Monday, 31 August 2015

Tree of life


All kindness All knowing
In the spirit All flowing
The way of kith and kin
a way away from suffering
Even and justly tempered
The measure and the method
In just a matter of time
we all will be thine
In only a drop of effort
if only I could wait
If only I could have you again
Once I had you yet I wained
For you and I
oh delight of the eyes
we can never part
alone I am a half

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Her gift

Her gift is her voice
as she orders you a tea
She gives you a choice
Her Love is given for free
Take it or lose it
forever on your anniversary
remember the way
on this day
how she looked
How unlike those books
you used to read
Radiant and splendor
glowing in suspenders
Her aching need
Her Love is for free

For Rory Gallager - Bad Penny Live at Montreaux 1985

Your music gives me wings
and I fly
The sound strengthens my heart
and I cry
The song and the power
The glimmer of joy in the lonely hours
The early morning preys upon my soul
The emptiness, lack of touch, takes its' toll
Oh to hold another
Mother father sister brother
Friend, I only begin to describe
the highs and lows of the spirit tide
For we are not meant to be alone
All men are brothers in the Heavenly home

Like a star

Like a guiding star
to a lost sailor
So is my Christ
My soul saviour
Like a rock
for my anchor
So my Love
has stamina

For the call to Love is binding
All may come and walk by His side
upon the road to salvation winding
its' way up the hill side

Like an island
Like a shore
For no man
needs any thing more
than a touch
of Grace
a tear falling from His
beautiful face

A flower in the dark
jungle beckons me
Turning in the wind
a skylark flies free
And the sand burns my feet
I am but a weak
man, given to lusts
I sate my fill
But feel disgust

But over yonder, over yonder
Over there
Some thing in the
pure clear air
Some one clean
with gleaming hair
Will He save me
From the grave

For He comes
for me and you
For He nears
to still our fears
To give us true
Life more fully
Yours faithfully

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Prayer over the meal on this noon day

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
In Jesus name we pray
Dear Lord, we come to humbly give thanks for this gift
and for your other gifts of Healing, Passion and Grace.
For it is in your Knowing of Who, What, Where, Why and When
of the comings and goings of mice and men
The cup filled to overflowing
My mothers bosom, alluring and glowing
In the sunshine and the snowing.
I Jesus name we pray. Amen.

In the stream

Looking at the fish in the stream
swimming not where they seem
Are you in a dream
of your own choosing?

The birds who sing before the first light
Have they eaten during the night
have you had the breakfast
of your own choosing?

The air sometimes heavy sometimes mist
Sometimes you must control your own fist
have you loved the person
of your own choosing?

The maker of the cord of the string
The guitar sometimes feels like a sting
have you sung the song
of your own life?

Sunday, 16 August 2015

On the hill

The Angels take flight
in to the bright light
who knows what might
be found

Perhaps the comfort of a pair
with some one who cares
how to compare
a thought that is sound

A beautiful tree on a hill
standing almost silent almost still
what is His will
for us on the ground

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Master of my fate

To serve and not to be served
The Kingdom is for all
To give for posterity the word
That we may stumble but not fall
For one of the fallen is raised
To life and all grace
A good seed to die and so sow
The next tree rising green and gold
All for one and one for all
Listen carefully for the call
A whisper a song in your head
Hear with trembling what the spirit has said
Only time will tell
Make things again well
Please do not fear
But try to see and feel and hear
Time has come and will not wait
Make Him the Master of your Fate

Monday, 10 August 2015

Would you look back for me?

Would you look back for me?
Can you see? what we have been
What we would be?
In the stars of night
Do my eyes shine bright?
In the winds of change
Does my touch remain?

Would you turn back for me?
When the changes shift
Will the curtain lift
In the dusty noon day
Will your passion stray?
In the darkness and cold
Will our love stay bold?

Would you come back for me?
For you set me free
In the middle of the air
I kiss your pretty hair
In the v above your knees
I am busily trying to please
In the ecstasy and shout
We both let ourselves out