
I think about you a lot. What we've got that much
I hope you'll give me. What I have to give is not such
a great thing, only wings and a hoping for love

It takes someone

It takes someone who will see the better side of me
not just a cursory or some new enemy
Someone who will find my light that I hide
Someone who will be there always by my side
For the road is long and twisting winding
There are rewards for the good at finding
Silver discs and paper and discs of gold
Giving what you know could you be told?
of the coming of the summoning
of the day when glory in the Son will
heal the wicked, the sick and the ill
Come my Lord and saviour I bid you
Become my word and Daystar, the sky would
make love to you. For the love is in
the sharing, the compassion and caring
For ever is the Word of God renewed
For every person, the old and new
Ever will the Son be revealed
to the light, the pure and  fulfilled

By the tenderness you have shown

By the tenderness you have shown
you have learned my only Son
By your love and gentle way
you have made straight the path and way
For your grace and passion have made
your son true and stayed
For your beauty and power in spirit
has given bounty of it
to your child mercy mild
And willing to live and die
for us to stand and try
to live abundantly in truth
For abundant is the proof of
your Creation below and above

Hope, don't you ever stop

Hope, don't you ever stop
Love, you are sent from above
Give so that you may live
Lord bless this day
so that we may play

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We are concieved knowing

We are concieved knowing but then we forget.
For the grasping of worldly grain we reep regret.
For the gleaning of curios and forbidden pleasures
we attain a minimising of measures.
For the weeping has commenced
til the sad and bitter ends.
Until such time that God shows his grace,
when we hear the voice and are born to this place.
When we enter into the kingdom
of heaven. To live again and live winsome.
To take upon our shoulders' the Masters' cross.
To serve one another without a single lost.
When comes the fruit of our inner knowledge
pouring into our souls and minds to nourish
us again. And it is then we are set free
from  the delusion and darkness we see
in our waking death. In our spiritless breath.
And the reward of freedom is joy.
Endless joy in all your lifes' work.

The Universal language of Love

Love is a Universal language
unfettered by the bounds which we envisage.
Uncompromising but gentle.
I know the lengths it went to
ensure espousals' true passage
encoding even our messages.
And when we wake from the stupour
of rebellions' delusions and loop-holes,
love opens a mission in life.
One that sees an end to strife.
For the day dawns and opens the eye.
By growth and flowering we beautify
ourselves and each other,
as the child endows the mother.
And the mother natures the child.
For the seed within us is wild.

To be continued...

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Where do you put your faith?

Don't put your faith in silver and gold
in those whom must be told
what to eat what to drink
what to do what to think
what to make what not to take
what to forgo what not to forsake
what to shun and not to partake
what makes the world go round
what heavenly visions what a lovely sound
what to turn what not to learn
what makes the eager heart yearn

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Truth be told

Lonesome heart, why did you ever, have to leave

Truth be told, don't be sold, a lie to be believed

Have compassion, seek satisfaction, from people who believe.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My God, I see

I am just a twinkle in my fathers' eyes
I am just a sparkle in my mothers' smile
I am grateful to live, I do not wish to die
and I wait here for your love, all the while

As I am in my mothers' belly
I wish you would notice me
As I grow and move and sleep
I wish I am here for keeps

To be with you and you with me
I open my eyes and my God, I see
When he has made me new
I will be forever with you.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Of Gold

In her hand she holds
a simple band of gold
not letting to be told
not ever growing old
Not even needing to think
going by knowing and instinct
not ever losing a link
flying and will never sink
Sage as a way of living
heartfelt when always giving
emotion gives her shivering
the demons she shed end in quivering

With a simple band of gold
We know when we are not told
For whom the bell tolls
the ardent and the all

The rising after the fall
listening for the call
that beckons, never stall
for we are his one and all

Saturday, 25 May 2013

By Desire

Desire makes the heart sing
sing aloud, strum those strings
Desire lets the soul talk
So talk and laugh as you walk
together through life
By desire we may know companionship
three together on a sailing ship
Across the calm and the tempest
Across the lake to slide and rest
By desire we may be
great in the Lords' eyes
together side by side
Desire, hot like fire
that burns our very souls
to light the mystery untold:
the flame: His name: yet to be revealed
until all who are to come are healed
What magic, what grace.
This life, abundant in Grace.
To live and to die
and to behold His face.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Love inspires Freedom

When the night comes and you are near
I have no reason or cause for fear
When morning comes and you are near
The Light, what Light. So beautiful and clear.
You are my Light.
The one who gives me sight.
You are my key.
You unlock the chain and set me free.
Come. Come Come.
Father, Holy Spirit, Son.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Love is unconditional

Is it ungenerosity that makes one steal?
How do we feel when there is no love.
The given and the free from one above
set me free from wanting too much
give me please a divinity to touch
To hold and to nurture
the thinker and the worker
the every day man on the street
looking for someone to meet
Still silent is the night
when all spirits take flight
When the mind conjures
and the soul wanders
back to Him again
the steadfast and constant friend.

Monday, 1 April 2013

How can we repair

How can we repair
when we dispair
at something that is unfair

Oh what a beautiful light
in my mind
when I find
someone who cares

Decorate the world with this light
restore to the blind their sight
consider the beggar his right
for we are those that share

Friday, 29 March 2013

Each mystery

Each mystery is a shroud
intangible as the skys' clouds
The stars in heavens wake
my souls' imagination takes
Each word that Jesus produces
my heart and mind seduces
Each question in my mouth
I hear him distantly shout
Each mystery that stings
will not let me win
and then Jesus' help I must seek
to grant me sweet release
For the Saviour reigns and rules
the fevered imagination to cool
The amber veil
the life that prevails
Never to fail
the believing and needing to believe
The blessed and wretched to receive
The All in All
the rise and fall
and the rise ascended again
The Shepherd and good Friend.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Love the object of your loathing

Love the object of your loathing
and comes a better time for you both.

Stillness in times of bother
loosen the fetters of roth.

Something good this way comes
from your secret love.

Make hay while the sun still shines.
The sun shines as long as God sees it in his mind.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Avoid pain

Avoid pain
and avoid causing pain
Glory in the sunlight and shelter in the rain
Give with your heart
try to remember how it was at the start
The mystery of eternity
a finite universe stretching into the infinities
The infinities of God
The grass grows from the sod
Each plant of grass
are the people of the past
Each tree and flower
grow by Gods' grace and power

Upon the sea

Upon the sea where souls are lost
Time is wasted and pity tossed
Silver gulls in the red moonlight
Love is more than a pretty sight
Mermaids beguile and seduce
Tension builds and is then let lose
Golden rainbows of the Lords' devising
None may know him by devining
Past awash and future present
Keep the faith and never relent
from moral goodness is heaven sent

Thursday, 17 January 2013

In the morning, in the light

This was spoken to me from God

In the morning, in the light
I will be your song

In the darkness, in the night
I will be your warmth

In the trial, in the fight
I will be your shield