Monday, 15 June 2015


Angels visit you in your sleep
bringing dreams and other gifts
The dreams help you regain
things you lost during the day
Your dignity, your freedom, your sanity
And the way that you dream
during that precious few moments
Helps you for the years ahead
For we relive those fragments
of those dreams which are predictions
Prophecies of a future
No longer in dispute
No longer a measure of your intent
But a surety for your repentance

Joy, the Gift

Freedom, the Gift

Cross and Dragon

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Looking out the back window


Joy blessed by Angels

Paucity and glamour

Good for bad

God fights fire with water
Bad with good
Evil with Love
Apathy with passion
For so many have been raised
None of them for perishing
For all shall be saved
All destined for living
And you, the reader also
shall receive the seed of a soul
Of your most inner need
Nothing is wasted
For it is all Fated


The ways of the saints are clean
Help anyone by any means
Live a goodly life with friends
For together never ends
Forget the modern distraction
Forget the pensive subtraction
Forget the where's and what's
But forget not that we have God
The ways of the saints are clean
And they go where they glean
For to pick up what has fallen
For to know what we are all in
For in God we trust
God knows the vine and must
To help a blind man see
We must be blind and healed of it
To help those in need
We must be dirty and then cleaned

Friday, 12 June 2015

Roam: For the homeless woman on Swanston Street

Give up your days of roam
Find and settle a quiet home
For the cold of the night
Has a sharp toothed bite
The cough and drip
Will end your trip
To the infirmary with the nuns
And to visit none will come
Until you find your happy home
Until you give to others some
of yours To give a little
To receive without asking
To bake in the morning tasks
Time that you enjoy
Love to be in employ
Live that you may give
what you freely receive
Truth shall set you free
Do not be deceived
You shall be yours and Gods
He will smile and agree
His grace let's you free

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Trinity of boats

I do not even know her name.

I will ease the strain
until the pain subsides
Shelter you from rain
The sun shines and the birds fly

For so long you have
carried this burden
In this song I will
sooth you with words

In the now and forever
we are saints and sinners
In the clouds and heather
we claim our winnings

Our lot is our friends
who endure with us
Who stand till the end
Who do what they must

For till the trumpets sound
and all with you are around
In that day of tribulation
we forget names and nations

For the crisis is long and agonizing
and not all know they are suffering
I know you are in that day
where pains pave your way

If only I could ease the strain
for a while you would
smile behind your eyes

I don't even know your name
And I don't know when I will see you again

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Book of Love

If only we could Love each other
ourselves that way Jesus Loves us
For each letter of the alphabet symbolizes Love
L El a name of God
Ov of ovum
E El Eve engine
Adam add am adoni agape
Baruch ruach
Caritas care Christ Criss Cross cun cum come
Daniel Dias
El Eli Ezekiel
Fuck fun
God good goo
Hero Her Ben Hur Hezekiah Hazel
Isaiah I say ahhh...
Jeremiah jism
Kiss k this is
Love lay L El the God
Michael the Arch Angel my care
Nehemiah new He my ahhh...
Ova over ov of Obidiah ov I diaz
Phil Love in Greek Phuoc lucky in Love in Vietnamese
Quicky quiz quiet ova and sperm
Ruth ruach real arch raunch
Samuel Same u El Son u El
Timothy To Mother Mary
U you Ewe Ua picture of return to heaven
Vegan Vag V age
W a picture of two vaginas
Xmas the cross means ten
Y a picture of a womans' groin why
Zechariah sex a right ahhh...

Monday, 1 June 2015

We play for each other

Of the song I play for you
I hope the lyrics ring true
The chords and melody
I pray stir a pleasant memory
And the feeling inside
I wish for it to be nice
We play for each other
a life that we'd rather
Live to give back to your mother
And Father ...

Beautiful Crazy

Love is beautiful. Love is strange.
Always striving to extend its' domain
By permission and Love in kind is dominion gained and granted
So the call to Love must never be fained nor slanted
Seek and you shall find
Ask and it shall be granted
For ever He wanted, wished for your health
And by sacrifice unburdened us from sin
Inside we hide our face from Him
This hurts Him more than the Nails and all his travails
All sins are nothing in the end
as long as we have and hold Him as our Friend.