Friday, 26 December 2014

Written in the perspective of a darling wife

The man with amnesia said
"Who are you?"
I am your wife
I would live with you all of my life
My love for you always will be strong
All of my days I will Love with you long
All of my nights I will not fuss I will not fight
All my soul, I do pray for Thee
I uphold every wish, fill every need
I am yours in truth
in word and in deed
You are the Son. I am the moon
You do not need to run
You will get there too soon
The birds in the trees, they sing our special tune
The Love there is in Thee
makes me weak, makes me swoon
I fall to my knees. Don't cum too soon
Forever I am in Thee. Forever bleeds my wound
And our days in happiness
No matter what disability
We remain in the lees. We shall be free
I shall give you Love. I shall give you peace

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Food and Drug Administration


Is God a machine that He should be tested
The Sabbath is the Day on which He rested
and why did He who is Eternal need to rest
The Father enjoys watching over the you in the nest
And when the time comes to break open the shell
How beautiful He made you How he made you so well
How well the time passes when we are brave enough to smile
and we discover we were happy all this while
Gracious is He who never refuses our joy
Christmas comes to bring us new toys
All our good deeds are as filthy rags
For we need not work or beg nor could we ever earn our Salvation
Only that the smaller part of spirit within us remain real
Only that feeling for a feeling God, a jealous God remain with us
So that all may be saved for this tiny morsel
Freedom is a gift to all men no matter what our station
Happy is he who lives in the Joy of the Lord
For all willingly come when each one He calls

The Saviour in the Domain

The Saviour in the Domain
has risen once again
The falling and rising tide
The Ceres thorn in his side
The open and closing hand
The kiss of your hips as you stand
Together in the night sky
The stars far and wide
Sing him in your mind
All together humanity will find
the Saviour Servant Son
to raise all and one

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Open Letter: Profession of Priesthood

I am a priest. I am here to help deliver what God intends for you. I offer gifts given by the Father to his children.
I preserve and transmit His word. His speakings to the people. For by the example of the Children of Isreal He counsels the whole of Humanity.
I hold and share the sacred truths written in the Bible. I bring to living memory the stories of the past.

Today in these times, I see the Kingdom of God coming. Blessed are these days.

Hallelujah. Amen.

May God bless you and keep you. I pray your sins be wiped away and your truths exalted. I pray your happiness increase without bounds and your life a true marvel in each moment.
Save Your child, O Lord, for Your word is Life.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Song: There are so many ways

There are so many ways to say
and He says it so beautifully and true
He says: I Love you

There are so many clouds in the sky
So beautiful I want to cry
He makes it so wonderful and true
He says: I Love you

So many colours in the rainbow
By this He shows
the sign of the covenant
In each colour He embues
the words: I Love you

The inward and outward journey

On the inward and outward journey
now that I am set free
So many things to envision
So many things to see
For God helps us make provision
and provides for our every need

The journey is narrow and hard
and only if you have a strong heart
to set out upon the seas
to see to others needs
will the arrival be to the Good Home
from where the untouchable light shines

The inward and outward place
where clouds dance sublime
To kiss and behold His face
To feel the Joy Divine
To Love and touch freely
Souls to behold nearly

Only something small

Only a small token
of what was really spoken
in a language deep and soulful
to myself languishing rent and woeful
For to uplift and vouchsafe
for goodness sake
for His names sake
Take me now Lord
I am your child and servant
On earth as it is in Heaven
In rain as it is in shine
Your word is in the world of mine
Your goodness makes the colours sing
Your touch has created everything
And everything signifies so much
For you left Your mark as such

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

So remains

From the fire I bring you token
that from darkness may be woken
From the logos be this spoken
New lights shine for thee
for you have befriended that Man from Galillee
So long as love remain free
So long as words remain true
So long as The Way come through
So long shall you be in youth

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Free Love enquire within

Love that is not free
what could you be
A bargain to buy
someones' freedom to try
A trial of the heart
Love freely or depart
For the soul is granted
A free gift we all want
The gift of life to live
Graciously and generously He gives
So great is His love
that all may receive
All are begotten when He conceives
A soul so gentle
He will let you have your way
even that He knows it will ruin His day
He does not judge you for how you treat Him
Only that He judges with perfect Truth

Saturday, 6 December 2014

For Dear Mark, a rare flower.

I have sinned once more
Walked too far from the shore
Waxed a fever of shame
Blackened even Your good name
Yet they tell me You remain Pure
Each blessing somehow remains good
A prayer never goes unanswered
Father, You are always giving me chances
Your tender touch makes me greater than before
You are waiting at and as the Door
So come Great and Eternal
Rise from the earth vernal and youth
You are some kind of beautiful flower
that dies and passes, to give rise to the fruit
And as the bright flower of The Flame rises
to give life to the vapours of spirit
So Your body has ascended
from the word and risen in to wit

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

To give

To give I must sacrifice
Just as You gave
You lived a life just right
and Your Father raised you from the grave

To Love I must vanquish lust
To live a desire pure and just
You Loved me from the first
You knew me before my birth

To save I must Love with pure Heart
To not judge a life torn apart
by the flame of sin. Whispers
from within and from the spirits

And You saved me Oh Lord of Hosts
Hosanna Father Son and Holy Ghost
You saved a wretched thing
You knew me from the beginning

The Blessed Garden

A walk in the Blessed Garden
A prayer soft and ardent
A reach of my hand towards a ripe peach
A caterpillar proudly creeps
So many colours in Your eyes
in the sky
The blue sky wide
The grass cool and soft
The apples ripen and drop
at my feet
My joy complete
You are the Way
oh Lord of the Day
The Church is Your bride
The blue sky wide