Friday, 27 December 2013

Swim little fishes

So flows the river of time

"Why do you resist me?"

The Family

Song : So long are the days

So long are the days
without you
I don't know what to say
What can I do

So lonely the nights
without a heart
The arrow pierces
and I'm torn all apart

I wonder where you're going
I wonder where you are
I wonder if you're guided
by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know where I am
I don't know if I'll make it
I don't know if I can

So long are the days
without you
I don't know what to say
What can I do

So lonely the nights
without a heart
The arrow pierces
and I'm torn all apart

Beauty is a feeling

Beauty is a feeling
all through your body
and protected in your heart
Be tender and soft
spoken do not be hard
Keep the feeling
good and hot
Keep it safe
in your heart shaped box
Meek and mild
like a child
Cry when you are hurt
Don't you know it could be better
When it rains
tears from Heaven
you know
God is watching
Then comes sunlight
on a cloudy morning
You have cried
in the night
and awakened to the dawning
of a beauty for all to know
The beauty of Gods' covenant
symbolised by a rainbow


Far away

Far away, far away
from here to you.
What am I to say
what am I to do.

Love so strange
a feeling to me.
I am a river
running to your sea.

Far away, far away
from three to two.
What am I to say
what am I to do.

Love so strange
a feeling so true
What am I to feel
What am I to do.

Love you have
such a pretty face.
A beauty the world
cannot erase.

No worry or fear
for whatever time or place
for you are here
and I feel your grace.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

It is better

It is better to go round the bend
with a friend
It's better to take a ride
with someone by your side
Walk down the street
with someone you meet
I will be kind
to hearts I find


Oh Lord help me

Oh Lord help me
I cannot get free
Oh Lord I need
some help to get to sleep
Troubles surround
and love cannot be found
till you come closer
and put your arms around my shoulder
Then regret dies
and my heart yearns to fly
and I will learn and try
to give no reply
to temptation
Volunteers live to give
sinners go down to the river
where God has promised to forgive
If only there is enough time 
to heal all wounds
with love in our hearts
that time may come soon

The beauty of a stranger

The beauty of a strangers' smile
makes my day worthwhile
The day is created anew
with beauty to ensue
The pearly white teeth
open to speak
of the days' sunshine or rain
and a hope of meeting again


We can not deny our feelings

We cannot deny our feelings
so all the people say
Live by your heart
and enjoy day to day
Take time to find yourself
You can do what ever you try
Make things for yourself and others
One day we'll reach the sky
Weep gentle and not too long
for the sky is full of clouds
and the sound of thunder can be strong
When my heart strings break asunder
mud that sticks is the acosting of
the rain that falls when provoked by temper
Leave the well worn path Love bypasses
When the devil sits on one shoulder
In disgrace I die, in sin
In Christ I rise to fly infinitely


I run from pain

I run from pain and try to hide
but I cannot escape the hurt inside
Silver nails and ragged crosses
hold me high on bitter losses
The scouring of pains and passion
The wars destroying nations
Maybe you will taste the beauty
and reach moments of ecstasy
Perhaps a time will come for peace
and we will live in happiness

Everything to decide

Everything to decide
as I look in her eyes
A clear purple tear drop
she tried to hide
and she smiled at me
through a sunset sky

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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Monday, 16 December 2013

What is to God that cannot be undone?

What is to God that cannot be undone
Is it that time you were not having fun.
Isn't it bad
when you are sad
or when you feel
you can't go on.
What is a life
that cannot be made better
by the tightening or loosing of the fetters
that bind.
To let the stress unwind
a heart refined
made to recalcitrate
the hurt and the hate
So that still there is nothing
God cannot change
or create or rearrange
The truth so strange.
Yet we are born knowing
difficult to do the plowing
but so simple the sowing.

Life is there from the beginning

Do you fantasize
and if it became real
how would you feel
The pleasure the pain
would you want that again?
Thoughts are real in every way
art and music light the day
and when the world is run
can you say you gave fun
to those around you
in everything that you do
and that you didn't lie
or made anyone want to die
The end meets the beginning
and life is there from first meeting.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In the midst of the fury and the flame

In the midst of the fury and the flame
I don't realise I don't even know your name
Those words repeated often
Whose impact must be softened
Truth the final word
sets you free as a bird
still the thorn remains
in the claw which held
the evil seed
I gave in to my needs.

In His grasp

The lines on the palms of my hand. These are paths which we walk down. In Gods' hand we walk and live. When we sin God shifts his grasp of us and we stumble down a different line. We reach the same destination in the end-in Gods' tender loving care, but we walk down a different path. Then he covers us with his left hand. The left hand of darkness and we are enveloped in his mercy.


There was an old amusement park owner. Len is name was. He built most of the rides. There was the rollercoaster, the big dipper, the zero gravity drop and the ghost train. Then Garry built the hall of funny mirrors. Sue built the snack shack. They opened to throngs of people and the buisness was good. There were the takings in of moneys and the out goings of moneys.
They ran the amusement park for many years and hired many workers to help. The workers all had to be paid and that was a big part of the out goings. The out goings were slightly less than the takings in.
They were happy enough until the ghost train stopped working. They fixed that but then a few weeks after the roller coaster was falling to pieces. There just wasn't enough money in savings to fix that.
The roller coaster was the big attraction and when it was closed many people didn't come to the park. There were fewer and fewer people until one day they couldn't live off the days' takings. They had to close the park. And so that was the end of buisness.


Drink this water, taste this wine
It came from the sky, it is not mine
Jesus is the water, the well and the spring
It is sweet water with love that we bring

The river

A river that must be crossed
A moment that must not be lost
A time to forever remember
On the fifth of 2013 december
The passing of Modiba Nelson Mandela
A nation left to flourish. Sons and daughters
The mist in the air
To love and care
For all
the cave behind the waterfall
The refuge the passage to another land
and in this Kingdom
to be saved and redeemed
For all the fallen and brave
all of you shall be saved.