Friday, 23 January 2015

All saints

All saints
On this day
In this house
We all come to play
So many friends and family
So many we have been
Both near and distantly seen
For all the fruits aplenty
For the firmity for many
For the sleeper a breath
A kiss of lovingness
A kind God blessing
A silent soft spring
For there is the bells ringing
Do they make a toll
Or will you give to all
who come begging
Make what happens a blessing
for all and not just one
For three have come
and are patiently waiting

What they did say

It doesn't matter what they say about you
Who are they?
No one may judge
Below or above
Only that someone is yours or His
Their own or their peers
You care so much
and are a faithful servant
You turn the errant on to the path
Your rod and your staff
are wield to teach
You have a quick reach
You also walked along the beach
In the waters in the waves
You know the Love I craved
You know the only way to save
So you are always here
Always quick to return
The forsaken and spurned
have a mentor in you
You make fit the shoe
Your heart is true

Thursday, 22 January 2015

To the Lord

To the Lord, Supreme of All
In the wilderness, to You I call
In the turbulent space
to You I turn my face
So far from the Heavenly Home
So far have I roamed
To be in Your presence
To behold Your High Essence
I can venture no farther
I don't see anything after
the Fall. The tainting of us all
The terrible affliction
The taking of conviction
The enmity and pain
The dark skies and rain
So long do we suffer
The lowly and the upper
So degrading the toil
For bread and oil
Till our dying day
we will have little to say
Except our lumpen lot
How little we thought
Yet I fall at Your feet
in my little defeats
In my every sin
I let Your Majesty in
In my desire
to stand by the Holy Fire
before Your throne
To finally come Home
Till my dying day
I will always say
Only for You, Lord of All
I have heard Your call

Saturday, 17 January 2015

In the Bible part one

In the Bible, as in reality, things occur in threes
In the Book of Genesis God took clay and fashioned it in to the shape of man. Then He breathed the breath into his nostrils and the clay became a living soul. Thus He made man in his image.
So clay is made up of dust and water. Solid bits of rock suspended together with liquid water. And the third element? Air in the form of breath. Thus the three states of matter together form a man. And the soul is composed of all three put together. Thus the real manifestation of the world is a form of living soul.
Just as there are three dimensions of space and three forces of vibration.
And in the sending of a soul to Heaven we say ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Because this is what remains tangible on earth.
God bless the reader and all the host of Heaven and earth.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bits of sweet

Bitter and sweet
makes life complete
Faith in the soul
to not die or grow old
Save your name
A quality always the same
Yesterday today and tomorrow
Through joys and sorrow
To have and to hold
Be in control
Then let it go
Don't make it a show
Only He knows

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Humility prepares the soul
for the wonders which are to unfold
All Beauty Grace and Love
Undeserved gifts from above
He is wise beyond measure
A wise man knows to treasure
these most wonderful of gifts
A life shaped to fit
All are pieces locking together
Holding in place forever
a grand unfathomable mystery
I could never forget Him
In the thick in the thin
In the end and the beginning
Of everything

So grand

Love is grand in its' simplicity
Love makes even the blind see
Its' power is supreme
It is in the gold in the gleam
In the Saviour servant son
and in everyone

So clear

The light so clear
I feel You near
I have lost my fear
For You are my source
You have made the world
and given Your governance
Beauty everywhere to behold
And for sin its' penance
The Book of Leviticus
Emmanuel the Lord with us
The Book of Deuteronomy
and the Law of the Sea
The books of Law
The morals of this world
How far You saw
when Creation unfurled
at Your fingertips
at Your request
I took a sip
from the Devils' cup
I thought I could handle it
But it was too much
I was the setting sun
My glory days were done
And in the midnight supanova
my redeemer came over
to lift me from death
To health and happiness
My true Love found me
At the bottom of the night
In the third watch
He Loved me so much
This is the hour
at the bottom of the third watch
When He is in full power
The Lovers touch
On the Sea
of Galilee
I do not stumble
I do not doubt
remember to remain humble
to bring the good from within out


Lord I feel your power
course through my soul
Lord I know
God I see your hand
at work in everything
God to you I sing
Jesus You are my beautiful true one
I Love everything You have done
At the edge of turbulence
where once we went
Is peace soon at hand?
Will all come to understand?
The ways of the Lord
so humble yet grand
The sparrow the dove
Governance from above
So much Love
Yet if we forget
You jealously remind us
In the rain in the sun
At the seat waiting for the bus
True Love is so powerful
It has a will and a pull
enough to lift the dead from below
To give joy where once was sorrow
True Love is so strong
It lasts all eternity long
and it knows so well
No matter that we stumbled
That we fell
True Love is still here to pick us up
That we have an ever overflowing cup
That what we have will always be enough
Even when times are tough
A true God for us all
The rising after the fall
All foretold in days of old
All is known and carefully shown
to us
In the rain in the sun
On the seat waiting for the bus

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My first partner

You are so fine
Always on my mind
You were the first
The best and the worst
Tender and succulent
Together we went
to the shack
I want to go back
in time To be with you
Hopefully the years renew
our love we shared
Are you out there?
Please come back
There is no longer the shack
I live in Abbotsford now
I dearly wish somehow
You are so fine
Always on my mind
To get together again
Don't know where or when
Save our Love
I feed the turtle doves
In my back yard
Sometimes it is hard
and I need your soft
Below and up top
Before and always
I need you to stay
Take it easy and deliberate
Make true your fate
I'll be sure to wait
for you, my first date
Together through time
Your rythm sublime
You look so good
I wonder if you would
allow me to see you once more
I do not lock my door
to you I hope you chose
Life To be my darling wife
You are so fine
Always on my mind