Monday, 27 July 2015

The stones cry out

No, no do not please destroy
the ground the soil
The rocks cry out
In secret voice a shout
No no a simple truth
You should have learnt in youth
That the world is a living wonder
That the sky speaks with thunder
The sun for light the moon in sight
The day is warm the heat a bite
Till all are called by their own name
Till then the Sender and the Came
For all is all, a never diminishing number
For the time will come to remember
Your few your due Just as dew as
settles on each leaf
Yours comes as a gift from nadir
For cost is settled by the will
The greater will of God
For the rocks and the sod

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The truth of a piece of wood

What does a piece of wood say
to you this day
It sais to me in earnesty
That it will be a guitar saddle
But not in such words
Not that I heard
What does a tree say
When someone slays it
And lays it down
on the cold cold ground
Something dead and no longer true
The warp is in the one that slew
And the twisting of a mind
in to a pretzel
Death you find at the cost
For a life lost The robbing of a soul
of its endeavor
The end

A vow of simplicity

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The multiply symbol

The plus symbol

The long night

The season has come
Of rain and storm
For the Lord has spoken
The sky is broken
into drops of water
Of course his and her
way was made crooked
When they mistook
The forbidden fruit
Taking what they shouldn't
But the water and the light
remains wet and bright
The Saviour in our midst
Who invites yet does not insist
The coming
The longing
The Son for ever shining
into that long dark night
A comfort for these times
Thinking not about what might
or might not find
its way into your imaginings
For the rainbow has no end or beginning

Monday, 20 July 2015


The life that you save
could be a friend of yours
with the Love that you made
with the one you adored
From cradle to grave
to above and beyond
The one that you saved
may be singing this song

The company you crave
may well come along
if only you are brave
enough to sing this song
The only mistake
is if you take too long
So try to awake
and come along

Monday, 13 July 2015

The nearest mile

How do you measure to the nearest ml.
By being honest and ideal.
To measure the nearest decade, don't ever be reckless.
In the lucky find you were in good heart and mind.
And for the pure soul, nothing but an endless world.
In the eternal beautiful afterwards, there is only everything good.
For the life we live now is sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.
For every action has a recoil, a flour turned to spoil.
How do you measure to the nearest mile?
With a humble chuckle and smile?

Tempest and serene