Sunday, 29 October 2017

A spell of protection

The Heart is strong but vulnerable
to the devils that howl and babble
How have many been broken
for a penny or two stolen
Forgive and forget those who take
theirs' is not a lot at stake
but your heart is precious true
make it true to you
Tame the badness that the world submits
to the Life blood that the Heart emits
Take pity on your poor soul
which bears these burdens, tolls
The beating Heart of Saints
have lived through worlds strange and quaint
to the naked eye
a devil wears common disguise
No telling who comes or goes
who reaps tears and sorrows
Remain with Your True Friend
who keeps and defends
The stories some do tell
of how they rose and fell
Remember that you also fell
and Now the past dispell
For Now you shall rise
Clean the residue from your eyes
A Future made for us
of Love Life and Trust

Monday, 16 October 2017

Tell me the story of tomorrow

The stars twinkling in the night
tell me the story of tomorrow
What the day holds to delight
what trials and sorrows

The stars shine and dance
the message from the angels
of what beautiful romance
shall come if ready and able

The stars of a warm evening
show the secrets of the future
Be ready to receive them
Be ready to decipher, Love and nurture

Friday, 6 October 2017

The birds neither plow nor sow

Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Mathew 6:26, The Catholic Youth Bible, International Edition, saint mary's press (sic).

The God whom makes the little seedlings grow
Who feeds the birds, all born of this world
Who turns the heavens to show the way
where we shall go to, tomorrow today.
Endless is your Majesty. Impossible to
Say. Silent words that are beautiful.
Always. Resilient echoing through
all that is. Yielding a Life of joy.
In this wonder that is created
Fated, wished, kindled
Every thing situated in deliberate
Order. Form and behaviour
made from Gods' favour.
Origins have relevance.
Decisions which flow from
Insurgency. His will Supreme

From little me...

Little signs and devotions
that we take upon our selves
Sip of wine. Blood emotion
every little drop helps
In every drop; solution
in that has life
Waves, humours, convolutions
husband and wife
And child binding the union
bringing joy as wealth
Taking the Cross, transideration,
upon our selves, He blesses with health
For no more shall the world or nation
take toll upon the slave freed by belief
in the Word and notion
of God. Giving rest and relief
Child of The Most High, font and fountain
obedience transcendent of grief
Upon the Name of Jesus; consolation
from every need

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The valley

From the High mountain, looking over
the valley is very low
Very low, so flows, the river to the sea.
The heights the birds attain, looking with sober,
eyes that know
where the wind blows, the silver and teal.
The winds that strain, to eat clover,
from the lamb that lowes
Why is it so, when Death does not heal.
The spirits may rest with thin cover
Intact, commiserating wholy
No holes or fire to steal.
The fear of entering Hades, never
in event if ever.
Do not go, even if they show the lea.
Take not, except when given by Lovers
-the gift like gold
,Every way and know, like grain and wheel.
The way through the pain, with Mother
young girl who sews
Father who sows, the rows with seed.
Honey and water
make mead. Thirst the need to slough
On the cruel sea
of loneliness