Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Dance

The flame dances so that it may not die.
Its' life is heat. Its' life is light.
The errant wind that I carry on sin.
The errant can not win.
The Silver Gull at home at sea.
Its' life is a dance of Thee.
And in my dance, oh Lord of The Dance, I give remembrance of the life you gave me.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Desire is to be loved

Desire is to be loved
like the diamond is coveted
And more precious than any gem is a feeling when you are loved
The flame is tended by nearness and the warmed
Tender heart is broken and mended by the fearless  and strong
Good love fills the sails on the endless sea
My heart feels the nails that they pierced through thee
Your love healed all that you touched
My mind is still because my soul loves so much
For logic and reason there is no place
For all falls asunder as I behold your face
As love and magic vie to be felt and marvelled
I have seen you die and I knelt felt  startled when you rose as a jade plant grows
and you walk with us still
beside never in front never bending  our will
for your path with the way you walk is hard
Yet your tread falls soften every yard The journey leads to life with family and friends
My journey is to you my beautiful best friend

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The shelter of a great tree

The shelter of a great tree
The love that satisfies need
Nurturing little old me
What blessing I have of thee

The great eternal one
The maker of sky and Sun
Existing before world was begun
Father Holy Spirit and Son

How great the maker of the sky
How wondrous the designer of the eye
How swiftly do angels fly
To be by my side

Does it make you look away
Would you please turn this way
Were you gracious in passion and play
And did you win the day

Does the night hold fear
Is there a danger near
Is anyone else here
Will this fog ever clear

The free have eternity in which to please
Oh to be free and have peace
I desire to be warmed by the fire of which I endlessly seek
In all manner and speech I seek Thee

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Light

The light in the night
Through deepest dark
you held on
 So bright was your light
A single pure spark
You shine on
 When darkness ends
and we reach the light
you are still my friend
 You come to me in day and night
And the terrible ending
 to which we are wending
I shall fear no more
for you are standing at the door