Thursday, 29 June 2017

A verbal gambit

Just a verbal gambit
founded in desire
One that missed and misfired.

Why am I like this?
unrequited, un-kissed
am I desired? am I missed?

So the light drifts away
a bit higher, am I losing
the light of the day

Restless night, little sleep
but dreams do come
a blessing to His little sheep

Lobelia, beyond imagination
visions amazingly believable
given what I know

What dreams may come
keeper of knowledge deep
What a world I know

Sunday, 25 June 2017

"There are no truths outside of the gates of Eden" - Bob Dylan, The gates of Eden

Live now, if not now then when?
If the harvest is ready then reap
and sow. If the tide is high then go
out upon the great sea of tomorrow

The energy does not wait
The dove knows its' fate
The diviner has his sins
from which he must win

free. Oh the light that shines in thee
Oh blessed is he that sees it
Oh light of my eyes do not fade
For you I have been made

A Lover that knows
A shoulder not cold
A friend at all times
A friend with whom to rhyme

A friend in times of need
A Lover who does in deed
Open your mouth to me
I would Love you, please

Thursday, 22 June 2017

If you try

You can Love if you try
As lonesome years go by
What, or who do you know
if you don't have the will to sow

And willingness will give wins
As God gave breath to His children
The will to share a Life together
The will to Live here on after

One anothers' faults become loveable
Something interesting and essential
about the other after all else has become
routine. Something unique and fun

Graciousness in conceding
Enthusiasm in giving
Love ever extending
Together entwined Together in time

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


It is not a victory to win a war
or a battle in Chess
Rather the vindication is peace and contentment
in old age and happy memories of your life

To the light

While there is still light
seek the light
While the sun shines
hold on to what is fine
While the moon sheds a glow
this you should know
For God made all in the world
for you some thing to give share
that you shall have by recieving
from others from Him your measure
of life and all eternities beyond
That you may enter in to the beginnings
and never see the end
That you may harvest where others have sown
That you may read what others have known
All that you make you shall have
All that you give you shall have ten-fold
For all things in this world are certain
written spoken by the prophets
All that is left is your word
never let it be broken

Lonesome Aguila

Lonesome Aguila flies
great wings on high
Like a fallen angel who preys
to the fallen god a mouse
A little Church mouse whom
is prey for the slithering god also
At his back by speed or stealth
For hunger has a heavy price
Not every thing is just quite
what it seems
except to some one who dreams
tales and fables comic and bright
some one not afraid to stand in the light
Some one not afraid to stand by your side
Some one not afraid to stand in your name
For Yours is the name that came first
and last
and in between You let us have our names
our selves in part
some one missing
in my heart

Love He gave you always

Set back
step back
take a breath
of graciousness
Rules made for fools
Laws for the lawless
wise nice cool
art smart lest
young fun run
would good rule
mend the broken gate
put out your welcome mat
if it is not too late
to see your old mates
people God made
whom He gave
you Love always