Friday, 29 March 2013

Each mystery

Each mystery is a shroud
intangible as the skys' clouds
The stars in heavens wake
my souls' imagination takes
Each word that Jesus produces
my heart and mind seduces
Each question in my mouth
I hear him distantly shout
Each mystery that stings
will not let me win
and then Jesus' help I must seek
to grant me sweet release
For the Saviour reigns and rules
the fevered imagination to cool
The amber veil
the life that prevails
Never to fail
the believing and needing to believe
The blessed and wretched to receive
The All in All
the rise and fall
and the rise ascended again
The Shepherd and good Friend.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Love the object of your loathing

Love the object of your loathing
and comes a better time for you both.

Stillness in times of bother
loosen the fetters of roth.

Something good this way comes
from your secret love.

Make hay while the sun still shines.
The sun shines as long as God sees it in his mind.