Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Singer

The Singer, whos' song laughs with you
Whos' song cries with you
Who delights in your good deeds
Whos' song fulfills your every need
The Singer, whos' words fill the world
Whos' harmony is superb
The Singer who comes as the Song
The Song that uplifts, rights every wrong

Sunday, 18 December 2016

God is within

Those who seek easy answers will not be told
For we must let the truth slowly unfold
The story never ends
Just as friends never see the end
The answers come easily enough
if we take the time to make enough enough
The answers are within
and we know this when we are with Him

To be a child at Jesus feet
He tells and spells to us the week
The stories, all compelling
Never ending
A life together through time
Oh to hear a story devine

Friday, 9 December 2016

How beautiful

How beautiful are the clouds
which proclaim Your name on high
How beautiful the sky
I see with my eyes
How sweet the nectar
of a field of flowers
How great Your grace
How subtle Your power
For You give Love
to all in Your kingdom
You make great
and all become winsome
Your Son Your example
to all Gods' people
You abide and make wise
With Love all by my side

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A dirty black bag

A black bag
A paupers clothes
But what He kept
in it was gold
Dirty rags to clean
the residue left over
by the world
A Life worth living
is worth getting
a little dirty for
A gift worth giving
is a token for
what was given
by the Lord
Words spoken out of Love
are what gives flight
to the stars above
Grain and air and water
for good sons and daughters
Sunlight and shade
on a hot Summers day

Saturday, 26 November 2016

What is done

What is done is done
He gave us His son
For all who would believe
Them that shall recieve
in times of trouble reprieve
In times olden and now
for ever a when and how
For we all need help
Sometimes we need someone
What is done is done
When darling stretches with the morning sun
For good and for better
In the Bible there is an answer
and many good letters
for what is done

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Sermon. From the evidence of nature (Gods'creation)

For it is written:
Jesus walked across the surface of the water  and got in to the boat with them.  He lay in the bow of the boat and slept. But the storm blew the waves in to the boat and the boat was sinking. They said "Master the boat is sinking. Save us."
Jesus got up on the bow of the boat and commanded the waves to be still and the winds to cease blowing.

   The sun (the Father) glories on a hot day and brings the water (the spirit of Christ) to the sky.
In the night, it rains and the spirit of Christ calms the winds( the spirits).
For the spirits are the wind and we breathe in the spirits and they give us Life. The spirits Live within us.
For all that have departed will be made living again. In all that breathe.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

When Life felt special

In the Earth, the nerves of metal
On the ground, pieces of sun and moon
Light crystalized
Clay the fat of the earth
The perfect flower with
whorls and petals formed, materialized
Unceasing Life in all seasons
To which God gives reason
Love of Life, these Lovers never die

In the beauty of rain
coming now and then
In the light of stars
Bright in the night
although far
The enchantment of the wind
spirits blowing flowing
here and there
The mighty ocean
raging savage
Tumult, breathing clean

In all these and others unseen
God breathes these words
and conjures them in to being

Monday, 24 October 2016

What above the darling dove

What does the blue sky learn from grey
What does the sunshine learn from rain
What does the night see in day
What pleasures come our way
In every thing a friend
In every song never ending
In every Life a cry
and a seeking as to why

To love

To Love and hold fast
that our friendships may last
To hold true to the beauty
that dwells in you and I
To raise each other to the Kingdom in the sky
For to cherish what we already have is precious and sage
To kindle the fire at every age
The coming is soon at hand
So dwindles the hourly sands
So save that none may be forgotten for the sake of all and The Begotten

Friday, 14 October 2016


Every thing that is shared grows
This we, l come to know
To share Love and knowledge
To help your neighbour build his shed and kids
Sharing comes at no cost
It ensures the important things are not lost
For sharing is caring
For the lonesome and despairing
Shared things are all they have
Cared for and given to another person for another day
To be used for another May

Friday, 7 October 2016

God does things in threes

God does things in threes
He mends the wounded knee
The knee that faulters
or bows in reverence
He restores
God is He and She and me
you or I

With an unwavering eye
He guides us
Gentle as a warm breeze
For the gnat is just as great
as these

The colour

The colour of blood
and the colour of water
The colour of wine
and the colours of the earth
During forty days how great a sacrifice
for the lives of others
For others come and He binds
them to your worth
For your sake

Leaves swept away by the wind

Leaves swept away by the wind
Only withered leaves that cannot stand the wind
For the sinner cannot be told
How does the burden fall

And yet how evergreen is the righteous
who does not stray into the wilderness
of unrepentant and blasphemous talk
Who keeps the words, jots and tittles of his
speech sacred
As a lioness who guards her cubs.
Who can buy and give at a glance
towards the Holy One
Who fears the Lawful and man in white
For the righteous are abiding in Love and
fear of the Lord.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The story of Ray Vagis death

Ray had an itch in his upper left groin. He scratched it and it became raw and infected and painful. Being obese he considered this pain to be in the region of his belly. It became so painful that he called an ambulance. Something awry happened and they took him in to "hospital". There they cut him, put tubes into his neck and nostrils and " treated" him. There he died.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Cry my sweet

Cry my sweet Angel
Weep for the sorrows of man
For though you can help them with anything
they are held captive by the legacy of sin
For the Fall has taken hold
and only the ones who take the Fall and Rise to heart
shall be saved
and will depart from the realm of death
Save those you can
Save the repentant man

Between the clouds

Between the clouds you are shinning
Beautiful stars Messengers of light
Wit silent optimism bringing
Silvery guardians of the night
For good fortune followed those who gaze
of a nighttime into the dark haze above
For the night is the Sun far below
Leaving the sky to work in Hades
And for those who know
the dark sky holds the promise of what tomorrow may be
Oh wonder and marvel at what the world holds
Oh Creator of these great works
how does the world unfurl?
For days in the Sun follow the rain
In Communion we are whole again
In given ways and splendorous days
may we give of ourselves to You
In every thing what Life brings
Only what God wills
Only what is true

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

To someone special

You will always be
                    to me
that special someone that I knew
that I cherish
as always wish
to be with

For life may twinkle
and fizzle
like a little lost flame
       without a name
Our candle will be lit again
by God and His Son
to light the day
shinning bright always

Our Love will be guided
               sometimes bid
by the Holy Ghost
Never far from our hearts
Never to depart
Start to end to start

You will always be
                    to me
the suns' rays
for eternity and a day
to Love and guide the way

You will always be
                    to me
our Love forever shines
In Gods' mind
I be yours' and you'll be mine

You will always be
                    to me
the air that I breathe
The quick and slow release
The Love and the peace

You will always be
                    to me
the firm and steady ground
The Lover that I found
The Love that surrounds

You will always be
                    to me
the rocking rolling sea
The wetness beneath
The adoration bequeathed

You will always be
                    to me
the clear blue sky
My how and why
My Love whom never dies

Friday, 5 August 2016

For in saving we are safe

There is no night and day in Heaven
There is only light
For in saving we are saved. We may save a life
In the Blessed presence of God
Treasured trees and green sod
In giving, its' own gift. A burden that we can lift
In every good deed we plant a seed
Life is God's gift if we believe
In every man a god. In every man a woman. In every Lot we do what we can.

Monday, 1 August 2016

For Rain

Every grain of sand
has a story to tell
Each leaf holds the secret of Heaven
and makes you well
Even Angels may wear a veil
Some who come and wish to remain anonymous
Yet by their fruits we may know
The fruits that God reaps and sows
For standing in no particular row
are the holy Union of Saints
The quiet whisper of quaint voices
The blessed songs of these thiess in choir
whose souls sing and cry of adoration
Made in imagination and made real
in the senses that God feels
In rapture and in Grace
to behold the Supreme Beautys' face
In quiet adoration pray
with faith, Love and clay
For from the Earth God brings
the body of human beings
From the leaf to the bean
From the ether and unseen
to Life and Love again
In the springtime dew and Rain
My dear friend

Balance and recourse

In every God there is balance
and courage
In the word there is valance, sand and rage
In the sand oil and water
In the man God Son and daughter
For the word and world are one
In encouraging and receiving the Son
The light and matter made flesh
Something in the nothingness
Someone to receive the glory
of words made in to a story
And the tiers of each house
built on solid foundation
Rock the souls whole
in habitation
Yet the house shall be rebuilt
For the rock holds gold and guilt
For the sands shall shift
and withhold
the stories which should be told
to Son and daughter
To bring tears and laughter
for these days
and the years after


Gods' Gift

The gift of the right time,
for each has a moment and place
The gift of the look of Love
on your Lovers face
Any time will do,
for now is the season
The daffodils are golden
with splendour and reason
Continuing the cycle of death and rebirth
For even common things
have their worth
The commoner become Princess
and put on Royal dress
For the pauper has his rags
And the Prince takes in his hags
If all were equal there would be no vice
If all were good and softly spoken and nice

The Beauty

The beauty of the Sun
that shines on good and bad
The beauty of the sea
bathing you and I
The equanimity of the air
for us all to share
These given to us all
The great and the small
For He gives in good measure
All true beauty and unfading treasure
The pleasantness of your smile
all the while that you shine
The Love that we share
Treasured Your soul and mine

Saturday, 30 July 2016

I believe

I believe in humble beginnings
I believe in coming home
I believe home is where the heart is
I believe anywhere is where the start is
Like a family will you be my bride
Like a family will you be my wife
Will you come home and play with me
Will you come home and stay with me
I am a tree standing in the wind
I am a door that invites you in
A trusted friend is better than gold
A room with a view to keep you from the cold

Count me in three

If you're Going to ask a question
He will open another door
If you do the right things
He will initiate and fulfill you
with every sure good thing
If you eventually find refuge
from a vexation you have
Him on every occasion at your
help and resource
In times yesteryear and
in times today, in all seasons
He is here in the near and now
In things intimate and sincere
He is naturally strict
For good men should control their

Monday, 25 July 2016

A night

A day and a night
A day of splendorous sunlight
A warm winters' cold
A night of mystery unfolds
A darkness pierced by stars
No Moon in the dark
Streetlights cold and white
A warm winters' night
A cigarette between my fingers
The smoke lingers on my lips
A quiet puff to befit
A warm winter evening
Family wake and go to toilet
Talking gentle and quiet
A room with air conditioning
A warm refuge. God willing.
And God has a place
to still and rest. Good Grace.
For the work of the day
is at hand. What a way
to spend a life
Looking for a good wife
One pleasing to the eye
A gentle soul and softly spoken
A lover in the night when she is woken

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Jesus My constant friend

The Love we shared from the depths of our souls
From the coldness we were spared. We were made whole
Forgiveness my Holy sender
Not to rent but to render
The Grace on Your Holy face so splendorous
Your steps on the sand with each step so wondrous
Take me there to clearer air The light
In time and away from time we are together
In Love and Life we are for each other
For we are whole with and for. We are Gods' souls in the beginning, now and evermore.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

For Kathy

What we have are memories of the past. I will give you a future. If you want the feelings of Love to last you should be careful. I will send Love. You may receive in full. Not take. The Lady in the Lake is wise. You are smart, but are you with God?

Friday, 15 July 2016

On the path

Danger on the path where friends meet
Stillness in the dark where souls may not keep
Words foreshadow what cannot be shown
Past echos with what I try to disown
The light that reigns over the night
The future now looking bright
He is here forever to care
He is good, forever who I should be
Forever to share a friendship
God you are my Love
Your praise is on my lips

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You touched me

You touched me in a beautiful way
The yearning in my heart fulfilled

You are nearer coming my way
My life repeat with splendour and still

Your light surfeit with colourful ray
Shining the light of perfect will

Your Love complete. May it stay.
The air clearer feeling distilled

My life cleaner after Your own sweet way
The juices purer and of better yield

You are a lamp upon my feet and a light to the path
You are a beacon of hope and a teacher of skill

Monday, 11 July 2016

When it happens

When it happens
you will know it
Never a stillness so
so profound
Never a more
precious moment
In the greyness
that surrounds
Movements in your will
that lead to better still
The words and actions
that will make sense
even though now you do
not know it
God bestows His
better judgment
and with your life
He shows it

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Say what is right

When you are quiet at the right time, the right person will speak.

When you speak at the right time, the right person will hear.

When you sing a good song, you will have a willing audience.

When you pray to the True God with a fervent prayer, while being an ardent man/woman/child, you shall be heard.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Recovery tree

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is long suffering
Love is humble
Love is fullness and beauty
Love is righteous
Love is still and fast
Love is a kind of feeling
Love will grow
Love is steady ready medicine
Love is life living with Life
Love is husband and wife
Love is honest
Love is wise
Love is a force equaniminous with any other force
Love is for everyone
Love is good
Love is God


The words you chose
chose who you are
The way in which you say these words
And the way in which you are heard
Determines the outcome
income becomes what you need
when you place your fate in the hands of others
but who to place your fortunes on
Shall not sharing caring remain strong?

Shall not strength be within its' bounds?
What to chose, which words? what sounds?
And the aire given to your thoughts
What thoughts remain which thoughts have caught?
To say and to remember
to forget and to stammer
stymied of future reckoning
when will the rest begin
from this ill fate of wild sin

Wading, never still in the shallows of the sea

Wading in the shallows of the sea
All around a reflection of me
The sun in my eyes, a ray of light
In the fullness of the day, beautiful and bright
Like a polished stone on the beach
Easily within reach
Like a melody soft and true
Like the majesty of being You.

The miracle of being and being brought to birth
The beginning like every sacred Word
So true so connected so like rebirth
Being resurrected, A child like an ember lighting fire
Born of Lovers greatest desire
Born of Love for each other
Born of Father Son and Holy Mother

Sunday, 27 March 2016

In the circle

In the circle
a bright gold flame
A flame worth all
that are His names
To light the night
To gird the day
To uphold the right
to travel this way
A light on the path
a lamp unto my feet
A vision divine
a sound so sweet
And she was made for him
For kith and kin
A kindling from fondling
A love for the lingering longing
Abide in His love
for He is and there is no other
For He made everything for these
His children All sisters and brothers

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Law: the Holy war

No one is above the Law.
Ignorance of the Law is no excuse.
The arm of the Law is long.

There is only one Law. Love.
Love your God with all your might, all your heart and all your soul.
And Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.

Throw away impediments to your lawful right to be happy, healthy and wise.
Beware if imitations of reality. Beware of falsehood and your own tongue.
Beware of wolves in sheeps' clothing. I am sending you out among the wolves. You must be cunning as a fox yet gentle as a lamb. Do not hold grudges against anyone for them being happy. Only pity the fool who thinks he is doing the right thing yet in Gods eyes is a sinner.
People may become perverted without their knowing.

Blessed are they that keep Gods' commandments and sees to his/her own righteousness in His eyes.
Blessed are they that upholds their friends and enemies right to happiness.
Blessed are they whom seek the Law.


Monday, 22 February 2016

Media: The dirty war

My, my, my. What passes for news these days. Unsubstantiated accusations, smeer campaigns, sensationalism, rumours and outright lies. This war is fought in peoples consciousness. The truth is easily guessed but deliberately hidden from the unsuspecting public. Normal people could become depressed jaded doomsday believers if everything the media pumps out were taken at face value. Optimism and a willingness to find answers for ourselves is our only defence.
No, things are not really as is reported in the "news". The world is a far bigger and happier place than we would be lead to believe. Not everything is doom and gloom. Take time to look at butterflies and flowers, sunshine and lollipops. Though that does not really count as "news".

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The family way

The family way is not easy to attain. Requiring strength of character, soul, forgiveness, patience, long-suffering, love, eagerness to please, learning, tenderness and caring. The family way is a reward for those who do have and hold onto these gifts of the spirit.
So be mindful that your spirit remain truthful to these graces.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Money: The civil war

Ever since the dawn of civilisation there has been a war fought against losses and scarcity. Today in the commercial world, this war is fought with: money. The winner of the war is the rich. The casualties of the war are the poor. The chips fly where they may. In a laisez-faire system this may come at the cost of much more than the basic necessities.
There is another way.
In a capitalist system: def. capital, derv. cap: head or hat ie. thought or consideration.
...all goods and their means of production are seen to by learned persons. Futures and eventualities are forecast. The ways and means and the disposals are all planned, with possible allowances for choice and free will. The productivity and amenity is assured.
This is modern Australia.

Friday, 5 February 2016

The sure

I am sure-footed for You are my rock
Thou art the anchor and chain in stormy seas
I Love the tender and stock
of Your eternity
I am because of You in three
I stand fall and rise on my knees
The station and cross
comes at no loss
All returned in abundant measure
Such a beautiful treasure
to Love and behold in a forever
never ending joy Life and liberty
brothers in fraternity
Free and egalitie
Safe in Your arms
Knowing I may always return
to Your Grace
Bathe in the radiance
of Your face

My God

My God is the root of truth, knowledge and wisdom
He is the master of the Kingdom
His vision is complete in detail and vues
He sees in all the spectrums and hues
My God is Mercy, Grace and Love
He sent his Son from above
In all Jesus was perfect and faithful
Never needing to turn from the truth
In all things He is able and abliging
He makes right your confidings
And all He gives into your hand
So that Him you will understand

Friday, 29 January 2016

Memory and time

Time exists in the perceiver. In the mind.
Memory can non-catecanately non-sequencially access any time. eg. We can remember times from the distant past and at the same time compare them with other times. Or we may bring up the past without realising the recent times.
Our memories are contributed by our morals, ethics and Law. By the medical, legal and Royal authority.
If the ten commandments are not respected then that is called breaking the commandments. This is considered by myself and some others that this is breaking the
If we live well then we have good God, legal and moral authority and good memories of our proceedings in such

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dear reader, some art to share.

I would like to share some art with you. The link to my Google Drive folder is below.
"The purpose of music is to feel good about yourself.
The purpose of art is to educate."

The mathematics of serial and monogamy

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

There is no test

There is
There for
There will be
Assay and assess
There is no test that can prove God
Only what is evident and given as Grace is sufficient
Do not eat from the tree of the judgement of good and bad
Only good is sufficient
Only God is good
And only God can raise the sons of man to life everlasting

Monday, 25 January 2016

We get by

We all get by on each others good graces
Living each day on the ground or on stages
By Gods' almighty right and power
By the beauty of each loving flower
For by Grace and Love we have been conceived
to receive forgiveness and Love
By the return of the sun
Relive joy and fun
Revive come alive
By Grace we have won

Friday, 22 January 2016

Night with candles

Trinity with square

For Eternity

For what is done is done
for the good ov everyone
In everything He has sung
A song of redemption

In three chose the best
In the noontime let rest
For the Saviour has something better
A song of redemption

Fear no more on golden shore
He has made all pure
For He has sung once more
A song of redemption

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Love and misunderstanding

Love love my darling true
I do really like you
If only you Loved me too
The we could be together

To walk in agreement through life
To say this is good and this is right
If only you would be my darling wife
Then we could walk together

Baby pink and baby sky
Ask your questions where and why
If only we would truly try
Then we could be a family

Saturday, 9 January 2016


For safetys' sake
What is given receive as a gift
But do not unbidden take
For though shaky friendships shift
The Lord will always be true
To everyone, including you

The Lord Jesus is my friend
This I know is real
Through it all He stands and defends
All I do is kneel
Then He raises me above the clouds
He gives me voice to praise aloud

The Holy spirit my comforter and guide
Like another in my mind
Like many Angels speaking
In my consciousness peering
Like a ship in the night
With God at the helm steering


I am safe with Jesus
Lord and saviour
Wonderful councillor
Who walks across water
To save whom ever falters
In error or in truth
For the child and youth
In the morning the sun
Midday then comes
glory in the afternoon
Night creeps in much too soon
Slumber and rest
Until dawn, reborn as our best

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Spirits pass as the wind prowls the earth
And the Master of spirit and flesh is Jesus
All that is in Heaven and Earth, everything that matters
All that we hold dear, to have any worth
Who is worthy except the Lamb
Love incarnate as a man
Above and in the waters below
Who does see, who does know
The whisper in the elements
The wind, zephyr of the spirits
Do they tell you of the Life
beyond what you sense with your eyes?
And do you follow,  through the window or are you wise?