Friday, 29 December 2017

Theos' attitude to life

Attitudes to Life : A comedy 

Now Theo was not a poor man although as a younger man he was a stranger to money. But he was never poor in spirit. Every thing came to him in time, at he right time. He was never poor because he was and is an optimist.
He got this from his dad. For example; one morning Theo was feeling in the mood for a sandwich. 
He felt like eating a salad sandwich. He looked in the fridge for tomato and lettuce. There was no 
tomato or lettuce. He looked beside the fridge for onion and he found some. There was also a 
potato that had sprouted. Now Theo really hungered for a salad sandwich. 
He called his dad as Theo was still just a young boy. His dad said “Did you look in the fridge?” 
“Yes” said Theo. His dad looked in the fridge. He found a cabbage and said “Look, here it is.” Theo 
had also found the cabbage earlier. Theo had examined it, tasted it. He thought just looking at it 
that it did look like a lettuce, only bigger and harder. However when he tasted it, it was more 
bitter and harder but it was more aromatic as well. 
“That is not a lettuce” Theo said.
“It is” his dad said.
“How can I put it in a sandwich?” Theo asked.
“You can put it in a sandwich” his dad said.
Now in the language that Theo spoke Theo used the term “living leaf or vegetable”. And that is why 
his dad said it was a “living leaf”.
Theo had reservations about putting cabbage in a sandwich though. Although his mind was turning the 
possibility over. Theos’ breakthrough came when he reasoned that to soften and enhance the flavour 
of the cabbage he would heat it in the wok.
So Theo peeled a leaf off and chopped it. Put it in the wok and fried it. The aromas were very 
appetising. The smell of cooking suggested to his palate that onion and potato would go well with 
it. So he put those in too although he was not sure about the onion. But as an optimist he was 
willing to side with the onion.
And so as a young boy of six years old Theo cooked himself a meal. And it was good.

When Theo was fourty years old he lived in a little house with two nashi trees. The fruit was 
smaller than the commercially sold fruit and a little hard to eat. He decided to make wine out of 
the fruit which he picked up from the ground. Theo didn’t have vat so he used an old Esky he found 
on the side of the street. He didn’t have a grinder so he put the fruit in whole. He didn’t have 
enough liquid in the mix so he put in tap water from the hose. Theo put the lid on and hoped for 
the best.
He left the Esky under a table in the back yard.
When his friend came around and asked what it was Theo replied “Oh. That is mulled wine.”
“Can I have some?” His friend asked.
“Of course.”
The result was not very good.

The first shape you can make with lines

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Judge not for ye art brothers bound

When we can look in to the eyes of our fellow man and woman without judgement, without resentment and without wanting then we may live finally in peace.
When all are equal in our eyes then we may live free. Free from rank, free from feud and free from vendetta. We may live free from accounting and money. When we open our arms in Love then we may receive Love.
When all Life is seen as valuable. Just as God Loves all of His creation. When the Lilies and the sparrow are respected just as much as any of you or mine, then all will be as it should.
We have a ways to go yet.
But, God willing, we will arrive.

Song: It's in the way

It's in the way
that you move
that makes me sway

It's in the way
that you touch
that I want so much

It's in the way
that you say
that makes me stay

It's in the way

It's in the way

It's in the way
that you groove
that makes me move

It's in the way
that you walk
that makes me talk

It's in the way
that you tell
that weaves a spell

It's in the way

It's in the way

It's in the way


Ladder to the stars

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The greatest and the least

Many Lives One Dream
In dreams not every thing is as it seems
Many Lives One Love
The Love of the One above
He sends the Dreams
to correct our mis-deeds
He sends the rain
to purge the land of its' pains
His touch heals the ills and strains
of a Life lived in refrain
Of a Life unrestrained from the terror
of errors and sins
To let all be in on the win
Of release to be free
The Highest and the least
You and me

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Song: Looking for Love

All these people wandering through their lives
trying to find a way to survive
I've been trying to find the Love of my life
Looking for Love

Too many people don't know where to start
how to ease an aching heart
Well I've found a way apart
in Looking for Love

Sitting and thinking
wandering why
until I turned my eyes to the sky

It's God. God above.
Whom gives me all this Love
It's God. The Good Lord.
Whom assures me every word.

Cars on the street going no where
People with worries and cares
I'm looking for a place up there
in Gods presence 

People sitting on the street
where friends and strangers sometimes meet
I've found myself on my feet
in following God

It's God. God above.
Whom gives me all this Love
It's God. The true God.
Whom assures me every word.

It's God. God and His dove.
Whom gives me all this Love
It's God. The true Word.
Whom makes the whole world

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

When it is done

When it is done with Love
God and the Angels will be there to help
When you give a smoke to some one hanging out
give it and be in no doubt
that you have done good
in the world that it should be that way.

When it is done with Love in mind
Something inside that you will find
When you give food, a sharing out of your own
a little light has shone
in to the sad weary body
of yours and somebody you have met on the way.

When it is done with Love in your heart
On the long and winding journey, make a start
When you shelter in the sanctuary of your home
a smile will come
on the face of a homeless person
in this world no less than any one else on the Way.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

In the Now

It is comforting to have the Light with us.
In the incessant Now.
In the incandescent glow, candle burning low
The Light God gave, the one we trust

Blessed are those who trust
with solemn heart and faith.
In the Light God gave, to fools and the brave
Alone in the wilderness staunchly with out rush

Three birds flying over head
in the darkness quiet air
Clouds a deep red Love Stars circling up above
In the signs a wonderful God steads

Blessed are the fruits of faith
Never ending for the brave
signs and wonders to marvel and ponder
Signs that we have grace

upon the talents and faces
upon the hills and plains
with great suffering and pain
all resolved to gain, a glimpse of Gods' face

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

A spell of protection

The Heart is strong but vulnerable
to the devils that howl and babble
How have many been broken
for a penny or two stolen
Forgive and forget those who take
theirs' is not a lot at stake
but your heart is precious true
make it true to you
Tame the badness that the world submits
to the Life blood that the Heart emits
Take pity on your poor soul
which bears these burdens, tolls
The beating Heart of Saints
have lived through worlds strange and quaint
to the naked eye
a devil wears common disguise
No telling who comes or goes
who reaps tears and sorrows
Remain with Your True Friend
who keeps and defends
The stories some do tell
of how they rose and fell
Remember that you also fell
and Now the past dispell
For Now you shall rise
Clean the residue from your eyes
A Future made for us
of Love Life and Trust

Monday, 16 October 2017

Tell me the story of tomorrow

The stars twinkling in the night
tell me the story of tomorrow
What the day holds to delight
what trials and sorrows

The stars shine and dance
the message from the angels
of what beautiful romance
shall come if ready and able

The stars of a warm evening
show the secrets of the future
Be ready to receive them
Be ready to decipher, Love and nurture

Friday, 6 October 2017

The birds neither plow nor sow

Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Mathew 6:26, The Catholic Youth Bible, International Edition, saint mary's press (sic).

The God whom makes the little seedlings grow
Who feeds the birds, all born of this world
Who turns the heavens to show the way
where we shall go to, tomorrow today.
Endless is your Majesty. Impossible to
Say. Silent words that are beautiful.
Always. Resilient echoing through
all that is. Yielding a Life of joy.
In this wonder that is created
Fated, wished, kindled
Every thing situated in deliberate
Order. Form and behaviour
made from Gods' favour.
Origins have relevance.
Decisions which flow from
Insurgency. His will Supreme

From little me...

Little signs and devotions
that we take upon our selves
Sip of wine. Blood emotion
every little drop helps
In every drop; solution
in that has life
Waves, humours, convolutions
husband and wife
And child binding the union
bringing joy as wealth
Taking the Cross, transideration,
upon our selves, He blesses with health
For no more shall the world or nation
take toll upon the slave freed by belief
in the Word and notion
of God. Giving rest and relief
Child of The Most High, font and fountain
obedience transcendent of grief
Upon the Name of Jesus; consolation
from every need

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The valley

From the High mountain, looking over
the valley is very low
Very low, so flows, the river to the sea.
The heights the birds attain, looking with sober,
eyes that know
where the wind blows, the silver and teal.
The winds that strain, to eat clover,
from the lamb that lowes
Why is it so, when Death does not heal.
The spirits may rest with thin cover
Intact, commiserating wholy
No holes or fire to steal.
The fear of entering Hades, never
in event if ever.
Do not go, even if they show the lea.
Take not, except when given by Lovers
-the gift like gold
,Every way and know, like grain and wheel.
The way through the pain, with Mother
young girl who sews
Father who sows, the rows with seed.
Honey and water
make mead. Thirst the need to slough
On the cruel sea
of loneliness

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Waking when the light has begun
Let your eyes see the sun
A fresh day anew
So many good things to do
Oh Joyous Life in the spring
The Life of the Spirit in every thing
Early to light and crisp every morning
The sap in the trees flowing and storing
The leaves and flowers blooming
The fruits of the season soon coming

Joyous is the Light
for great joy comes from having sight
The vision internal and externally
His will fulfilled eternally
And His will for us that we may muster
an effort of our own
That we may reap where others have sown
That we may come in to the harvest
A portion to eat and a portion to invest
A time to reap and a time to rest

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Country and Western song: We may be stupid for believing what we believe in but at least we believe in something

You may call us stupid, you may call us cooks
But we believe in what we read in the Holy Books
You may think us old-fashioned or just a little daft
but we never had to rewrite so many damn drafts
Yes our Book is sacred Yes our Book is clear
on every thing from near to far to here
The Life is not easy to attain but we know our Lives will remain
Long after the sun goes down on our Holy town
Loving you is easy Loving you is fun
When you peek and poke and shun
Time is nothing to us We can wait forever
and we know there is more to life than trying to be clever
So next time you pass us by just try hard to remember
We are one of you and we are your members

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The life of the art

For the art to live the artist must live. Idols dead in stone do not tell the tale,
the story of the object, though they have a soul, the soul the artist gave them. For the fullness of the art to survive a living artist must give to the viewer the esprit.
Fear not for the Artist is and always will be alive. For He lives to give life to his Creation; the Heavens and the Earth, the host of Angels and saints, the land and seas and air, the plants and animals and to Man. Through Him all art may speak and through the art He may speak to you.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summer with you

The surprising and wavering light
that shines in the mind of quiet and lonely ones
Some times coming nearer some times drawing away
living a life of the spirit lively and spry
The illumination some times revelatory compelling
lucid times in the warm light above relieving anxiety
and they are good times to be remembered and expressed
warm summer breeze through her hair and her diaphanous dress
grass green in the meadow cold stream in the valley
little sparrows leaving their nests testing their wings to fly
Life simple and good every thing living as they should
life away from death far above the depths
How green and golden how do you fix an FJ Holden
for a drive down to the beach you need a spanner that will reach
The air in the shed smelling of drying hay
good times in the bed yesterday
how we laughed and carried on your way this time
Gin and tonic with a twist of lime please if you would
I’d get it myself if I could but I can’t get anything for myself
part of living with you is that you nourish me body and soul

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Words about Love

Love is like the seed of a fruiting tree.
When young Love is fragile like the tender young seedling sprouting into the soil. It needs water, Mother Earth and warmth and light to nurture it. As it reaches above the soil the leaves open to receive. When it receives the right light it can grow stronger. We are emboldened by the advances of our suitor and our Love steps toward firmer ground. Through long years of surviving the trials of life our Love grows into a mighty tree high in the sky. A strong tall firm tree which is the crown of the forest. Bearing all sorts of good fruit which are our children. Good fruit comes from a strong tree.

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Sermon: Why God chastises

God chastises when we have done bad. He loves us so much that He cannot let anything but righteousness come from and for us. He knows that we can live by a higher standard. He knows that the kingdom of Heaven (he 'ave en) is light. A bright searing light which would burn any one less than perfect. He wants us to be that we may live with Him in Heaven. He is a pure unapproachable light. A being of infinities. He created us in this image. Our soul is immortal. Our life on Earth is just a role on a stage. We must play the role to perfection so that the show becomes one of triumph over death and Hades. We all are meant to be Jesus and Mary to everyone.

Gods spirit moved across the surface of the waters

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Beginning

A defence of the Arts

What passes for art these days...

The "art" that comes out of the Greek tragedy tradition is dystopian. When someone dies, is murdered, tortured or scorned then that is bad. We only concern ourselves with this "art" because we still live in the fallen world. The Hollywood tradition falls into this category.

True art is an expression of our higher morals and aspirations. Beauty, morals, ideals, joy, true happiness are the ingredients of good art. eg. walking along the tropical beach with your lover and discovering all kinds of wonderment in the environment; the sea, the sand, the sky; music drawing you in in the evening towards the pavillion where there is food and drinks and good people to meet. This is Eden. The true art of God. This life was meant for us. We need to return to the Garden of Eden.
Fallen, as we are but sinners, to return we must die of our wicked selves and be reborn of spirit. For it is that miniscule speck of soul, which is the only pure part of us, that will live on forever. The soul is reborn in to a perfected body free from death and corruption and we return to our Maker.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

...The time is now ... (Part three)

In Peters' vision (Acts 10:9) he sees a canopy come down out of the sky with all many creatures living and moving and crawling and a voice saying "...Kill and eat..." Peter says "No, Lord for I have never eaten any unclean thing."
Peter is puzzled by the vision. Could this vision come from God or might it come from some bad spirit eg. Satan the Great Deceiver?
It says in the Book of Genesis (2:16) "...You may eat from every tree in the garden, but not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for on that day that you eat from it, you will surely die."

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

.. The time is now ... (part two)

Torturous time
for a mind to wait
... am I forsook forsaken?
in this land of mists and shadows?
For I took I have taken
what was not mine to touch
I anguish much
I am not the perfection of Heaven
and so do I fall all the way to Gehenna
below the ones who have not manners
"Thou shalt not judge... for vengence is Mine"
says the Lord."
Or is their manner more than what I saw on the surface
of my own flawed vision
"In the eyes of the Lord
there are no flaws."
Is someone who begs on the street
less than someone who eats meat?
Is eating something dead wrong?
Or is it the killing?
I have contemplated eating pigeons which
have died by other causes than human hands
but the Book of Deuteronomy says that
"Thou shalt not eat of anything that dies of itself. You may give it to the alien residing in your towns to eat or you may sell it to the foreigner." Deut. 14:21 also in Leviticus.
Have Vegans got the right idea?
My answer is a cautious yes.

The time is now

Some have reached the time
the time is now
Temples in the sun
a beach on which to run
The temperature rises ready for a swim
dip in your toe and wade in
The light so warm in the air
The rise and waves of your hair
in the breeze It is alright if you sneeze
a release of spirits which did dwell
in side of you making you unwell
The noon passes and soon evening
Like drifting past a star
So many stars in sequence for each day
Like a cycle ever so remarkable
Like beads on a string
Sometimes angels do not wear wings
A sneeze can be sometimes bad
losing a guardian spirit that you had
I am but a weak man
yet with my whole soul I understand
everything I am 99% well 1% weak
Yet by that weight of a gnat I fall
and I fall from the great height of 99%
I fall just as speedily in the vacuum of my eyes
as any one whom I may despise
as fallen and not worthy
of my Love and compassion
I am the fallen
I have stolen
from my Father
The temptation was too great
I have fallen with all my weight
And now I am anxious
unable to wait
Torturous time
for a mind to wait

Saturday, 15 July 2017

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God The Almighty

God The Giver of Life
knows what He has given.
Forwards and backwards
Left to right
Up and Down to up
For He knows all the numbers
to infinity and beyond.
God The Giver of Wife
saw that Adam was smitten.
With symmetry and grace
A perfect form and face
And Adam gave her name
"Eve. For you are flesh of my flesh.
Bone of my bone." Life of my Life.
God The Giver of Time
for God is beyond Time
knows all our stories
knows all the rhymes
Written in the Book of Life
For God is Life everlasting.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

A verbal gambit

Just a verbal gambit
founded in desire
One that missed and misfired.

Why am I like this?
unrequited, un-kissed
am I desired? am I missed?

So the light drifts away
a bit higher, am I losing
the light of the day

Restless night, little sleep
but dreams do come
a blessing to His little sheep

Lobelia, beyond imagination
visions amazingly believable
given what I know

What dreams may come
keeper of knowledge deep
What a world I know

Sunday, 25 June 2017

"There are no truths outside of the gates of Eden" - Bob Dylan, The gates of Eden

Live now, if not now then when?
If the harvest is ready then reap
and sow. If the tide is high then go
out upon the great sea of tomorrow

The energy does not wait
The dove knows its' fate
The diviner has his sins
from which he must win

free. Oh the light that shines in thee
Oh blessed is he that sees it
Oh light of my eyes do not fade
For you I have been made

A Lover that knows
A shoulder not cold
A friend at all times
A friend with whom to rhyme

A friend in times of need
A Lover who does in deed
Open your mouth to me
I would Love you, please

Thursday, 22 June 2017

If you try

You can Love if you try
As lonesome years go by
What, or who do you know
if you don't have the will to sow

And willingness will give wins
As God gave breath to His children
The will to share a Life together
The will to Live here on after

One anothers' faults become loveable
Something interesting and essential
about the other after all else has become
routine. Something unique and fun

Graciousness in conceding
Enthusiasm in giving
Love ever extending
Together entwined Together in time

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


It is not a victory to win a war
or a battle in Chess
Rather the vindication is peace and contentment
in old age and happy memories of your life

To the light

While there is still light
seek the light
While the sun shines
hold on to what is fine
While the moon sheds a glow
this you should know
For God made all in the world
for you some thing to give share
that you shall have by recieving
from others from Him your measure
of life and all eternities beyond
That you may enter in to the beginnings
and never see the end
That you may harvest where others have sown
That you may read what others have known
All that you make you shall have
All that you give you shall have ten-fold
For all things in this world are certain
written spoken by the prophets
All that is left is your word
never let it be broken

Lonesome Aguila

Lonesome Aguila flies
great wings on high
Like a fallen angel who preys
to the fallen god a mouse
A little Church mouse whom
is prey for the slithering god also
At his back by speed or stealth
For hunger has a heavy price
Not every thing is just quite
what it seems
except to some one who dreams
tales and fables comic and bright
some one not afraid to stand in the light
Some one not afraid to stand by your side
Some one not afraid to stand in your name
For Yours is the name that came first
and last
and in between You let us have our names
our selves in part
some one missing
in my heart

Love He gave you always

Set back
step back
take a breath
of graciousness
Rules made for fools
Laws for the lawless
wise nice cool
art smart lest
young fun run
would good rule
mend the broken gate
put out your welcome mat
if it is not too late
to see your old mates
people God made
whom He gave
you Love always

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The endless workings of the Mind of God

There was a rock. It looked like an ordinary brown rock with dirt and lichen and cracks on it and in it. A hidden hand would pick up the rock every day. To examine it carefully. Rub some of the dirt off. Pick off some of the lichen and polish the cracks away. Then, over a mans' lifetime of doing this something special appeared. The rock became a large stone. Then a polished stone. Then a translucent pebble. Then a piece of gold dust. Then a microscopic diamond. Then an atom of the worlds' rarest material. Then an irreducibly exceedingly fine soul. The immortal soul that is you. And this is the work of God to bring it about to birth.

Happy Mothers' Day.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sons and daughters

Sons and daughters
life and laughter
time with your family and friends

Follow that sparrow
through the high and narrow
and you will make amends

   So high she flies
   never asking why
   she does things freely

   In the sky on the ground
   what has she found
   for herself for the needy

Wifey and husband
in life together bound
Children that laugh and play

Tomorrow brings trial
sorrow and testing miles
and then all is made plane

   If you follow
   that lonesome sparrow
   you will see for yourself

   Somehow the world
   is made of words
   and this is how you are helped

The living God
who breathes every word
breathes life in to us all

So take a deep breath
remember every step
and listen for the call

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Held in His loving hands so securely
His Love I felt so surely
The only reality was Love

The power so great
from the seed to the fruit
from beneath the ground to the heights

He held me for a million years
which passed like a single breath
It was then I knew Happiness

Like dew on the grass
I let the embrace pass
Like the growing of a tree

Which stands through the seasons
without need for reason
Bare in the winter

And His embrace still holds me
His hand in everything I see
In everything that I touch I feel Thee

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain you were my friend
when I lived in your house
I hope and pray you are again
and we are visited by the Little Mouse

How comforting Heavy Rain
on days when clouds abound
How many were our friends
who came to talk and eat
   with gusto and sound

How accurate each word you spoke
in the morning glow
In ways that are difficult to tell
in many seasons we let our Love grow

Time passed with many contended shouts
and we cooled off by a moments reflection
Living high we got by never having to do without
Not an average Life but one full of affection

Friday, 14 April 2017


A step on the rocky shore
to thirst for pleasure no more
To drink from the rivers' edge
To be sure and never again hedge
This way to the trail
that only good may prevail
How the trees and their fruits beckon
Only the pure of soul enter
only all who remember
their ways in Life forever
Written in the smoke of the censor

The mountain gives birth to stones and waters
and these to the seas
The Father Loves all His sons and daughters
and these He sees to
with memory and Love everlasting
Though the dove flies away across the seas
Its' returning is Gods' Love for thee
In stars and darkness a contrast
stark that harkens
to the good and evil in places we go
No more is the ill-informed allowed in tomorrow
For all will know of their fellows
All will be brethren and sovereign of their souls

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Strong winds

When the strong winds blow
where do they go
Does anybody care
Does anybody follow
In the rain of winter
where do they shelter
In the chill of morning
how are you going
my less fortunate friend
Are you paying a price
Are you making amends
Are you buying or selling
Are you sick or well again
In the depths of your blanket
have you a water bottle or trinket
Where are you sleeping tonight?
Do you have a friend
to hold you tight?

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Little stones

This is a poem inspired by an encounter at the local fish and chip shop. I did not have quite the amount required for my order and the server did not let me get by. I was a little taken aback and disappointed. I was thinking bad thoughts about him but then I took a grace note and changed my thinking around to the good. Then I was blessed by inspiration for this poem. Grace is rewarded with grace. All is in the service of God. Good or bad, all things happen for the Grace of God. Halleluyah.

Little Stones.

Little stones we must walk over
'til we reach the mountain we must climb
Little lives we must live
Until we reach heights devine

Solid rock we must stand on
Soil we must plant
Stars that guide us all the way
To the greatness that we want

Given grace we all live in
Grace replaces time
All little flowers in the garden
tended by a hand gentle and kind

Clouds living in the sky
Kissing the air rare
Passing through the moonlight
Keeping the trees fair

Fruit budding in the Spring time
coming to Autumn harvest
Bees flying by the will of God
To bring food to the blessed

Thursday, 16 March 2017

A gentle smile

A gentle smile greeting
and cordial meeting
Juice to come later
after ordering from the waiter
Sitting in a cafe Sunday morning
Over the roof tops the Son dawning
Over our drinking cups we smile
Sitting a talking for a while
Good company and good times
A few jokes, smokes and rhymes
Then our bums get sore
and we can not sit anymore
A walk down the street
to the tram stop past a few shops
You leave and away you go
til next week comes again. Not tomorrow
Next week comes after long hours
and we drink again our black coffee. Bitter, sweet and sour

The shade in the valley

The shade in the valley
The river overcomes the levee
The ride through the night
Angel wings shining bright
Thou seekest the light
Thou whom is the teller
Never far from our hearts
Always ready with scent celler
The power to abide by
all His commands, how great
The power to change mens' fates

Dancing of the wings

A dancing of the wings
The dancing in flight
You are so many things
reconciled, made right
Oh delight of the senses
wend you way tither thather
Your dance is what matters
The curves, your verve
Your timing and elan
waxing and wan
Your love made plain

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Oh stars

Oh stars that shine
what do you portend
for this heart of mine
What desire in my eyes do you see
Who, how and when shall I meet

Oh Heavens on high
what do you say
for my life
When and where
will I rejoin my wife
Not a single thought lose
Rays counted in each day

The coming of innocence
regained by conscience
By unclothing of guilt
By re-building on what is there already built
The coming of Joy
forever to rejoice

Oh Star Devine
Your light crystallizes in to time
What fate from your light is mine

Oh Son obedient
What do you think is meant
by the past that has went

Blessed be the Saints
and all called to Heaven
Creation bows to Thee

Oh Great Light
set the wronged right
if it is Your delight

In times that heal
we regain the sensation and feel
of what can be made real

And we can be blessed
to Live in Eden, no less
by His great sacrifice

Monday, 27 February 2017

Song: Lonesome Sparrow

Chords: E(muted) A C G F E(let ring)

E                                A
Lonesome sparrow.    Lonesome Sparrow

C                                G                                  F                               E  
Where do you go

Lonesome sparrow how do you fly

into the sky

so very high

Lonesome sparrow      Lonesome sparrow

Fly in to tomorrow      Away from sorrow      Away from sorrow     Away from sorrow


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wandering star

Wandering star
across the Heavens you glide
Near or far
You are with me tonight
Honour the moon
Valour the Son
For salvation and favour
to these little ones
That all who might die
shall live again
To fly, to fly
Never fearing dying
Become the music you hear
in your heart
Always with you
Never apart

Feel the Love

Feel the Love inside you
A tireless seed that grows
to maturity as a tree
A plus, a boon, a cross that blooms
giving flower and fruit
to all good purchuits
And good seed in kind
to send to Loved ones
So that in their hearts
a love grows
Now and forever in tomorrow

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

In the times

In the dark times
when the light is not so bright
know that the Great Light is returning
ever burning with Love for you
In the scorch of Summers' day
when the flying trying dying pass away
know that relief is coming to stay
In the ambivalence of Autumn
when there is cold one day and
heat the next
know that you need not be vexed
For the play of heat and cold
is the delight of spirits young and old
and this is their time of change
In the freezing Winter wind
where only the hardiest of birds fly
know that warm Love will win
no need to wonder why
And in the Spring of eternal youth
know He comes to prove
the triumph of the Father
in Life and all that matters

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The perfect Life, as it is written

The perfect Life is written like a symphony written on music paper
Any one may play it given due dedication to the truth of the words
A Life of the soul is a Life less ordinary
Dance to the tune whether prince of pauper
so that none may doubt your moves or words
Each motion and gesture prescribed by Gods' Law and dictionary

Time is free and the musics rythym dictates
Each heart beat an act of faith
Song from your lips pronounce your fate
Your song is your destiny
The future of one and many
The music comes to a crescendo and suddenly a cry
A piercing harmonic
A weeping in your Mothers' eye
A sweeping of a harlots' wisp of hair
A world a symphony descending in despair
Silence for three seconds
and then miraculously a sound
The cries of your descendants whispers around
The audience of One draws sudden breath
as music is resurrected. Life after death
The dance goes on after the rest
Your song so strong

Memory is key. A sermon on History

Full disclosure obliterates and exonerates all wrong-doing. The shinning truth destroys the grey and dark of nothingness. Defeats and erases the negative. For in Him there is no darkness at all.
This is why memory and history are so important. This is why the book of memory and wisdom; the Bible is so crucial to the life of all humanity.
The memory is kept alive in pages, paragraphs, books and in our minds. In stories, histories, geneologies, proverbs and psalms. For the history of wrong-doing goes back to the Garden. To Gods' original plan. In darkness there was a voice which said; "Let there be light." and there was Light. A light has come into the world and the darkness has not put it out.
Learn your life. Learn His story. Remember Life. The Life of Him who has come to save the world. Him who has come as your personal Lord and Saviour. He stands waiting, reaching, knocking on your door. Hear His bidding and open the door to Life. A Life everlasting and abundant. A Life with Him and His Father who is Love. A Life filled with Love, close to the One who Loved you from the first. The One who made you.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

To err is human

To err is human. To forgive Godly
For any offence is an offence against Him
Any offence a measure of sin
He sent His Son so that in this world, in this dream
we may Live
In this Godly day that He gives
All in creation a song together we sing
In a subtle way convolving into being
He gives the little birds their wings
To fly To fly so that we may not die
a second death in the realm of nothingness
In everything created a good
To find that is to do what we should
In Gods' own given food
a bounty and sustenance fair
In Gods' own garden to Live and flourish there
As two, as many, as any who walk the earth
and breath his soul
As one who hears what was told

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

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You are looking for someone
you'll only meet
when you chastise what is within
For strangers come in form
not complete
to eyes blinded by sin

Legs shorn and shaven
are but a disguise of form
What must one make of what
has become of us
who do what seems the norm

For truth shall be told
and all in Heaven rejoice for it
For tales even as Tantalus tells
cannot cast or weave such spells

Triangles meeting

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The One who he always knew

Every bird has a song to sing
A truthful rhyme and trill
Angels know the truth of everything
under the sun and will
of God

Every man knows the truth
of Life though hidden in his soul
Every man knows from youth
and must learn from his sorrows

The air is pure for the upright
and the righteous of heart
The sky is never dark something bright
always shinning, a guide for his part

The dawn quickens to near him
and joyous is his face
When sun shines on his lot
darkness not a trace

Youth spent in training learning
from his God
Vigor in Summer yearning
to be without spot
Old age brings adventure
from the vantage of what he has got

And another venture to Heaven
when the world is complete
The seals of seven
opened to finally meet

the One who he always knew