Wednesday, 20 November 2013

His power

His power came from the holy one, the eternal and cosmic
He played for all who came and never played sick
Time was on his side because he questioned meat as food
Where were the animals raised and did they live as well as they could?
Things worked out if he let good run its' course
When he stressed and worried things got worse
He tried not to lie or tell any falsehood in word or deed
Sometimes fear got the better of him. It was fear not greed.
And to allay the dread fear in others we need to conquer the fear in ourselves.
To end the suffering we see daily we cannot rest until all are well.
To give wells to the thirsty, gardens to the hungry and love for the lonely.
This was his calling. And to save his loveliness for his true love. His one and only.
For to have offspring without the true bond of the God-given and only God can give this,
is to divide the soul to try and miss.
Cir is the pro-noun when calling attention from a woman.
And flowers and sweets the French way of saying without words; you want more than
casual aquaintance.
What makes the heart fond; that it desires so?
To hold the righteous up with strength and bold.
For to give all that we are worth to another
is to hold and kiss and hug each other for ever.
Love; such powerful a thing as love cannot be denied.
With love no other anything can withstand or hide.
Not ever nor even the great Satan.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Essay on the philosophy of life

On a serious note
To live well and to be healthy in mind, body and soul, I personally believe, one needs to be careful. Careful means to have love and tenderness and caring for ourselves, others and the world and God.
What we think, pray and do in our time affects us.
To have a worthy mind and philosophy and theology we should think and feel and act according to principles.
One of these principles is Love. To Love is righteous.
If we Love another will that enable us to love ourselves?
If we Love God do we therefore Love His creation?
Can God be a Person?
Can that Person be non-human?
Can an animal be a Person?
If we kill an animal have we committed a sin?
If we sin are we able to receive the blessings of God?
If we are looking from a fallen perspective do we see clearly?
It is like standing on the bottom of a mountain and looking around. Then compare that to standing on the top of a mountain and looking around.
To Love is the essence of the Law. And by Loving we are saved.
Love all of Gods creations and try not to eat your friends.
Birds are your aquaintances in the sky.
Mosquitos are the justice department of Nature.
Dogs are your best and loyal1st friend.
Cows mind their own business.
Sheep are good natured and careful.
Wolves dingos and foxes are the slaughter-men of nature. They kill chickens and sheep for us and all we do then is walk along the fields and pick up the carcasses.
We should not shake the olive trees when harvesting them. I propose that a fine net with holes just too small for a ripe olive to pass through be put on the ground in harvest season and collected and shaken off two-daily depending on the amount of olives that have dropped naturally. Naturally dropped olives are richer and riper, full of flavour.

Friday, 8 November 2013

The dove

So warm the feeling
of sunlight on the clearing
and the moon is nearing
its' zenith

How do we fare
Do we make a good pair
Can we prepare
to go with

each other Why does the heart ache
and always great pains make
Why does it take
away my wits

So lonely our lives apart
Will we ever embark
with a pure bright spark
to merit

Boldly the dove flys
in to the cold sky
never wondering why
so white it is

Thursday, 7 November 2013


The weaver of the art
weaves a lover for your heart
when will you start on
the journey of your life

The flame in the dark
when your friend calls you to hark
will you listen to
the voice of your wife

The threads that Clotho ties
are intricately twined
will you bind them
or cut like a knife

The love that light brings
The proven true things
Do you have them
as your right

The golden band of day
makes every lover say
that I love you
even in the night

What beauty in the spring
When the vegan diet sings
with health and vitality
and strength and might

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

When you have little time, will you be my friend?

When you have little time
take it slow
Tell me what is on your mind
Let me know
A caring place
the fertile field
We know your face
and for you we feel
So take your time
and make yourself real
Sing some rhymes
and spin the wheel
For you the sun will rise
and the day is long
Close your eyes
and just sing your song
We will be here
when you open them again
have not any fear
for we are friends.