Sunday, 14 May 2017

The endless workings of the Mind of God

There was a rock. It looked like an ordinary brown rock with dirt and lichen and cracks on it and in it. A hidden hand would pick up the rock every day. To examine it carefully. Rub some of the dirt off. Pick off some of the lichen and polish the cracks away. Then, over a mans' lifetime of doing this something special appeared. The rock became a large stone. Then a polished stone. Then a translucent pebble. Then a piece of gold dust. Then a microscopic diamond. Then an atom of the worlds' rarest material. Then an irreducibly exceedingly fine soul. The immortal soul that is you. And this is the work of God to bring it about to birth.

Happy Mothers' Day.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sons and daughters

Sons and daughters
life and laughter
time with your family and friends

Follow that sparrow
through the high and narrow
and you will make amends

   So high she flies
   never asking why
   she does things freely

   In the sky on the ground
   what has she found
   for herself for the needy

Wifey and husband
in life together bound
Children that laugh and play

Tomorrow brings trial
sorrow and testing miles
and then all is made plane

   If you follow
   that lonesome sparrow
   you will see for yourself

   Somehow the world
   is made of words
   and this is how you are helped

The living God
who breathes every word
breathes life in to us all

So take a deep breath
remember every step
and listen for the call

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Held in His loving hands so securely
His Love I felt so surely
The only reality was Love

The power so great
from the seed to the fruit
from beneath the ground to the heights

He held me for a million years
which passed like a single breath
It was then I knew Happiness

Like dew on the grass
I let the embrace pass
Like the growing of a tree

Which stands through the seasons
without need for reason
Bare in the winter

And His embrace still holds me
His hand in everything I see
In everything that I touch I feel Thee