Monday, 23 September 2013

You are worth more than gold

You are worth more than silver and gold
with a faith that is not bought or sold
A heart that is warm and bold
So we go to heaven
where our loved ones are waiting
each other for the saving
Each friend for the mending
A Love Heart Box for the sending
to a person on Facebook for befriending
So sometimes all is not as it seems
when men sew the seams
Every stitch redeemed
But from what hast thou become?
The Saviour or the blame?
The vindicator of the name;


Sunday, 22 September 2013

God made me

God made me, Heaven knows
As blue as is the sky
As green as the grass grows
A happiness soft and lazy
Laying back on the grass and trees
A summer hot and grand
The sun blazing on the sand
A Joy soft and full
which God gives to us all

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The waters above and the waters below

Heart and other things

Rightmost light in the left hand of darkness

Jeshua, my hearts desire

Jeshua my hearts desire
You are my friend and I am yours
You are the waves and I am the shore

Jeshua my love you inspire
You are the sun and I am the rays
You are eternity and I am the days

Jeshua I am on fire
You are the water and I am the rain
You are the comfort when I am in pain

Love Love Love
So far from below to above

Live Live Live
I live life so as to give

You are mine You are mine You are mine
You give love so fine

Where ever you are I wish to be with you
Where ever I am you are with me

You are the one
True is true

You are the key
As pure as simplicity

I am your make
Completed in faith

Saturday, 7 September 2013

To love is righteous

To love is righteous
and to care is beautiful
By love and care we meet
and stay true
for beyond the forms before us
there is the grain
the heart of the wheat
The faith beyond trust
if you believe the world is a perfect jewel
that sparkles with no facets cut

Monday, 2 September 2013

After Bob Dylan

Love is all there is. It makes the world go round.
Love so simple and love so profound.
But the passing and the way
the crossing and the stay
makes the work and the play
so meaningful every day.
The worth is not in the weight
of the silver and the gold.
And how grand is the plate
that is passed and not sold.
How simple is life when we
are not so bold as to ask
How beautiful is life
when we see to the task
How does the Maker see us
before we were and the middle and the end
He was with us
before we began.