Friday, 23 August 2013

The little things

I walked down the aisle of the supermarket
and as I passed someone I smiled a little smile
I am waiting for the summer to come to Melbourne
so I can play in the sand in the sun, a little while
The little things that matter the most
my father and mother and the holy host
The little things that matter to me;
the little thing of being free

I walked out of the pub last night
and as I walked out I said thank-you
I walked out under the street light
and I walked home with you
The little things that matter the most
my father and mother and the holy host
The little things that matter to me;
the little thing of being free

We got home and slipped on to seperate beds
Saying things before I turned off the lamp
We didn't touch but we were happy
that we were warm and not out in the cold and damp
The little things that matter the most
my father and mother and the holy host
The little things that matter to me
the little thing of being free.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses mean so much to me
Ranking and judgement put me in chains
Prices and queues take time away from me
keep what is yours if it is not free.

Don't go selling your mispellings
I don't want to take what you make
when you made it with ill gotten gain
I will not come to you again.

I once was desperate and hungry
and I had nothing to give
I once cried on my mothers' belly
and she suckled me and in song told me to live.

Song : The thing if you want to sing

The thing if you want to sing
is to use your range
The thing if you would be king
is to know your domain
Every word has a meaning
there are no empty words here
To love is to share
it is to be fair
And in love there is no fear

Don't be lead astray
from the calling to the way
Far apart I want to be close
I want to be able to know
To love is to share
it is to be fair
And in love there is no fear

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Love the memory that thou wishest

Love the memory that thou wishest
Follow the stream of the fishes
Live the dream of the fittest
Forever we seem to be with you

Take the fruit that is blessed
For the world He has bled
To Christ the church is wed
For all to come into the true

way. Each and every day live
as was taught and as Christ gives
to us a precious gift.
That of foregiveness and to renew...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Eternal Flame

God saw that Adam was lonely.
He caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep.
Adam dreamed and he became a man.
When he woke up Eve was lying by his side.

Love gives you all the help that you ever need
and not any more than you can handle.
Love will nurture the smallest seed
and protect the flame of the weakest candle.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil
and the tree of the fruit of life were forbidden.
The serpent (sir pent; pent meaning five, five fingers
on a hand; a single hand; not two in a hand shake greeting
but a single person making command or demand)
beguiled Eve and tempted her or coerced her into
taking the fruit of life which was not for her.
The fruit of life meant that (;one mans' meat is another
mans' poison) the spirit which was not meant for her
caused her to become death bound. She convinced Adam
to take the fruit as well.
The fruit of life could have been the life making act of sex
and so was very tempting for both Eve and Adam.
The fruit of life could also have been the life of things slain to be
eaten. Therefore the "eat". If we kill an animal might not we also expect
to be slain?

So death entered into the world and it was terrible
although not the end of Gods' love. For though they
died it was not the end. The Saviour Son came into the
world to reconcile Eves' and Adams' sin (sin also means
to plea). To redeem the fallen and heal the sickness that
this act brought in to their lives.

So we have Jesus, who is God, who was with God and who
knows God. Through Jesus all things were created and all things
pass through Him to be reunited with the Father. Returned to the
Unity of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit within us passes through the
Door, Jesus, to the hearth, God. Who sits near the Eternal Flame.
Life goes on in the plenum as long as the Eternal Flame burns.
God sits on the throne and vouches the Flame and Jesus sits at his
right hand.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The language which we speak

The language which we speak
could be dead within a week
if it is not remembered in rhyme.
If we do not have enough time
to learn it. Are we bound by the writs?
Or do we have still our wits

I have a need

I have a need for which my mind and body crave
a redeemer who will come to me and save
from silver tongues whose spears draw blood
someone who can see the gold in the mud
for here, still and for the while
I am comforted by my friends' smile.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

No one should feel lonely

No one should feel lonely
We all need someone, if only
there could be someone for each and everyone.
To walk along the beach with in the sun.

The sun; what a glorious light that shines
from your smile, in your sight, I feel so fine.
To be with you in the night and throughout the day
To be free all the time to come to you to play

To play at being friends, to play forever as pals
To be free to the end, to say we have been with gals
For sad is the parting. To see the end of partying.
But tomorrow is the starting of something grand and inviting.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Incarnation

Jesus fish

Star of David

Quality, Quantity, Consanguity, Rationalism, Wholesomeness

Son, Father, Church, Time, Man

Quality, Quantity, Consanguity, Rationalism

Genesis to Apocalypse

"Genesis, Good and Evil, Heaven Earth and Purgatory, Apocalypse the fight between Good and Evil, Unity with God."

Gods gift : Believe what you want to

God Church Holy fire Smile

Crescent of Islam


"Things happen in  threes"
"Threes are all around us"

Love is very big

Beginning logos order

"Uno Dos Tres"
"Emptyness, Creation, Kings"

Jesus is the water and the light

"Return of the soul to paradise"
"Water touches infinity"

Together we can be something

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blue whale

If you believe

If you believe
the earth is a sphere
then you will have
a terrible fear
of over-population
and war
amoung nations.

If you believe
the world is in
Gods' mind
the truth you
will find
is of a life
and death
never final.

When we can be transformed
foretold and forewarned
When we love each other
and we love our fathers and mothers

Places concealed in our minds
so far away yet we find
if we know where to go
if we love and are kind