Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We are concieved knowing

We are concieved knowing but then we forget.
For the grasping of worldly grain we reep regret.
For the gleaning of curios and forbidden pleasures
we attain a minimising of measures.
For the weeping has commenced
til the sad and bitter ends.
Until such time that God shows his grace,
when we hear the voice and are born to this place.
When we enter into the kingdom
of heaven. To live again and live winsome.
To take upon our shoulders' the Masters' cross.
To serve one another without a single lost.
When comes the fruit of our inner knowledge
pouring into our souls and minds to nourish
us again. And it is then we are set free
from  the delusion and darkness we see
in our waking death. In our spiritless breath.
And the reward of freedom is joy.
Endless joy in all your lifes' work.

The Universal language of Love

Love is a Universal language
unfettered by the bounds which we envisage.
Uncompromising but gentle.
I know the lengths it went to
ensure espousals' true passage
encoding even our messages.
And when we wake from the stupour
of rebellions' delusions and loop-holes,
love opens a mission in life.
One that sees an end to strife.
For the day dawns and opens the eye.
By growth and flowering we beautify
ourselves and each other,
as the child endows the mother.
And the mother natures the child.
For the seed within us is wild.

To be continued...

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Where do you put your faith?

Don't put your faith in silver and gold
in those whom must be told
what to eat what to drink
what to do what to think
what to make what not to take
what to forgo what not to forsake
what to shun and not to partake
what makes the world go round
what heavenly visions what a lovely sound
what to turn what not to learn
what makes the eager heart yearn

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Truth be told

Lonesome heart, why did you ever, have to leave

Truth be told, don't be sold, a lie to be believed

Have compassion, seek satisfaction, from people who believe.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My God, I see

I am just a twinkle in my fathers' eyes
I am just a sparkle in my mothers' smile
I am grateful to live, I do not wish to die
and I wait here for your love, all the while

As I am in my mothers' belly
I wish you would notice me
As I grow and move and sleep
I wish I am here for keeps

To be with you and you with me
I open my eyes and my God, I see
When he has made me new
I will be forever with you.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Of Gold

In her hand she holds
a simple band of gold
not letting to be told
not ever growing old
Not even needing to think
going by knowing and instinct
not ever losing a link
flying and will never sink
Sage as a way of living
heartfelt when always giving
emotion gives her shivering
the demons she shed end in quivering

With a simple band of gold
We know when we are not told
For whom the bell tolls
the ardent and the all

The rising after the fall
listening for the call
that beckons, never stall
for we are his one and all