Monday, 22 February 2016

Media: The dirty war

My, my, my. What passes for news these days. Unsubstantiated accusations, smeer campaigns, sensationalism, rumours and outright lies. This war is fought in peoples consciousness. The truth is easily guessed but deliberately hidden from the unsuspecting public. Normal people could become depressed jaded doomsday believers if everything the media pumps out were taken at face value. Optimism and a willingness to find answers for ourselves is our only defence.
No, things are not really as is reported in the "news". The world is a far bigger and happier place than we would be lead to believe. Not everything is doom and gloom. Take time to look at butterflies and flowers, sunshine and lollipops. Though that does not really count as "news".

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The family way

The family way is not easy to attain. Requiring strength of character, soul, forgiveness, patience, long-suffering, love, eagerness to please, learning, tenderness and caring. The family way is a reward for those who do have and hold onto these gifts of the spirit.
So be mindful that your spirit remain truthful to these graces.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Money: The civil war

Ever since the dawn of civilisation there has been a war fought against losses and scarcity. Today in the commercial world, this war is fought with: money. The winner of the war is the rich. The casualties of the war are the poor. The chips fly where they may. In a laisez-faire system this may come at the cost of much more than the basic necessities.
There is another way.
In a capitalist system: def. capital, derv. cap: head or hat ie. thought or consideration.
...all goods and their means of production are seen to by learned persons. Futures and eventualities are forecast. The ways and means and the disposals are all planned, with possible allowances for choice and free will. The productivity and amenity is assured.
This is modern Australia.

Friday, 5 February 2016

The sure

I am sure-footed for You are my rock
Thou art the anchor and chain in stormy seas
I Love the tender and stock
of Your eternity
I am because of You in three
I stand fall and rise on my knees
The station and cross
comes at no loss
All returned in abundant measure
Such a beautiful treasure
to Love and behold in a forever
never ending joy Life and liberty
brothers in fraternity
Free and egalitie
Safe in Your arms
Knowing I may always return
to Your Grace
Bathe in the radiance
of Your face

My God

My God is the root of truth, knowledge and wisdom
He is the master of the Kingdom
His vision is complete in detail and vues
He sees in all the spectrums and hues
My God is Mercy, Grace and Love
He sent his Son from above
In all Jesus was perfect and faithful
Never needing to turn from the truth
In all things He is able and abliging
He makes right your confidings
And all He gives into your hand
So that Him you will understand