Saturday, 26 November 2016

What is done

What is done is done
He gave us His son
For all who would believe
Them that shall recieve
in times of trouble reprieve
In times olden and now
for ever a when and how
For we all need help
Sometimes we need someone
What is done is done
When darling stretches with the morning sun
For good and for better
In the Bible there is an answer
and many good letters
for what is done

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   Phuoc Anh Phung CJW.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Sermon. From the evidence of nature (Gods'creation)

For it is written:
Jesus walked across the surface of the water  and got in to the boat with them.  He lay in the bow of the boat and slept. But the storm blew the waves in to the boat and the boat was sinking. They said "Master the boat is sinking. Save us."
Jesus got up on the bow of the boat and commanded the waves to be still and the winds to cease blowing.

   The sun (the Father) glories on a hot day and brings the water (the spirit of Christ) to the sky.
In the night, it rains and the spirit of Christ calms the winds( the spirits).
For the spirits are the wind and we breathe in the spirits and they give us Life. The spirits Live within us.
For all that have departed will be made living again. In all that breathe.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

When Life felt special

In the Earth, the nerves of metal
On the ground, pieces of sun and moon
Light crystalized
Clay the fat of the earth
The perfect flower with
whorls and petals formed, materialized
Unceasing Life in all seasons
To which God gives reason
Love of Life, these Lovers never die

In the beauty of rain
coming now and then
In the light of stars
Bright in the night
although far
The enchantment of the wind
spirits blowing flowing
here and there
The mighty ocean
raging savage
Tumult, breathing clean

In all these and others unseen
God breathes these words
and conjures them in to being