Friday, 25 July 2014

Dear Sara

Dear Sara Rue,
                         you are so beautiful. In the gentle curve of your breasts, I would lay down my head to rest. Your shape so generous and yielding, inspires in me an unusual feeling. A feeling fulfilling and urgent, one of holding and relent. Oh, desire of my loins, will you let our song sing?

The angels play their strings, on the harps or our hearts. The Word of Love only sings to our souls to let us know. So silent and thundering in Heaven. God appears whenever you are there. Although I awoke and was alone and didn't feel as if I was at home. But we find our home again when we live with family and friends.

Dear Sara Rue, will you be my friend. So that desire and love never ends? For the pearls and rubies perish in treatment but unusual diamonds hold a place in the firmament. For an unusual diamond you could be, if you hold on to me. An unusual feeling rushes through the interior space, behind my eyes behind my face. To behold someone so unsure. That someone is so beautiful, to be sure.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The singing and the song

Oh the Angels sing
and the song is of everything
For the singers live in joy
and in every note rejoice
for the song is He
that all, including you and me
should come to be
living pleasantly

Now the harps do sound
and lyrics do abound
from the mouths
of the Heavenly ones
The chorus is sung
by the blessed Son
and every one
adds his or her own tone

For to make a guitar strum
and to feel the taste of yum
to have a sense of home
and to not be all alone
all you need is He
that makes the pleasant and glee
By Him your life has been perfected
and renewed to glory reflected

Sunday, 20 July 2014



Dysfunctional society four

Dysfunctional Society three

Dysfunctional society two

Dysfunctional society one


The candle

The candle with the flame that defies the wind
By His name has One that dies come back again
For the flame of his Soul
remains true and bold
For though the wind blows
so biting and cold
He knew full well
and never feared Hell
For knowing His Fate,
knowing he would be victim of hate
and yet knowing further of His Fathers' Love
that he would be lifted above
and then ascended to the Great Hall,
for all
triumph after the Fall
His greatness in victory was humble

The light that shines for thee

Oh, My Son, My sun shines for thee
Together with another we are always three
Unto you is given the word
We speak no token
What is heard is real
What is intended by what we feel
For warmth and light always follow thee
Given unto thou by me
For thou art their Light and warm comfort
For their plight, though their own making,
shalt thou by forsaking thy own,
give them back their home
For all is not lost
the Finder of Souls,
at his own cost,
shall find and save
For this has he come
Begotten not made


Oh the sour shame
that something so simple could blacken a name
Now the cause, so long in the past
has caught up with me and overrun me fast
The past, so tender my heart
Each beat hurts
and what is worse
Each beat is my last
that I will beat on this Earth
And now the painless gruesome end
To no lovers or friends
will I send
a goodbye
before I die
Death is not the end
For all will stand before the judgement seat
For all shall stand and meet
the Master and Creator
The Breath and Maker
The One and All
The Voice and Call
For to stand naked before the Father
with no shame or blame or regret
For to look back together
with someone who never forgets
is to live your life again
in person, in name
For to end what was begun
is not for the son
but the Lord
To say what you have done
you must have your own words
We see that life will win
Suicide, after all, is a sin

Friday, 4 July 2014

Oh Father

Father I see their pain
My tears are useless in the rain
How may I ease the strain
Will You allow me to come again?

Father I see their fear
Someone has whispered into their ear
A cloudy vision that will not clear
So the Other can creep up near

Father please unburden them
I myself feel their shame
Those who stand and watch are also to blame
For all under the sun bow to one name

And then a light shone from on high
And all who saw let out a sigh
All who had voice let out a cry
and beauty restored to my eyes