Wednesday, 26 February 2014

In the tune of the popular song; Song : I say that I love you

I say that I love you
like the stars above you
and better everyday

I say that I want you
like the way you want me too
in every way

You know
the way I want to go
the way I want to be

You sow
the seeds that need to be sown
and I thank you on bended knee

I want you to want me
the way I would be
in my own special way

I say that I love you
like the stars above you
and forever I'll stay

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The sounds I played on that broken guitar

The sounds I played on that broken guitar
when I was a bedroom rock and roll star
The chords, the twang
That piece of wood really sang
And the thing is
the music magically appears
from 31.5 centimetres of wood
and four rubber bands
My friend said I should
put six rubber bands
The urging of a choice
in that stainless steel voice
between notes chords or double stops
The music I conjured I still can not top
I did not think I was too cool
or above using that ruler I was given in primary school
The rule of thumb I find
is if you are the kind
who can not afford
six hundred dollars or more
Pull out your six string rubber band ruler
and play as no one has played before

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The design

The design holds water
Remember sons and daughters
what you were told
that you need not grow old
and need not ever die
if you are truthful
and do not ever lie
In deed or word
No eggs or curds
For the meat is original sin
Try never to let meat in
to your mouth
East and West North and South
For or behind to the left
or behind to the right
We walk through the curtain of darkest night
The curtain of certain death
Dry and hot the cavern beneath
The smoky BBQ of singeing flesh
The searing chains in the desert wilderness
The wild and untamed
Those who go by another name
For in the certainty of what we call God
we have an idea of whom we speak of
The Great the Eternal
For ever to return all
to the kingdom
by power and wisdom
by Grace and Charm
By distinction without harm
For the kingdom is as the love of a big family
all smiles and beauty
a great place to be

Song : Four Leaf Clover

I'm turning over
a four leaf clover
I've never turned over before

The sun is shining
the moon is lighting
the night time and daytime toujours

Rainbows are reaching
over hills and beaching
right by the sea shore

Angels are descending
the narrow path is wending
the way to our heavenly home

When vision is cloudy

When  vision is cloudy
and hearing dim
When memory escapes me
and I fall in to sin
When pains strike
and I may not win
You are near to lift me up
You lift the kettle and fill my cup
You break the bread on which we sup
You nurse me back to health and bear the cross

You are the true friend
The help of the poor
You are the light
You are the door

The way the truth and the life
Water in to wine
The Church is your wife

Given time we all shall come
We are all brothers and sisters
Daughters and sons
The Father loves us
Divinity three in one
Great for low
Pierced with holes and spear
In your perfect love
you conquered the last fear

You held yourself not high or hauty
You feared not death or disease
You saved and fed and watered
You attended to all my needs
You are the Saviour heaven sent
You have come and all depravity went

You came not to punish but to save
To live and breathe fulfilling promises made
In the sky on a cloud
behind you the sun
you proclaiming aloud
That all sinners go to heaven

When I see you

When I see you
and you take me through
the crooked and narrow
and make me fly
straight as an arrow
Then the flight is joy
Giving me hope for tomorrow
and today easing away sorrow
Giving me a dream and future
Helping me suit her
and her for me
So we can be
Birds of a feather
The eagle and the dove
There is no greater love
For three in  one
How the wool is spun
Giving tenor to the snowy white clouds
that around your bear shoulders is a shroud
Giving warmth to the vows

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Take care

Take care
for decisions you can not change
Some things will remain strange
to you

Take care
for the day is long
God helps you sing your song
he whispers to you

Take care
for the error is repeated
in the wake of lies the truth has retreated
to come back another day

Have compassion
for to love is beautiful and free
Proclain your love on bended knee
and give without reservation

Have faith
for God knows your heart
At the end we are back at the start
of lifes' journey

Have courage
for the race is not always to the swift
nor the battle to the strong
but the kingdom is for the meek

Be true
for you shall then know all
Listen for the soft gentle call
for he speaks to you

Be grand
for then you shall have a place to stand
even though you may be little
none shall take the place of you

Be good
for then all shall be as it should
The tree is safe in the wood
which stands true and straight

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The white dove

Summer leaves.
Autumn comes.
The dry leaves
on the ground are scattered
by the wind, the hot dry wind.
Tears drop.
Drip down to the corner of my
lip. Clowns cry when the circus passes by
your town.
The fruits of loneliness are bitter and dry.
The years of aloneness drag on by.
The agonising passing of each moment in exile from another person,
leaves one bereft of joy and needing so much to be loved.
By someone, anyone with a genuine heart.
The world needs so much a someone with a genuine love.
The coming down of the spirit like a pure white dove.
Anointing him. Resting on him. Indwelling in him.
Taking away the vestments, if any, of sin.