Sunday, 29 November 2015


A smile every where you go
A blessing for the whole world
A happy day as the sun shines
A good heart and healthy mind
A Love to last through the ages
A wise saying on your lips as the sages
A friend who will stand long
A child to share your lifes' song
A mother and father who for you care
A wife or husband who will be here
A life worth living
A gift received for the on-giving
Share what you least have
So all may have what is most rare
A true God who will always be there

Fire in the wind

Fire in the wind
Fuelling a terrible sin
The black stem must be burned
Or we suffer on and on
In the ash a layer of white
The start of a new life
In the black soil
A green coil
And three new leaves
God, Adam and Eve

Friday, 27 November 2015

many little chances

In a life of many little chances
heed the fleeting glances
Some one who looks up to you or to whom you aspire
Who burns with admiration and lyricism of the lyre
In the clear light and the haze
Live a life of many sunny days
Who knows what will transpire
In the fire of desire
In the days of Godly destiny
What might we ultimately see?
Your soul mate in union
with you

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

There is no test

There is no test
only rest in the Kingdom
There is no read through
you may know what you know
in all things
For you make the words
in your mind
Remember and do not discard what you heard
only smile as you isle
by the error of a style
The yeast of the pharisees is in doubt
while the way is through faith
within and without
Think on your feet while you are about
Wink on the meeting of your spouse
She will take you out
for a nice wank and dinner
Oh be not a sinner
but a winner
by a mile
no denile
on the Nile
and the Orient
Perhaps with Orianthi?
Be Ye Blessed
Honey child
Or with Michelle Wild?
Why not both?
Lord save me from wroth
We are the Children of God
Happy in the Land of Nod
Seasons greetings
Fruit for all
Fruit by the windfall
Endless summer
An end to hunger
and also its' beginning and middle
a creamy feeling filling the middle
rest and contentment
recreation and salutations
For the time is nigh unto noon
You have not come too soon
and it feels good to have you here
fetching and receiving not too dear
and not to waste
such a pretty face

Hair on your face, head and cranium

The hairs that are on my face
I cannot eradicate or erase
For the hairs on my arms, torso and legs
I would not give a smeg
They do not fill me with delight
I am frightened by the sight of them
To be naturally smooth
without the use of cooths
I hold to high esteem
Am I what I seem?
Do not fear for your appearance
For that is in the Hands of God
The Eye that sees all
By which I am called
Do not fret or pluck or pull or cut
You shall be in your luck
You shall enjoy
The Life of mens' foys
And never ending
women are beginning

Monday, 16 November 2015

A blessing for the Stones, a blessing ov God

Dear Rain and Stone and Tree
You are a holy three
Together we may be
A happy family
Live Love and Last forever
For the first shall (be) last and never
end, as good friends who endeavor
to be each others' flavour
Praise indeed for the saviour
of today and tomorrow His and Hers'
Son and daughter
Living Loving Lasting in mirth and laughter
In merry gentle folk
whom quietly enjoy the smoke
of an evenings hearths' fire from the local
leaves and debris
Whom are happy to descend to their knees
for a cause with out pause or pleas
Whom are blessed, vouchsafed and sealed
For whom all good things are revealed
Whom are saved by Gods' shield
For all may come under Gods' roof
and know the ultimate only proof
and put it to best use
in their Lives, Husbands and Wifes
In all there is a way up to Life
From the Ocean floor to the pelagic,
to the fisher mans' box of tricks
A fly or a fish
Then to the sky as avian beings
held high flying on angels wings
On subtle shufflings of strings

White snake

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Gods blessing

God blesses all
For you shall have Life
You shall have joy
You shall have happiness
You shall have fulfillment
You shall have every good thing
You shall have power over every thing
You shall be invincible
You shall be indestructable
You shall be immortal
We shall meet again in Heaven

Saturday, 14 November 2015


I respect the Maker so
through thick and through thin
I like to fix His things

I have hands, that is why
I like to have a try
at mending a torn garment

or wheeling a discarded sewing desk
home Home to honor and rest
To serve a while longer

To sure up and make stronger
for the use may be a little different
I have not always followed where others went

Spirit ov giving

There is no other way of living
than in the spirit of giving
To Love is to be in Love
with oneself reflected in another

Perfect Love shall save all in one way or another
Perfect Love casts out fear
In every Life the leaf must tremble
and reach to heaven The sun nearer

Yet begetting the son, the Father and one other
, perhaps His mother, came to Live amongst men
For the Father so Loved that all men be His brothers
and women His sisters that when

His only begotten son died, the earth stood still
Still everything is within His will
So that as One Perfect died and was raised
so all are Perfect and shall be raised Be He praised

With the wind

The flame has reignited with the wind
Burning even more intensely than before
Pray, some one come to the door and let me in
I am waiting eagerly evermore

I know God watches and feels just like me
Seeing what I dimly see
I sense and observe His ever greater Love
A Love supreme and deluxe, flying like a dove

The flame is burning on limitless fuel
Bright and warm to feel and scented
Pray, some one feels as I feel
yet escapes what I went through

I know God vouch safes and saves
I am here aren't I? A miracle that He made
And He is refining me for a greater goal
That I have a pure clean blessed soul

The space between the rain

The grey space between the rain
that fades down in to black
The night comes and death is plain
In the morning period the sun comes back
For the loss shall be made good
All the lost found and the guilty understood
For in the founding there was no fault
The stone that the builders cast out
shall become the corner stone that holds
the silent point that becomes bold
A statement made in blood and pain
The red and blue of the sky between the rain

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Addition to "Old man by Neil Young"

Old man, take a look at my life
twenty four and there's so much more
live alone in a paradise that makes me think of two
love lost such a cost
give me things that don't get lost
like a coin that won't get tossed
rolling home to you

Lullabies look in your eyes
run around the same old town
it means so much to me to mean that much to you
I've been first and last
look at how the time goes past
but now I'm all alone at last
rolling home to you

Old man, take a look at my life
tell me how things should be like
trying to be the best that I can be
I've got so much to do
but I need my rest too
and I'm so glad I have you
because you give me free

What comes of a few hours with friiends

Drinks with friends
what may come. Even at the bitter end
For some, a sweet early morning kiss
A succulent familiar risk
For others, an innocent shake of the hand
"We will see each other when ever we can."
For now we say good bye
and close our weary eyes
For now the party is over
I put my bag over my shoulder
For others still
a beginning of writing wills
Long winded and pointed accountancy
about how much money will be
forth coming in to his hands
For he had to pay for petrol
and that is not cheap
He loses money, he says
every time he comes here
and CentreLink has lowered his pay
by three hundred dollars

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A parade

A parade of colours
Be assured
that not on any other
Do they look so good

But the colours run
Under sweaty sun
And smudge on tea cups
And to set out to appear

to appeal out of coquettish fear
to the need for beauty
Some mysterious inner greed
I too am subject though do not expect

that any effort be made
A spring fashion parade
A pretty formly array
That males like to assay

Blue smoke, grey smoke

Blue smoke, grey smoke
The truth lies some where in between
Who would stand for a lady
as wonton or so it would seem
And Our Lady au contraire
Gardening best done in pairs
With a Lover of sorting hair

But illusions however hard fought
Must come at a painful cost
And to set out to illuminate
A great fairy tale of greatness
Smoothing a tough exterior
Belying a rough inferior interior
May be contrary

to morality. But who may judge
What a man or woman budgets
as to be of a sights' worth
Perhaps we would be worse off
I suffer along with my au pair
As to the grooming of hair

I may not cut string
Or any such thing
And so, I let it grow
Come hail, sun or snow
Candy, come back to me, please
I am on bended knee

Monday, 2 November 2015

Imagination in the manifestion of the world

He is the master of my Life
Granting imagination of the world
His creation given to us
that we may become a greater whole

In His story written for me
He has created deep mystery
A puzzle to unfold
for the minds of babes to behold

For the dark earthen soil holds
the sin of past lives retold
in the newly sprouted tree
On re-living of history

And a life perfected in re-telling
The blossom sweet to the smell
A beauty that does well
to all who come to the well

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Don't fade

Don't fade with the light
Your stars glimmer through the night
and you shine just as bright
as the day-star in full flight

Listen to thoughts He shows
Then it is easy to know
everything will come, fast or slow
Then you may live in the now

Still your wayward tongue
Too easy to argue or harangue
A time to talk will come
Every thing in the sum

of all parts
The sounds of the heart
are strong when we part
The sound of departing

So let us sing
a song of every thing
crucial to know the lingo
of where, what, when, who and how

Knowing this we go further
on the path to Our Father
Oh, and all the others
and the Saviour