Friday, 29 January 2016

Memory and time

Time exists in the perceiver. In the mind.
Memory can non-catecanately non-sequencially access any time. eg. We can remember times from the distant past and at the same time compare them with other times. Or we may bring up the past without realising the recent times.
Our memories are contributed by our morals, ethics and Law. By the medical, legal and Royal authority.
If the ten commandments are not respected then that is called breaking the commandments. This is considered by myself and some others that this is breaking the
If we live well then we have good God, legal and moral authority and good memories of our proceedings in such

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dear reader, some art to share.

I would like to share some art with you. The link to my Google Drive folder is below.
"The purpose of music is to feel good about yourself.
The purpose of art is to educate."

The mathematics of serial and monogamy

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

There is no test

There is
There for
There will be
Assay and assess
There is no test that can prove God
Only what is evident and given as Grace is sufficient
Do not eat from the tree of the judgement of good and bad
Only good is sufficient
Only God is good
And only God can raise the sons of man to life everlasting

Monday, 25 January 2016

We get by

We all get by on each others good graces
Living each day on the ground or on stages
By Gods' almighty right and power
By the beauty of each loving flower
For by Grace and Love we have been conceived
to receive forgiveness and Love
By the return of the sun
Relive joy and fun
Revive come alive
By Grace we have won

Friday, 22 January 2016

Night with candles

Trinity with square

For Eternity

For what is done is done
for the good ov everyone
In everything He has sung
A song of redemption

In three chose the best
In the noontime let rest
For the Saviour has something better
A song of redemption

Fear no more on golden shore
He has made all pure
For He has sung once more
A song of redemption

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Love and misunderstanding

Love love my darling true
I do really like you
If only you Loved me too
The we could be together

To walk in agreement through life
To say this is good and this is right
If only you would be my darling wife
Then we could walk together

Baby pink and baby sky
Ask your questions where and why
If only we would truly try
Then we could be a family

Saturday, 9 January 2016


For safetys' sake
What is given receive as a gift
But do not unbidden take
For though shaky friendships shift
The Lord will always be true
To everyone, including you

The Lord Jesus is my friend
This I know is real
Through it all He stands and defends
All I do is kneel
Then He raises me above the clouds
He gives me voice to praise aloud

The Holy spirit my comforter and guide
Like another in my mind
Like many Angels speaking
In my consciousness peering
Like a ship in the night
With God at the helm steering


I am safe with Jesus
Lord and saviour
Wonderful councillor
Who walks across water
To save whom ever falters
In error or in truth
For the child and youth
In the morning the sun
Midday then comes
glory in the afternoon
Night creeps in much too soon
Slumber and rest
Until dawn, reborn as our best

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Spirits pass as the wind prowls the earth
And the Master of spirit and flesh is Jesus
All that is in Heaven and Earth, everything that matters
All that we hold dear, to have any worth
Who is worthy except the Lamb
Love incarnate as a man
Above and in the waters below
Who does see, who does know
The whisper in the elements
The wind, zephyr of the spirits
Do they tell you of the Life
beyond what you sense with your eyes?
And do you follow,  through the window or are you wise?