Saturday, 21 March 2015

A drop of rain

A drop of rain
And another almost the same
From the sky
A drop of rain
That became a man
The seed that came
From the sky
The Sower knows its' name
And knows how and why
And when she came
To bear child
The child knew from the Wild
How to tame
The inner flame
How to let go
Of the throws
Of dangerous passion
And the fashion of the times
How to reach
Back to the beach
Of first Love the fate
Gifted from above the mate
Made for you to be always true
And make true your needs
To nurture and Love your seed
To the fire and out of the clay
The spirit to always stay
To for ever be holden
To the tail to the stolon
But not to obey blindly
But to know wisely
The way of Charity
Given finely
The end shall never come
For it reaches again around
The resounding and founding
Of Love for ever more
Jesus is at the door

Every word

And God spoke every article
In to existence
So the word became flesh
And dwelt amongst men
And on His ascension he gifted
The Holy Spirit which is the
Tone and aire of goodness in every thing
And to those that believe
He made the word right

First contact

His voice was the first of any thing
To come to me
I felt it ring
Then the sound in my soul
And I felt it
faintly it gave me control
The worlds He created and showed
me. Every thing
He bestowed unto me
Then He asked me to stay
I felt squeezed
I felt that I needed to come away
Then in to the dark I came
In to nothingness
And pain
I committed the error and sin
Of being born
Trying too hard to win
The winning at seperations'
Expense. The loser left
Behind and lowly
Still He makes His face to shine
On the ones ahead
And those left behind
He sends His Son to come
To light the path
To return to every one

The gift

A gift of stone
So you know you are not alone
Through our night and then the day
I am there with you always
An eternal ring
Symbolic of every thing
Light a new candle from a dying flame
Share the joy and the shame
Is there a way beyond
The acrimony and bonds
The stillness in the heavens
We know not where or when
Time, my friend, the curves and bends
The golden tomorrow that never ends
The power and majesty
The grace and mystery
The knowledge and faith
The open gate

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Stand by, my Love, closer to me
And I will, my Love, be with You, eternally.
For ever, the dove, over the sea
When will, the dove, rest on dry land, where we set Our feet.
Water, my beloved, on my bended knee
I ask, my beloved, You to let free
For the urgings of flesh have me captive.
No rest for the wicked
I can not wait. The sinning bait is too strong.
My will is not, at all, long.
The Nightingale song charms.
I fall into my souls' harm.
I call for Your tender mercy.
O come and rescue tenderly, my Love, closer to me.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Alpha omega

This grain of sand that washes in to the sea.
A sparrow just about to fall from a tree.
That strand of hair loosened from your head.
The dream you will have tonight in bed.
The motion of the galaxies in the sky.
The spark of life in your fathers' eyes.
The way your hair curls around your finger.
The time you loitered and lingered
at the gate. I did not intend to make you wait.
The Love we share in each blessed moment.
The conciliation you brokered and I finally relented.
The joy of looking deep in to her eyes.
The boy we will make when we again try.
The youngens I saw when gazing in your eyes.
I wish no one to ever die.
But finally to rest and wake I will be.
These things speak of Thee.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, the kindness of hearts
On a journey from these dark parts
To travail hard and long
Singing all the sacred songs
Going back to the Kingdom of Heaven
Remembering the tales of seven
The stars, the lamps, the seals
What mystery the scroll reveals
Does the order of things hint at
A great power in the faculties that
Are at work in these universes
In the corners and courses

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Some one

Some one to turn your face up to
Some time to be truly you
Some one to hold and have faith in
Some place where you come in
Given and free. From the heart
Made for you from the start
Having to hold. Not being told
But to know. Reaping what you sow.
So be not afraid. For what comes tomorrow we may not know
But we may be assured
By His word

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Trees are crying
Every day some are dying
Waiting for a new era
where every thing lives for ever
The stones cry out
Eradicate all doubt
Delay no longer
For faith will grow stronger
as every prayer is requited
The Lord will delight in
answering all good wishes
of the loaves and the fishes

Send one your Love

Send one your Love
who is waiting
the goodness of your Love
For the making
We are creating
the goodness of your
Love ov ov ov
The goodness of your
Love ov ov ov