Saturday, 25 May 2013

By Desire

Desire makes the heart sing
sing aloud, strum those strings
Desire lets the soul talk
So talk and laugh as you walk
together through life
By desire we may know companionship
three together on a sailing ship
Across the calm and the tempest
Across the lake to slide and rest
By desire we may be
great in the Lords' eyes
together side by side
Desire, hot like fire
that burns our very souls
to light the mystery untold:
the flame: His name: yet to be revealed
until all who are to come are healed
What magic, what grace.
This life, abundant in Grace.
To live and to die
and to behold His face.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Love inspires Freedom

When the night comes and you are near
I have no reason or cause for fear
When morning comes and you are near
The Light, what Light. So beautiful and clear.
You are my Light.
The one who gives me sight.
You are my key.
You unlock the chain and set me free.
Come. Come Come.
Father, Holy Spirit, Son.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Love is unconditional

Is it ungenerosity that makes one steal?
How do we feel when there is no love.
The given and the free from one above
set me free from wanting too much
give me please a divinity to touch
To hold and to nurture
the thinker and the worker
the every day man on the street
looking for someone to meet
Still silent is the night
when all spirits take flight
When the mind conjures
and the soul wanders
back to Him again
the steadfast and constant friend.