Thursday, 29 May 2014

When you love

When you love all that you do and are

You have reached the farthest star

When you see all the beauty in the world

You see all that was given through Grace

When the light of the candle shines all night long

And your voice is remembered far and long

All your paths and bends made plain

For you, my friend and I, are Sane

All your beams and rods made straight

We have passed through the narrow gate

Under a different star

Under a different star would you know me?

Under a different sun would you see?

In a different light

would I be as bright?

To you, my love, forever

Given all that He has given

Under the travail that was striven

All before the throne

We all are part of the one

To go and then to return

Doing all that he has done

For the Father died the Son


And the Father said "Arise"

The Son obeyed and into Life returned

The Long Dark Journey sojourned

to return in to the world and Heaven

To acknowledge and pardon the brethren

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The summer wind

The Summer wind blows
right through our clothes
So beautiful I feel
now our love is real
The treasure of which there is no token
So deep the dream I woke in
So insistent your voice
In that tone naughty and nice
Given to day dreaming
all intricacies I weave in
to our tapestry grand and fine
Our two life lines
So that we walk a narrow path together
Side by side forever
in Joy and bliss
Separated we miss
But together in our song
All loved ones to sing along

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

They want me to convert my love into a number

They want me to convert my love in to a number on a piece of paper.
A life written with zeros and ones.
Well no one can eat a number or drink a zero.
No one is greater than a one.
For we all need one of each other.
We all are sisters and brothers.
To forgive means we in turn receive.
To have faith means we with our hearts believe.
The mind can play tricks. The stomach can get sick. Even the navel misunderstand the actions of the man.
when we arrive at a thought how many others have we wrought. For to misunderstand is easy to do. To question ourselves we may find the truth.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Universal Theory with Number Theory

Questions in the field of Number Theory and Prime Numbers with application to the studies of Physics of Reality and the studies of human relationships in anthropology.

With respect and reference to Mr Mark Matson and "Mr John Talke".

Numerals in Number Theory and how they relate to Religion, Life and the Universal Theory.

Let us start with the number One. Written using a downward stroke of the pen in Western systems with the result being seen as : 1.

In Chinese systems the one is a left to right horizontal stroke of the pen or brush with the result being seen as a short horizontal line.

Either way the One seems to be associated with beginnings. In this treatise the beginning is the beginning of the World. In Universal Theory, as learned from Mr Mark Matson, the line is the vector for a linear movement. Such as a sweep of Gods' hand across the “Ether”. Ether is derived from the word “either” meaning either existence or non-existence. This is the beginning of the universe as we shall see.

The One means God is one. The one comes before the Zero because God was always, before the World. The One means God.

The Zero comes after because, according to Universal Theory, the movement of the One across the Ether causes a spinning motive. This spinning causes a vortex which is where the circle of the Zero is formed.

The Zero is Jesus Christ. He was at the beginning before the World was formed.

On the number line we have “1 0” which looks like the number “10”, ten. Thus we have the perfection and completion at the beginning of the world. In Christianity this is expressed as: “The plan was perfect from the beginning.” Or “He knew me before I was formed.”

So according to the Fibonacci sequence we can add the 1 and 0 and get the result of 1 because 1+0=1. On the number line that looks like “1 0 1”

The second “1” is the Angels. God created the Angels after creating Jesus. The second “1” stands in contra-position to the first “1” so this could mean Lucifer, who is the player in opposition to God. Jesus stands in the middle.

In Universal Theory, we are at the point of creating a second vortex because when we have a vortex spinning in space that gives rise to a counter-spinning vortex. Such as in the time-line just above, with the “1”s standing for vortexes.

Two is the number of Adam and Eve. A married couple.

With two vortexes spinning counter to each other we have symmetry with vortex-void centre-vortex. This creates a third vortex with the centre being where the void centre is, since the two previous vortexes also churn against each other around the void centre. This gives rise to vortex-vortex-vortex or “1 1 1” or if we add the three ones 1+1+1=3. Thus we have three or on the number line “1 0 1 2 3.”

Three is the number of the Holy Trinity in Catholicism. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The number of God. Three in One. The Triune God. With Three spinning vortexes we still have symmetry about a void centre. This three spinning vortexes gives rise to a forth vortex.

Thus we have the number Four. Four is the number of the cardinal directions in the compass and a lucky number in Chinese systems. In the Chinese system of numbers there is no symbol or numeral for zero. If we count the number of non-zero numerals in the time-line above we get four. Thus reading in words: “The Father, the Angels, Man and Woman and the Trinity.” Or “The Father, the Angels, Man and Wife and Family ie. Man, Wife and Child.” Thus there is no “Saviour” Son in the Chinese religions.

Four is the number of the World in Chinese systems.

With four vortexes there is still symmetry in above three dimensional space eg. Six dimensional space. The four vortexes form a tetrahedron about a void centre. Thus giving rise to a fifth vortex.

The number five is a special number. It is the number of the fingers on one hand and the first prime number in Spatial Mathematics. There is no longer symmetry in six dimensional space when five vortexes are formed. The movement in space becomes chaotic and many different motions and things arise in the turbulence of five vortexes. There is an explosion of creation.

If we count the numerals on the number line above we get five. In words then the reading is “ The Father, the Son, the Angels, Adam and Eve and the Trinity.” With these five elements we get all of Creation.

There are no more stable vortexes after Five.

We get the number Six from the Six Days of Creation or the Six Dimensions of reality. The Six dimensions are x, y, z, E, M, g.

Six is the number of Man since Adam was created on the Sixth day.

Six is a worldly number. It is a perfect number in that it is created by both odd and even numbers below it.

With Five vortexes there are Ten Plates of three vortex points. That means to form Plates or two dimensional planes or plates we use three points out of five for each plate. If we do so we get ten plates. If we name the vortexes we get A, B, C, D and E. Thus the plates are called by their constituent points or corners:











Any single point has involvement in Six plates, for example A is involved in Six plates and B is involved in Six plates.

There are three points on each plate so that is where we get 666. The number of the beast.

If we take the plates that are not in the Six ie not in any of the world then we get four plates.

If the four plates are considered as waves which can combine then we get as in this diagram.

The four primaries are at the bottom and they combine to create two bigger waves and then these combine to create the big crest at the top. If we count the number of crests we get the number Seven.

Seven with three points for each plate give 777 the number of Divinity. Seven is man plus one or super-human or godly. Seven is the Lucky number.

Eight is the number of the Eight-fold path. The Buddhist teaching of the Eight noble pursuits or states of being. Eight is the number of series of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Nine is the number of Completion. When man, the number Six, unites with God, the number Three. 6+3=9.

Ten is the number of Jesus Christ. Christ means ten. Written as a cross in Chinese numerology means Ten. Jesus is God plus man plus one more. One more life. As risen from the sleep of death. Thus a Christian who is united with God can expect to rise from Death.

Thus the theory of numbers and the theory of the universe can uphold the faith that religions have held over the years.

The servant King

The servant King and his loyal subjects.
He knew them well for he studied each word.
He picked them up when they fell
By the wayside by the curb.
For each victory is won with a gentle kind word
and we set free two pure white birds.
lovers into the wilds of life.
Sure to win through any strife.
And what many hazards do lay ahead
in the winning of meat and bread
and loving each and every one
Loving the Father, Holy Spirit and Son.
Through the son is the Father reborn.
From his seed we grow the corn.
In his image to forever last.
In the future we see the past.
In every given thing is Love grown.
In every lesson is the pollen sown.
In every humble respectful soul
is the Language of Love told.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Bless us O Lord for we are but fallen creatures. Bless us in your service and overwhelming Grace.

Far and wide so grand
never cast out of His hand
Together with brothers I stand
to be reborn forever more

And as what shall I be born
To be a lamb lovingly shorn
and always to feast on Gods lawn
To live without killing

Does the dove fly of its' own wings?
Does the ant lift up heavy things?
Does the gnat with its' limbs sing?
Or is it that each had its' God given talent?

How does the sun shine day and night?
In day time to be in sight
How does the moon shine reflected light?
Or is it that no one knows the secrets of Thee?

For to think that knowledge is certain
and that we can mend the curtain
or that thoughts are worth an
airing or two
We do not know Your comings or go.
Original Work in the mathematics of Prime numbers and complex numbers and applications in the themes of universal stellar formations and the themes of family sociology in anthropology.

Basic theory of Prime numbers.
A prime number is a number which cannot be produced by multiplying other numbers. It stands as being divisible only by 1 and the prime number itself. For example 1 is a prime number. 2 is a prime number. 3 is a prime number. 4 is not a prime number; because 2 times 2 equals four as well as 1 times 4. The search for prime numbers in the domains of I (integers), R (real numbers) and C (complex numbers) is an important area in mathematics.

In the domain of R and C.
The domain of R (real) numbers is the domain of I extended into the contiguous spaces between integers ie. Partials as well as integers. So 3.141 is a real number.
In the domain of R prime numbers have existence just as they do in I. In R however the number of possible prime numbers is greatly reduced. Primes in the domain of I sometimes are no longer prime in the domain of R. For example 4 times 0.5 equals 2 so 2 is no longer prime. Prime numbers in the domain of R are non-definite numbers. These are the irrational numbers. These include pi, natural exponential constant, 2/7 and square root of 2.

In the domain of C.
In the domain of C where any number can be expressed as x+yi where x is the real component, y is the co-efficient of the unreal component and i is the imaginary co-efficient such that i squared=-1.
In the domain of C the axes are extended into two dimensions. These can be drawn on a Cartesian plane.
Prime numbers in the domain of C.
Prime numbers in the domain of C consist of points on the Cartesian plane which cannot be reached from any other point by periodicity or continuous function. The irrational numbers are still prime in the domain of C.
Conjecture: Prime numbers in the domain of C are the infinite series of numbers, with associated unreal components, of the irrational numbers. Primes in C must have irrationality in the real and unreal parts of the number.
C stands for Cartesian.

Application to stellar formations in real sky space.
Since 1. real sky space can be ascribed by a three dimensional Cartesian space, 2. stars appear as dots of energy or light and 3. application of complex numbers may be made in theories of electromagnetic or wave-like energy then:
Inference may be conjectured that prime numbers in the domain of C are equivalent to stars in the field of real sky space.

A physics theory of stellar formations (stars).
Given the above, a conjecture may be made that stars have at their core an imaginary irrational nature; such as an endless whirlpool€ centre. So that the whirlpool€ draws the surrounding space towards it. Analogous to an approximation function which centres on an irrational (complex) number. The prime complex number sheds light on all other numbers since other numbers can be expressed as a function of one or more prime complex numbers. So prime numbers in combination can make all other numbers. Thus stars in combination make the rest of space. Thus the €œwhirlpool may be spinning space outwards. So the universe may be expanding.
The approximation function approaches but never reaches the centre of its' journey to the irrational number. Thus stars may have at their core a €œnothing€. An endless non-being coming into existence, with energy and matter being created then cooling into the form of space.

A family sociology anthropology application of complex numbers in the form of an elegant equation.

In the domain of complex numbers x+yi in application to anthropology we must consider the function of houses. If houses may be expressed by brackets ie. €œ( )€ and number of partners with the function f(n): n squared such that f(n)=n times n and x=woman and y=man then we get the function:

f(n)=coupling in the era of man having imaginary co-efficients ie. Pornography or imagination or €œi€ for €œeye€ as in €œdelight the eye
such that f(n)=(x+yi) squared

Expanding that function gives x squared+2xyi-y squared
In words the expanded function reads two women plus two children who have pornography co-efficients minus two men. In terms of houses we have two co-habiting females with access to children and no contact with two co-habiting males.

The conclusion of the story of pornographys' effect on the family unit is that lesbianism and gay is a result of pornography use.

In corollary; If instead of imagination we use C for creativity we get a different result.

Creativity in the arts and crafts if drawing from the natural urges between the sexes may create a better outcome for the individuals involved and for society in general.
In this scenario the function would be of the form ; (x+y) squared

giving the result; x squared + 2xy + y squared
thus in words then the result is ; two women plus two children plus two men.

This result is a viable family.