Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Unadorned but ah so beloved.
Adored and so many doors opened for
Quiet and besotted
Sought after and sorted
To the simple and unadorned
someday comes the dawning
The day that glorious day that comes
to the people of the way and the door
To pass in through Jesus
to bow and nod the head
For he invites all of us
For all he died in our stead.

Some words

Some words are not spoken
Spoken words are speech
Words are created when we reach
for a meaning from a dreaming
I dreamt I was walking along the beach
and Jesus was by my side
and then he wasn't there
when my faults I tried to hide
and then he came back again
and found me, my Good Friend.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

When night comes

When night comes and you are near
then I have no need to fear
When morning comes and you are near
the light is beautiful and clear

Beloved you are my light
The one who grants me sight
Lord you are the key
You open the lock and set me free

For you are the given and company
for all who fall and greive
For all will come to you
To be reprieved
set free

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Catch and release (part one)

I write this story in respect to my Grandfather who is very Good in my hearts' recall.

When I was a young boy
(my Grandfather lived in the country)
my Grandfather took me to the lake to sit around
(I thought it was boring to sit around doing nothing)
I thought it was sitting around but what he actually said
was watch me. He was fishing with a long stick and line.
So he handed me that stick and left
and I got anxious because he left me alone
(I thought he was leaving but what he was actually doing was going off a short distance to sleep)
I felt a tugging on the stick and figured and looked and it was a tugging on the line.
I called out to my Grandfather and he said in incomprehensable Vietnamese
"Pull it up"
I didn't understand what he said and what ever was on the line went off
This happened a few times more
Then something strong pulled on the line and pulled the stick out of my hands
and bye bye the whole stick and line was gone into the lake.
Then we went home
One day when he had found another stick we went fishing again
And my Grandfather let me hold the stick and went off to lay down and sleep again
This time when something strong came back and pulled on the line
I was afraid.
But I pulled
Then something black and slimy came out of the water and flopped about on the shore.
I was afraid.
My Grandfather came up and was very happy. My heart was beating hard with fear.
He held it up and said "This is a very Lucky fish to catch." Then he said something about respect
which I do not understand very well still.
Then he taught me how to unhook the fish
And I unhooked it
And I let it go back in to the lake
A time later When I was walking back home along the lake
a catfish swam up to the top of the water and splashed about.
I kept walking trying to bide my time.
Then the catfish spat water at my feet
I did not react
Then the catfish spat water at my trousers
I ignored it but kept biding my time
Then the catfish spat water at my circi
I felt assulted
I ignored it
Then another day I went walking by the lake deliberately to meet the catfish again
This time he swam up and swam beside me
I acknowledge him
He said "Hey ...(? I like you  ?) (I would like you to enjoy ?me?) (I have lived a long and eventful life and learned a lot of things and now it is time for me to give up my life for someone I like)
I said why don't you learn to dance have you done that yet? "You may enjoy it?"
So I meet him again some time later
And he said "Hey ... (look at me. I can dance.)"

Phung Sang

I ate a canary balut carefully lovingly
I ate a chicken balut carefully lovingly
I ate a canard balut carefully lovingly

A time later I asked my Dad to open the window
And a bird flew out of my mouth a canary
The chicken wanted to come out as well
A time later I felt a stomach ache and went to the toilet
I could not pass the chicken out of my bottom by myself
A time later I saw a duck in the flat
I don't recall how he came to be in there

All's well that ends well
If you do things with care and love 
Then things just come out for the best

Friday, 26 July 2013

Anxious about money

We are punished there is no escape for the thief and the selfish fool
I suffer everyday with anxiety for my daily sustenance and temptation too
The mind and soul, spirit and whole
what tenor does it sound now
that I am set adrift God lift me
from the put the pit that has been dug
to trap demons and other forgotten
the stale and the rotten. The silver
and lead. The slow and the dead.
The amber drowning
The fire water which burns the stomach lining
Down Down Down from the mouth
the frown disquised as a smile
The bottle the vessel for denial
Sitting on the street bench seeking
validation for once surcease of the void
afraid others will be annoyed
The original and the remembered
The diamond and the emerald
To be restored to the kingdom once more
The rainbow remembers his covenant
and we are above the firmament

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Arrhg the pain injury of war
I cannot bear any longer
suffering dying at the door
will it make us any stronger?

Ice the cold of unresponding lips
as you walk past in the cold noon
I say hello with a dip
and wish you would not leave so soon

I cannot eat artificial plastic notes or coin
even though some behave as if they could
I cannot use concrete to sow in
although developers think they should

I do not count the gifts, they I only treasure
given by lovers lift, me from penury. Last forever.
I do not test your grace or try to measure
my own inadequecies I bury, at my own leisure.


The sting the pain
the empty the rain
tears come I try to come to you
alone with you tonight
the day the spring
you wear my ring
and I am yours
forever toujours
quickly toutsuit
catch that feeling
don't let it go
I will be here always another tomorrow

Une Unis One

A blade of grass, the mighty oak
a single man in a long brown cloak
When by his grave I tend the flowers
If I leave just one blade of grass unturned
I feel guilty of neglecting his offering

If the child of passion weeps
where do I go to keep myself sane
If the child is lost in neglect
What do I have that I can let
Help me child that I may be found

For the master knows all of his grok
He is the eye of the tempest and the rock
When do I come back to him again
Oh to be in his arms a'more
He saved me so many times

When one plant of grass is missing
is the whole field bare?
When one is a them and not an us
When one is a thing and not a being
Is a heart just to be used?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

I serve the truth

I serve the truth
God do not let me lie
I smile at woman
but she is cold inside
Alone in the dining room
so cold in the night
A pain heavy within
and a strain in my eye
Wishing and watching
fishing and fussing

Then you give me bread and wine
and I feel better than fine
I feel so good
to be loved and understood

I know the journey is long
and as long as the faith is strong
I know the night comes to end
and there will be your light again
I know the father and son
and holy spirit are one
For here is everything complete and done

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Don't frag me down

Don't frag me down
the sweat off my brow
the stress in my vows
don't pull me down

Don't argue or frown
for the worst comes out
be left in so much doubt
for moments are lost

can we make up the cost
of the strife
counting is not the value
or quality of the issue

What makes your arguments
worth so much to you
when will the crisis
in the seas and lands

affect you heart and soul
so much the toll
The days' work still to be undone
the damage has already been done.

These intangibles

These intangibles in the midst of the light
why must we go on in the darkness of night
For these give life and love and rightness
even for the sake of perceived righteousness
can we not carry on the unrighteous grudge

Do not drag the mighty dove through the mud
How can we go on when the feeling to stop is so strong
Why must we fight in the darkness with a glass knife?
Can't we all just get along? How long will this go on?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

There are no half measures in giving

There are no half measures in giving
There are no measures of living
For the fortune is told
the readers are young yet old
Given enough time
you might change your mind
Take care of the living
for every live thing
has a soul which feels
Which senses what is real
Which makes reality what it is
Which informs and reveals

Know another side of me

Know another side of me you never knew before
know me now forever even more
Take a ride from the desert to the shore
I am waiting for you to open the door

I am waiting anticipating for you to come
Why do I stray and these things I've done
make me feel less than real less than one
For the day is long, yearning strong learning won

Take me back for I do lack your tender touch
I think about you a lot. What we've got that much
I hope you'll give me. What I have to give is not such
a great thing, only wings and a hoping for love

It takes someone

It takes someone who will see the better side of me
not just a cursory or some new enemy
Someone who will find my light that I hide
Someone who will be there always by my side
For the road is long and twisting winding
There are rewards for the good at finding
Silver discs and paper and discs of gold
Giving what you know could you be told?
of the coming of the summoning
of the day when glory in the Son will
heal the wicked, the sick and the ill
Come my Lord and saviour I bid you
Become my word and Daystar, the sky would
make love to you. For the love is in
the sharing, the compassion and caring
For ever is the Word of God renewed
For every person, the old and new
Ever will the Son be revealed
to the light, the pure and  fulfilled

By the tenderness you have shown

By the tenderness you have shown
you have learned my only Son
By your love and gentle way
you have made straight the path and way
For your grace and passion have made
your son true and stayed
For your beauty and power in spirit
has given bounty of it
to your child mercy mild
And willing to live and die
for us to stand and try
to live abundantly in truth
For abundant is the proof of
your Creation below and above

Hope, don't you ever stop

Hope, don't you ever stop
Love, you are sent from above
Give so that you may live
Lord bless this day
so that we may play