Friday, 26 December 2014

Written in the perspective of a darling wife

The man with amnesia said
"Who are you?"
I am your wife
I would live with you all of my life
My love for you always will be strong
All of my days I will Love with you long
All of my nights I will not fuss I will not fight
All my soul, I do pray for Thee
I uphold every wish, fill every need
I am yours in truth
in word and in deed
You are the Son. I am the moon
You do not need to run
You will get there too soon
The birds in the trees, they sing our special tune
The Love there is in Thee
makes me weak, makes me swoon
I fall to my knees. Don't cum too soon
Forever I am in Thee. Forever bleeds my wound
And our days in happiness
No matter what disability
We remain in the lees. We shall be free
I shall give you Love. I shall give you peace

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Food and Drug Administration


Is God a machine that He should be tested
The Sabbath is the Day on which He rested
and why did He who is Eternal need to rest
The Father enjoys watching over the you in the nest
And when the time comes to break open the shell
How beautiful He made you How he made you so well
How well the time passes when we are brave enough to smile
and we discover we were happy all this while
Gracious is He who never refuses our joy
Christmas comes to bring us new toys
All our good deeds are as filthy rags
For we need not work or beg nor could we ever earn our Salvation
Only that the smaller part of spirit within us remain real
Only that feeling for a feeling God, a jealous God remain with us
So that all may be saved for this tiny morsel
Freedom is a gift to all men no matter what our station
Happy is he who lives in the Joy of the Lord
For all willingly come when each one He calls

The Saviour in the Domain

The Saviour in the Domain
has risen once again
The falling and rising tide
The Ceres thorn in his side
The open and closing hand
The kiss of your hips as you stand
Together in the night sky
The stars far and wide
Sing him in your mind
All together humanity will find
the Saviour Servant Son
to raise all and one

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Open Letter: Profession of Priesthood

I am a priest. I am here to help deliver what God intends for you. I offer gifts given by the Father to his children.
I preserve and transmit His word. His speakings to the people. For by the example of the Children of Isreal He counsels the whole of Humanity.
I hold and share the sacred truths written in the Bible. I bring to living memory the stories of the past.

Today in these times, I see the Kingdom of God coming. Blessed are these days.

Hallelujah. Amen.

May God bless you and keep you. I pray your sins be wiped away and your truths exalted. I pray your happiness increase without bounds and your life a true marvel in each moment.
Save Your child, O Lord, for Your word is Life.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Song: There are so many ways

There are so many ways to say
and He says it so beautifully and true
He says: I Love you

There are so many clouds in the sky
So beautiful I want to cry
He makes it so wonderful and true
He says: I Love you

So many colours in the rainbow
By this He shows
the sign of the covenant
In each colour He embues
the words: I Love you

The inward and outward journey

On the inward and outward journey
now that I am set free
So many things to envision
So many things to see
For God helps us make provision
and provides for our every need

The journey is narrow and hard
and only if you have a strong heart
to set out upon the seas
to see to others needs
will the arrival be to the Good Home
from where the untouchable light shines

The inward and outward place
where clouds dance sublime
To kiss and behold His face
To feel the Joy Divine
To Love and touch freely
Souls to behold nearly

Only something small

Only a small token
of what was really spoken
in a language deep and soulful
to myself languishing rent and woeful
For to uplift and vouchsafe
for goodness sake
for His names sake
Take me now Lord
I am your child and servant
On earth as it is in Heaven
In rain as it is in shine
Your word is in the world of mine
Your goodness makes the colours sing
Your touch has created everything
And everything signifies so much
For you left Your mark as such

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

So remains

From the fire I bring you token
that from darkness may be woken
From the logos be this spoken
New lights shine for thee
for you have befriended that Man from Galillee
So long as love remain free
So long as words remain true
So long as The Way come through
So long shall you be in youth

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Free Love enquire within

Love that is not free
what could you be
A bargain to buy
someones' freedom to try
A trial of the heart
Love freely or depart
For the soul is granted
A free gift we all want
The gift of life to live
Graciously and generously He gives
So great is His love
that all may receive
All are begotten when He conceives
A soul so gentle
He will let you have your way
even that He knows it will ruin His day
He does not judge you for how you treat Him
Only that He judges with perfect Truth

Saturday, 6 December 2014

For Dear Mark, a rare flower.

I have sinned once more
Walked too far from the shore
Waxed a fever of shame
Blackened even Your good name
Yet they tell me You remain Pure
Each blessing somehow remains good
A prayer never goes unanswered
Father, You are always giving me chances
Your tender touch makes me greater than before
You are waiting at and as the Door
So come Great and Eternal
Rise from the earth vernal and youth
You are some kind of beautiful flower
that dies and passes, to give rise to the fruit
And as the bright flower of The Flame rises
to give life to the vapours of spirit
So Your body has ascended
from the word and risen in to wit

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

To give

To give I must sacrifice
Just as You gave
You lived a life just right
and Your Father raised you from the grave

To Love I must vanquish lust
To live a desire pure and just
You Loved me from the first
You knew me before my birth

To save I must Love with pure Heart
To not judge a life torn apart
by the flame of sin. Whispers
from within and from the spirits

And You saved me Oh Lord of Hosts
Hosanna Father Son and Holy Ghost
You saved a wretched thing
You knew me from the beginning

The Blessed Garden

A walk in the Blessed Garden
A prayer soft and ardent
A reach of my hand towards a ripe peach
A caterpillar proudly creeps
So many colours in Your eyes
in the sky
The blue sky wide
The grass cool and soft
The apples ripen and drop
at my feet
My joy complete
You are the Way
oh Lord of the Day
The Church is Your bride
The blue sky wide

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Here in Eternity

Here in Eternity
I know You are for me
In the whisper of the trees
In the thunder of the seas
These things speak of Thee

In the walk among the clouds
I shout Your name aloud
I know Your love abounds
I know I am found
set free in Your grounds

I know You are near
but are You the fox or the deer
I have no shadow, to fear
I am still, I am here
The light is becoming clear

In these moments of purity
I know You are for me
In your Love so strong
I abide in tranquillity
In Your Mercy so tender
I may look back and remember
In your Grace so fine
I know Life is Divine

Thursday, 20 November 2014

New flowers of Spring

Oh Humanity wake and look to and fro
While you were at each others throats
did you take note
of the suffering behind the eyes
The light innocent that dies
For in a rainy night he walks
To no one else he talks
the babe or the wise
To himself he keeps
Seldom to anyone does he speak

Alone in a room
as rain drops outside
Loneliness and doom
sadness does not subside
From the food van
a tasteless lumpen offering
He does all he can
but what good does it bring
A hope for the new flowers of Spring

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A walk among the clouds

Here in Eternity
You are for me
In the whisper of the trees
In the thunder of the seas
These things speak of Thee

In the walk among the clouds
I speak Your name aloud
I feel Your Love abounds
I know I am found
set free in Your grounds

I know You are near
but are You the fox or the deer
I have no shadow, to fear
I am still, I am here
The light is becoming so clear

In these moments of Purity
I know You are for me
In Your Love so strong
I abide in tranquillity
In Your Mercy so tender
I may look back and remember
In Your Grace so fine
I know Life is Divine

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Love that saves

O Yours is the Love that saves
the Masters' slave
The hourly prayer and petition
anew I form my rendition
of the words which bring forth
the Love which saves our worth
For You may grant the Grace
anything in the mystery of time and place
For You may reach your hand to save
both the master and the slave

Every link which was broken
every neglected well-meaning token
Every word You have spoken
shall be honoured when we have woken
Opened up our eyes and hearts
to the suffering of our other partners
When we test and averse
Each other and have no faith in
our brothers. When the slings break
our skin and bones. When your friends
forsake you are alone. And when the Shepard tends
to the lost and injured single lost lamb
We are brought back home again
When Our Father shines his smile
upon His prodigal child
Then our hearts will sing the joy
of every new born girl and boy
When the Brother comes and speaks
humble clear words to the meek
then we faithfully understand
Why God chose to come to us as a Son of Man.

The Love in all our hearts
a family all are the part
The Love we all share
to comfort Love and care
The Saviour has come
to save all of us from
the Tempter Deceiver and Lie
To safe guard us lest we die
For the temptations of this world
are too great for one to bear
but together when we share Love
we are the tokens of the God above
You honour me and by doing so
set me free, from the bounds and woes
So save His Only Son
that he may come again
And save your neighbour also
So he doesn't leave you and go

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Beautiful the way

Beautiful the candle that gives its' light
at the cost of its' own life
Beautiful a summers' night
that the young may revel in loves' delight
And the sacrifice of the mourning son
Too soon was the deed done
on dreaded day
the maker of the way
left us
our sin debt to pay

Beautiful is the One who lets us in
to knowledge that the defeated win
You let your face to shine on me
On every leaflet of grass and leaf on every tree
You give us every glorious day
and every consequence of our ways
To every one this blessed Earth
you gave the spirit which gives the birth
To all the fruits and all the birds
You have pronounced your word
The spirit that flies
That all must die
and be given rebirth

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Kiss the waves

Made perfect in Your Grace
I live in your given hours and days
So many the ways
and so great what you have to say

I ride the boat that kisses the waves
The water is powerful that Thou hast made
On the first You parted them with a wave
of Your hand On the next the sea is at your command

And in my days You come in the fourth watch
In the last hours Your hand reaches the touch
The blessing of You in my life is so much
that I praise You Lord. I feel I must.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

At peace, beneath

Beneath the mantle of my good deeds
I am like the rest a sinner who needs
Belief in the Saviour, Jesus
The true vine, the light of mine
eyes that truly shine
with grace. A gentle face
to smile at my fall from Grace.

At peace, at rest
as the child knows best
Let the children sing
the song of good tidings
The young coil of spring
The old seeker of true things
The fall, the passion, the call
The seeking, the wandering, the arrival
The creation, the beginning, the end
The destruction of all made things
and the coming again

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Myst

Embrace and ponder the mystery
Words are not to be taken litter ally
The truth sets you free
His Love for you and me

The way the world will end
You in my arms my friend
And always I will commend
You to Him and then

We will walk among the trees
Love the flowers like the bees
We shall have our eternity
in a willing ability

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Days and nights

The creator of the day
sun shines the blackness away
The near and distant past over
The here and now so much closer

O warmth of the summer night
You are smooth sheer delight
The maker of the way
Deliverer of another day

Lord and Lady lunch together
Before strolling slowly through the Heather
Coming to rest and nest by the stream
Lord of the day and Lady like a dream

Song: The hand that feeds me

The hand that feeds me
eyes that see me, every where
The land that embraces me
every where it takes me, with care
Wind that awakens
waves that shaken, take me there

For the Saviour knows my name
John, will you make His paths straight
Through hills and plains
Jesus will not be late

To save another soul that pains
The name that washes away shame
The maker and begotten
The fiery golden flame

Friday, 10 October 2014

A life within His Grace

A life within His Grace
far from the turbulent space
Salving the life within
riddled and redolent with sin
O Lord Jesus my Holy Saviour
O Lord you are, my Heavenly favour
Save my friends before me
yet do not forget me
For I am one most needing
of the sowing and the reeping

The wonder

I let my eye wonder over the Creation
That all things so cleverly made as this
are here for our entertainment
So blessed I feel that all this is real

That no mistakes are made in this Blessed Creation
is remarkable and beautiful and good
The way that every plant and seed has the fulfillment of its' need
The way they give us of themselves our food

The loving way of animals in their domain
that they leave a way for the passage of man
That they not harm a hair on any babe
All the world so wonderfully made

A prayer of thanksgiving

Bless me Lord for I have sinned
Please release my soul from the torment within
I had my shameful pride because I thought I could win
and now I know I can not.

I thank you Lord, for your Love
and know you that look at me from above
I am grateful, for your Grace
that you do not turn away your face.

I pray Lord Jesus, save our souls
with our bodies and spirits whole
I pray O Lord take us up
that we may drink from your cup

For the events of our lives
though they be foolish or wise
are but a fluttering of the heart
a beginning, a pause and again a start.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Lord

The Law has ended
Long live the Lord
His Son has been sended
Receive his beautiful word
For Love is to be commended
Love for worm and bird

God is source of all things
The forgettings and rememberings
For in him is no darkness
For from him is the sparkles

The dove has come and ascended
The word has been confirmed
The light is pure and accented
The word has created the world
The name by which all things came to be
Ben Jah In Em man u el by which we spell

The Chord

The chord of all possibilities
The word of creation
The way of what it will be
for all creeds and all nations
Driven by diverse lusts
I have fallen and I must
beg for salvation
For the fallen are deeply
buried and weep sleepily
The married are sanctified
raised in Gods' eyes
Oh that I may find His favour
Oh that I may touch my Saviour
For to touch
someone I Love so much
would be devine
Oh will you be mine?

Friday, 3 October 2014

The way you make me feel

Oh the way you make me feel
so fine
All the world revealed
Together forever my friend
walking talking we lend
a helping hand
My saviour we are tithe together
My Lord we ride the tide
Love never ends

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

and I thank You

Each gust of breath that bears the butterfly to the flower on the tree
Each sigh of breeze that sways the leaves on a weeping willow 
These things speak of thee
Each leaf of grass that breaks out of the ground
Each note in the symphony of forest sounds
These speak your name profound

By the to and fro
you let us know
we are not alone in our lives
By knowing with our hearts
how agonising to be apart
You seek to be reunited 
with your bride
By gentle silence
yet without relent
You guide us all the night
By sleep and dream
by a sequence of means
you are there in the fight

In your loving hands
Your countenance which understands
In your sight that comprehends
You are a constant friend
In Your act of Grace
In not turning Your face
In sanctifying disgrace
You saved us all
and I thank You

Ocean of Love

Every line that defines a set of mind
Every word that sets free a caged bird
is good and should be heard
Every gesture every motion. Every dance of devotion
is another drop in the Ocean ….
of Love

Song: Loving you.

Loving you
is easy because you're beautiful
Loving you
is good because you are true

In the dance and the struggle
we get into more trouble

In the dance I dance with you...

Loving you
is easy because your heart is pure
Each step is true I take with you on the shore

In romance there is no end of sorrow
In the night a million hints of tomorrow

In the love I make with you.
Because you're true...

Loving you
is easy because you have no shame
You remember and recite Gods' names

Even if we have our quarrles
From yesteryear we seek to borrow

the remembrance of good times we had.
The good times we had...

Gods' plan

Gods' plan is the best
if you need to come to rest
In the gentle mothers' milk of her breasts
you shall find savour

From the desire to ride
the tide high
From the mighty aspirations
which are upon nigh

The world seeks a resolution
to the questions
which are pressing
and addressing to...

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cry in the wild

You cried out to God
We below you cried for you
You carried the burden of the cross
I worried at the blood you lost
And although death is not the end
I cannot watch the suffering of a friend
or anyone who can suffer
the pains of abandonment
The rain of red on firmament
For the other is sensed by God
For the other is revered
There is nothing left to be feared
Not even death or suffering
We all go to the white palace in the wind
But while we are below in the wild
under a tent canopy of the stars
While we vainly grasp at shadows
there are only old sorrows
For the vain seek their own world
and forsake the inheritance of the Father
given to his Sons and Daughters
For the blind lead and the foolish follow
There lies ahead the great sorrow
There lies the great awaiting sorrow
But for the wise who know the deceptiveness of the eyes
But for the known who know the errors of what is shown
for the brave who let others recreate
for the meek who only after God seek
For the humble who forever walk but stumble
under the lies of the wicked
there are no tricks that
can avail. There can be no ship faster than a snail
in the Heavenly veil where we set sky sails
We are Cats in the water
after each others' slaughter
We live and let fall
at the feet of Heavens' door
But to stand away from the sharp crowd
I must await the trumpets to sound aloud
For the Rams' horn shall bellow
and all gals and fellows
after the gate is opened
one after another follow
to the Land of Zion
The return of the Lion
To the land of my Father
To live for ever after

Touch of Love

Touch of Love that lets me in
So much Love that I will not sin
My Holy Jesus, Gods begotten son
You have my victories won
So much Love that wins the day
And sun sets and rises on the way
For the turning and waves
are by your command
The turning of the day
Everything I do and everything I say
By your voice calling
By given choice rising or falling
By the root of David Son of Jesse
You give me comfort and rest
For to the fallen like myself
a sinner forsaken of help
For to the sinner you have saved
You gave your life away
But for those who sacrifice
who Give and renounce their rights
The Father gives all in return
To the sinner who was spurned
Before you murder others and yourself
Look a hard look at the help
you gave to those in need
and you will find a sinner indeed
For those who Love and are unconditional
Whose Love sprang from their emotional self
Who do not use the filter of their imaginations
Who are ashamed of hateful frustrations 
To those who Love and are not ashamed of Him
Who will with Him their victories lose or win
The Saviour who holds the stars
will wipe away their tears and scars
So take heart my darling one
and we will Love the Son
as He first Loved us
to the Father at the first

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mothers milk

Taste and talk

The tongue has made me its' master
I am its' slave
The tongue can speak faster
than I and I crave
Nothing can be done
though try we must
It is worth the try
and worth your trust.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Can you see the dark?

Absense non-being nothingness
No creator no Love no life
No light blackness no return

Can you see the dark?

Firstly by co-existing with the Father
In his soul including together.
Through Jesus came into existance
the universe and the angels thence
the clay fashioned into man
by his hand
with a breath inward became he a soul
to live forever with the Father
Son and Holy Host.
To reside in the garden ov Eden
There was never a night until
Darkness came in the begetting of evil
So the setting sun reminds one
ov the falling and the sun rise
awakens the eyes
and birds begin their calling.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Love that gives Freedom

In meeting a friend
the light that you find
in a Love that never ends
The ties that together you bind
And as the years look back
on the old beaten track
The string that has twined
that together in your minds
you have created
Was it Love at first sight that was fated.
Respect is giving freedom
and in free there is no abandon
The Love that gives freedom
from lucre and Mammon
Love is supreme there is no quibble
For in blessed Jesus there is no equal
The Love that gives freedom
The Love that gives freedom
The Love that gives Freedom

Friday, 25 July 2014

Dear Sara

Dear Sara Rue,
                         you are so beautiful. In the gentle curve of your breasts, I would lay down my head to rest. Your shape so generous and yielding, inspires in me an unusual feeling. A feeling fulfilling and urgent, one of holding and relent. Oh, desire of my loins, will you let our song sing?

The angels play their strings, on the harps or our hearts. The Word of Love only sings to our souls to let us know. So silent and thundering in Heaven. God appears whenever you are there. Although I awoke and was alone and didn't feel as if I was at home. But we find our home again when we live with family and friends.

Dear Sara Rue, will you be my friend. So that desire and love never ends? For the pearls and rubies perish in treatment but unusual diamonds hold a place in the firmament. For an unusual diamond you could be, if you hold on to me. An unusual feeling rushes through the interior space, behind my eyes behind my face. To behold someone so unsure. That someone is so beautiful, to be sure.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The singing and the song

Oh the Angels sing
and the song is of everything
For the singers live in joy
and in every note rejoice
for the song is He
that all, including you and me
should come to be
living pleasantly

Now the harps do sound
and lyrics do abound
from the mouths
of the Heavenly ones
The chorus is sung
by the blessed Son
and every one
adds his or her own tone

For to make a guitar strum
and to feel the taste of yum
to have a sense of home
and to not be all alone
all you need is He
that makes the pleasant and glee
By Him your life has been perfected
and renewed to glory reflected

Sunday, 20 July 2014



Dysfunctional society four

Dysfunctional Society three

Dysfunctional society two

Dysfunctional society one


The candle

The candle with the flame that defies the wind
By His name has One that dies come back again
For the flame of his Soul
remains true and bold
For though the wind blows
so biting and cold
He knew full well
and never feared Hell
For knowing His Fate,
knowing he would be victim of hate
and yet knowing further of His Fathers' Love
that he would be lifted above
and then ascended to the Great Hall,
for all
triumph after the Fall
His greatness in victory was humble

The light that shines for thee

Oh, My Son, My sun shines for thee
Together with another we are always three
Unto you is given the word
We speak no token
What is heard is real
What is intended by what we feel
For warmth and light always follow thee
Given unto thou by me
For thou art their Light and warm comfort
For their plight, though their own making,
shalt thou by forsaking thy own,
give them back their home
For all is not lost
the Finder of Souls,
at his own cost,
shall find and save
For this has he come
Begotten not made


Oh the sour shame
that something so simple could blacken a name
Now the cause, so long in the past
has caught up with me and overrun me fast
The past, so tender my heart
Each beat hurts
and what is worse
Each beat is my last
that I will beat on this Earth
And now the painless gruesome end
To no lovers or friends
will I send
a goodbye
before I die
Death is not the end
For all will stand before the judgement seat
For all shall stand and meet
the Master and Creator
The Breath and Maker
The One and All
The Voice and Call
For to stand naked before the Father
with no shame or blame or regret
For to look back together
with someone who never forgets
is to live your life again
in person, in name
For to end what was begun
is not for the son
but the Lord
To say what you have done
you must have your own words
We see that life will win
Suicide, after all, is a sin

Friday, 4 July 2014

Oh Father

Father I see their pain
My tears are useless in the rain
How may I ease the strain
Will You allow me to come again?

Father I see their fear
Someone has whispered into their ear
A cloudy vision that will not clear
So the Other can creep up near

Father please unburden them
I myself feel their shame
Those who stand and watch are also to blame
For all under the sun bow to one name

And then a light shone from on high
And all who saw let out a sigh
All who had voice let out a cry
and beauty restored to my eyes

Monday, 30 June 2014

A certain something something

A certain type of insanity
takes over me
when I see
the disparity
It's not what you do
It's to do it in style
It's in what you say
and the way that you smile
Bitter words and shouting
sadden the heart
Bitter words and shouting
makes the best lovers depart
Forgiveness returns you to your sender
Forgive so that you may remember

Monday, 2 June 2014

Tinkerer with Gods' toys

We are tinkerers with Gods toys

Having fanciful dreams and ploys

With in the limits of our imagination

Without the benefit of the power of Creation

Living each day by the Gift of Grace

Not able to withstand the light of His face

Not able to live without killing

Grist in the mill for the milling

Yet the strain holds on

Living life is sometimes fun

To be free of the strain of sinning

If only I were free of the losing and winning


Thursday, 29 May 2014

When you love

When you love all that you do and are

You have reached the farthest star

When you see all the beauty in the world

You see all that was given through Grace

When the light of the candle shines all night long

And your voice is remembered far and long

All your paths and bends made plain

For you, my friend and I, are Sane

All your beams and rods made straight

We have passed through the narrow gate

Under a different star

Under a different star would you know me?

Under a different sun would you see?

In a different light

would I be as bright?

To you, my love, forever

Given all that He has given

Under the travail that was striven

All before the throne

We all are part of the one

To go and then to return

Doing all that he has done

For the Father died the Son


And the Father said "Arise"

The Son obeyed and into Life returned

The Long Dark Journey sojourned

to return in to the world and Heaven

To acknowledge and pardon the brethren

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The summer wind

The Summer wind blows
right through our clothes
So beautiful I feel
now our love is real
The treasure of which there is no token
So deep the dream I woke in
So insistent your voice
In that tone naughty and nice
Given to day dreaming
all intricacies I weave in
to our tapestry grand and fine
Our two life lines
So that we walk a narrow path together
Side by side forever
in Joy and bliss
Separated we miss
But together in our song
All loved ones to sing along

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

They want me to convert my love into a number

They want me to convert my love in to a number on a piece of paper.
A life written with zeros and ones.
Well no one can eat a number or drink a zero.
No one is greater than a one.
For we all need one of each other.
We all are sisters and brothers.
To forgive means we in turn receive.
To have faith means we with our hearts believe.
The mind can play tricks. The stomach can get sick. Even the navel misunderstand the actions of the man.
when we arrive at a thought how many others have we wrought. For to misunderstand is easy to do. To question ourselves we may find the truth.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Universal Theory with Number Theory

Questions in the field of Number Theory and Prime Numbers with application to the studies of Physics of Reality and the studies of human relationships in anthropology.

With respect and reference to Mr Mark Matson and "Mr John Talke".

Numerals in Number Theory and how they relate to Religion, Life and the Universal Theory.

Let us start with the number One. Written using a downward stroke of the pen in Western systems with the result being seen as : 1.

In Chinese systems the one is a left to right horizontal stroke of the pen or brush with the result being seen as a short horizontal line.

Either way the One seems to be associated with beginnings. In this treatise the beginning is the beginning of the World. In Universal Theory, as learned from Mr Mark Matson, the line is the vector for a linear movement. Such as a sweep of Gods' hand across the “Ether”. Ether is derived from the word “either” meaning either existence or non-existence. This is the beginning of the universe as we shall see.

The One means God is one. The one comes before the Zero because God was always, before the World. The One means God.

The Zero comes after because, according to Universal Theory, the movement of the One across the Ether causes a spinning motive. This spinning causes a vortex which is where the circle of the Zero is formed.

The Zero is Jesus Christ. He was at the beginning before the World was formed.

On the number line we have “1 0” which looks like the number “10”, ten. Thus we have the perfection and completion at the beginning of the world. In Christianity this is expressed as: “The plan was perfect from the beginning.” Or “He knew me before I was formed.”

So according to the Fibonacci sequence we can add the 1 and 0 and get the result of 1 because 1+0=1. On the number line that looks like “1 0 1”

The second “1” is the Angels. God created the Angels after creating Jesus. The second “1” stands in contra-position to the first “1” so this could mean Lucifer, who is the player in opposition to God. Jesus stands in the middle.

In Universal Theory, we are at the point of creating a second vortex because when we have a vortex spinning in space that gives rise to a counter-spinning vortex. Such as in the time-line just above, with the “1”s standing for vortexes.

Two is the number of Adam and Eve. A married couple.

With two vortexes spinning counter to each other we have symmetry with vortex-void centre-vortex. This creates a third vortex with the centre being where the void centre is, since the two previous vortexes also churn against each other around the void centre. This gives rise to vortex-vortex-vortex or “1 1 1” or if we add the three ones 1+1+1=3. Thus we have three or on the number line “1 0 1 2 3.”

Three is the number of the Holy Trinity in Catholicism. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The number of God. Three in One. The Triune God. With Three spinning vortexes we still have symmetry about a void centre. This three spinning vortexes gives rise to a forth vortex.

Thus we have the number Four. Four is the number of the cardinal directions in the compass and a lucky number in Chinese systems. In the Chinese system of numbers there is no symbol or numeral for zero. If we count the number of non-zero numerals in the time-line above we get four. Thus reading in words: “The Father, the Angels, Man and Woman and the Trinity.” Or “The Father, the Angels, Man and Wife and Family ie. Man, Wife and Child.” Thus there is no “Saviour” Son in the Chinese religions.

Four is the number of the World in Chinese systems.

With four vortexes there is still symmetry in above three dimensional space eg. Six dimensional space. The four vortexes form a tetrahedron about a void centre. Thus giving rise to a fifth vortex.

The number five is a special number. It is the number of the fingers on one hand and the first prime number in Spatial Mathematics. There is no longer symmetry in six dimensional space when five vortexes are formed. The movement in space becomes chaotic and many different motions and things arise in the turbulence of five vortexes. There is an explosion of creation.

If we count the numerals on the number line above we get five. In words then the reading is “ The Father, the Son, the Angels, Adam and Eve and the Trinity.” With these five elements we get all of Creation.

There are no more stable vortexes after Five.

We get the number Six from the Six Days of Creation or the Six Dimensions of reality. The Six dimensions are x, y, z, E, M, g.

Six is the number of Man since Adam was created on the Sixth day.

Six is a worldly number. It is a perfect number in that it is created by both odd and even numbers below it.

With Five vortexes there are Ten Plates of three vortex points. That means to form Plates or two dimensional planes or plates we use three points out of five for each plate. If we do so we get ten plates. If we name the vortexes we get A, B, C, D and E. Thus the plates are called by their constituent points or corners:











Any single point has involvement in Six plates, for example A is involved in Six plates and B is involved in Six plates.

There are three points on each plate so that is where we get 666. The number of the beast.

If we take the plates that are not in the Six ie not in any of the world then we get four plates.

If the four plates are considered as waves which can combine then we get as in this diagram.

The four primaries are at the bottom and they combine to create two bigger waves and then these combine to create the big crest at the top. If we count the number of crests we get the number Seven.

Seven with three points for each plate give 777 the number of Divinity. Seven is man plus one or super-human or godly. Seven is the Lucky number.

Eight is the number of the Eight-fold path. The Buddhist teaching of the Eight noble pursuits or states of being. Eight is the number of series of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Nine is the number of Completion. When man, the number Six, unites with God, the number Three. 6+3=9.

Ten is the number of Jesus Christ. Christ means ten. Written as a cross in Chinese numerology means Ten. Jesus is God plus man plus one more. One more life. As risen from the sleep of death. Thus a Christian who is united with God can expect to rise from Death.

Thus the theory of numbers and the theory of the universe can uphold the faith that religions have held over the years.

The servant King

The servant King and his loyal subjects.
He knew them well for he studied each word.
He picked them up when they fell
By the wayside by the curb.
For each victory is won with a gentle kind word
and we set free two pure white birds.
lovers into the wilds of life.
Sure to win through any strife.
And what many hazards do lay ahead
in the winning of meat and bread
and loving each and every one
Loving the Father, Holy Spirit and Son.
Through the son is the Father reborn.
From his seed we grow the corn.
In his image to forever last.
In the future we see the past.
In every given thing is Love grown.
In every lesson is the pollen sown.
In every humble respectful soul
is the Language of Love told.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Bless us O Lord for we are but fallen creatures. Bless us in your service and overwhelming Grace.

Far and wide so grand
never cast out of His hand
Together with brothers I stand
to be reborn forever more

And as what shall I be born
To be a lamb lovingly shorn
and always to feast on Gods lawn
To live without killing

Does the dove fly of its' own wings?
Does the ant lift up heavy things?
Does the gnat with its' limbs sing?
Or is it that each had its' God given talent?

How does the sun shine day and night?
In day time to be in sight
How does the moon shine reflected light?
Or is it that no one knows the secrets of Thee?

For to think that knowledge is certain
and that we can mend the curtain
or that thoughts are worth an
airing or two
We do not know Your comings or go.
Original Work in the mathematics of Prime numbers and complex numbers and applications in the themes of universal stellar formations and the themes of family sociology in anthropology.

Basic theory of Prime numbers.
A prime number is a number which cannot be produced by multiplying other numbers. It stands as being divisible only by 1 and the prime number itself. For example 1 is a prime number. 2 is a prime number. 3 is a prime number. 4 is not a prime number; because 2 times 2 equals four as well as 1 times 4. The search for prime numbers in the domains of I (integers), R (real numbers) and C (complex numbers) is an important area in mathematics.

In the domain of R and C.
The domain of R (real) numbers is the domain of I extended into the contiguous spaces between integers ie. Partials as well as integers. So 3.141 is a real number.
In the domain of R prime numbers have existence just as they do in I. In R however the number of possible prime numbers is greatly reduced. Primes in the domain of I sometimes are no longer prime in the domain of R. For example 4 times 0.5 equals 2 so 2 is no longer prime. Prime numbers in the domain of R are non-definite numbers. These are the irrational numbers. These include pi, natural exponential constant, 2/7 and square root of 2.

In the domain of C.
In the domain of C where any number can be expressed as x+yi where x is the real component, y is the co-efficient of the unreal component and i is the imaginary co-efficient such that i squared=-1.
In the domain of C the axes are extended into two dimensions. These can be drawn on a Cartesian plane.
Prime numbers in the domain of C.
Prime numbers in the domain of C consist of points on the Cartesian plane which cannot be reached from any other point by periodicity or continuous function. The irrational numbers are still prime in the domain of C.
Conjecture: Prime numbers in the domain of C are the infinite series of numbers, with associated unreal components, of the irrational numbers. Primes in C must have irrationality in the real and unreal parts of the number.
C stands for Cartesian.

Application to stellar formations in real sky space.
Since 1. real sky space can be ascribed by a three dimensional Cartesian space, 2. stars appear as dots of energy or light and 3. application of complex numbers may be made in theories of electromagnetic or wave-like energy then:
Inference may be conjectured that prime numbers in the domain of C are equivalent to stars in the field of real sky space.

A physics theory of stellar formations (stars).
Given the above, a conjecture may be made that stars have at their core an imaginary irrational nature; such as an endless whirlpool€ centre. So that the whirlpool€ draws the surrounding space towards it. Analogous to an approximation function which centres on an irrational (complex) number. The prime complex number sheds light on all other numbers since other numbers can be expressed as a function of one or more prime complex numbers. So prime numbers in combination can make all other numbers. Thus stars in combination make the rest of space. Thus the €œwhirlpool may be spinning space outwards. So the universe may be expanding.
The approximation function approaches but never reaches the centre of its' journey to the irrational number. Thus stars may have at their core a €œnothing€. An endless non-being coming into existence, with energy and matter being created then cooling into the form of space.

A family sociology anthropology application of complex numbers in the form of an elegant equation.

In the domain of complex numbers x+yi in application to anthropology we must consider the function of houses. If houses may be expressed by brackets ie. €œ( )€ and number of partners with the function f(n): n squared such that f(n)=n times n and x=woman and y=man then we get the function:

f(n)=coupling in the era of man having imaginary co-efficients ie. Pornography or imagination or €œi€ for €œeye€ as in €œdelight the eye
such that f(n)=(x+yi) squared

Expanding that function gives x squared+2xyi-y squared
In words the expanded function reads two women plus two children who have pornography co-efficients minus two men. In terms of houses we have two co-habiting females with access to children and no contact with two co-habiting males.

The conclusion of the story of pornographys' effect on the family unit is that lesbianism and gay is a result of pornography use.

In corollary; If instead of imagination we use C for creativity we get a different result.

Creativity in the arts and crafts if drawing from the natural urges between the sexes may create a better outcome for the individuals involved and for society in general.
In this scenario the function would be of the form ; (x+y) squared

giving the result; x squared + 2xy + y squared
thus in words then the result is ; two women plus two children plus two men.

This result is a viable family.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Dance

The flame dances so that it may not die.
Its' life is heat. Its' life is light.
The errant wind that I carry on sin.
The errant can not win.
The Silver Gull at home at sea.
Its' life is a dance of Thee.
And in my dance, oh Lord of The Dance, I give remembrance of the life you gave me.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Desire is to be loved

Desire is to be loved
like the diamond is coveted
And more precious than any gem is a feeling when you are loved
The flame is tended by nearness and the warmed
Tender heart is broken and mended by the fearless  and strong
Good love fills the sails on the endless sea
My heart feels the nails that they pierced through thee
Your love healed all that you touched
My mind is still because my soul loves so much
For logic and reason there is no place
For all falls asunder as I behold your face
As love and magic vie to be felt and marvelled
I have seen you die and I knelt felt  startled when you rose as a jade plant grows
and you walk with us still
beside never in front never bending  our will
for your path with the way you walk is hard
Yet your tread falls soften every yard The journey leads to life with family and friends
My journey is to you my beautiful best friend

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The shelter of a great tree

The shelter of a great tree
The love that satisfies need
Nurturing little old me
What blessing I have of thee

The great eternal one
The maker of sky and Sun
Existing before world was begun
Father Holy Spirit and Son

How great the maker of the sky
How wondrous the designer of the eye
How swiftly do angels fly
To be by my side

Does it make you look away
Would you please turn this way
Were you gracious in passion and play
And did you win the day

Does the night hold fear
Is there a danger near
Is anyone else here
Will this fog ever clear

The free have eternity in which to please
Oh to be free and have peace
I desire to be warmed by the fire of which I endlessly seek
In all manner and speech I seek Thee

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Light

The light in the night
Through deepest dark
you held on
 So bright was your light
A single pure spark
You shine on
 When darkness ends
and we reach the light
you are still my friend
 You come to me in day and night
And the terrible ending
 to which we are wending
I shall fear no more
for you are standing at the door

Friday, 28 March 2014

To the tune of Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper

This song is based on Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper.

I knew a girl
her name was Truth
She was a horrible liar
She always knew
she couldn't change
no matter what she
tried to do

She saved the whales
Holy Grail
set the hearts on fire
Given that
we know not enough
to say this is truth

Given time
and not enough love
we will all expire
But given just enough
from above
we may all be proved

Life is just
a bag of dreams
and a small sack of desire
If we just
didn't live
as the proud man chooses

you're so fine
and you can reach higher
May we just
touch a little
but not get loose

Sometimes things
are not what they seem
Some times things do conspire
Keep your ears
to the ground
and your eyes on the skies

All the while
we try to change ourselves
All the way to the pyre
That burns away
what we know
until we lose

Live your life
as best you can
and don't be upset when mired
That chains that hold
you to the ground
are the chains
that will one day let lose

The world might change
when you wink
You can tell with your eyes
What have we
to be fearful
when we have Jesus

Love yourself
with the flame
of a burning desire
Help each other
make a name
and don't be confused

Make your life
a pleasant dream
so you awake
into life
Give yourself
the ways and means
to be what you choose


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sacred Heart of the Triune God

Why oh why the terrible pain

The truth to be gained
through passion and pain
Weathers the sun and rain
Forever and again
The love of a child
for mother gentle and mild

Fine So Fine your mind
and body is enslaved
by watchers who crave
your love your touch
so sinful I want to so much
Your love Your love
I am below you are above

Do you need me
I cannot believe what I see
A way of speaking which tells no lies
Every thing revealed in the twinkling of your eyes
Pealing away the seal which wrinkled when espied

Nice Smile Nice Smile
will you stay and say with me for a while?
Do you like the weather?
or the touch of a feather?
The night is long when I am alone
The sky is forlorn and barren when I have no home
But then you smile
and life is wild and while I tame it
and give my name to it
and give my name to you
Do you take it as true?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The green and the rust

The green and the rust
living on the same tree
The will and the must
which long to be set free
The sun is below the trees
There is no direct sun
The air is blowing a breeze
blowing for he rain to come
Has it past or is it to come
The rain the pain
the woman the child
By passion to gain
the love which is wild

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

In the tune of the popular song; Song : I say that I love you

I say that I love you
like the stars above you
and better everyday

I say that I want you
like the way you want me too
in every way

You know
the way I want to go
the way I want to be

You sow
the seeds that need to be sown
and I thank you on bended knee

I want you to want me
the way I would be
in my own special way

I say that I love you
like the stars above you
and forever I'll stay

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The sounds I played on that broken guitar

The sounds I played on that broken guitar
when I was a bedroom rock and roll star
The chords, the twang
That piece of wood really sang
And the thing is
the music magically appears
from 31.5 centimetres of wood
and four rubber bands
My friend said I should
put six rubber bands
The urging of a choice
in that stainless steel voice
between notes chords or double stops
The music I conjured I still can not top
I did not think I was too cool
or above using that ruler I was given in primary school
The rule of thumb I find
is if you are the kind
who can not afford
six hundred dollars or more
Pull out your six string rubber band ruler
and play as no one has played before

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The design

The design holds water
Remember sons and daughters
what you were told
that you need not grow old
and need not ever die
if you are truthful
and do not ever lie
In deed or word
No eggs or curds
For the meat is original sin
Try never to let meat in
to your mouth
East and West North and South
For or behind to the left
or behind to the right
We walk through the curtain of darkest night
The curtain of certain death
Dry and hot the cavern beneath
The smoky BBQ of singeing flesh
The searing chains in the desert wilderness
The wild and untamed
Those who go by another name
For in the certainty of what we call God
we have an idea of whom we speak of
The Great the Eternal
For ever to return all
to the kingdom
by power and wisdom
by Grace and Charm
By distinction without harm
For the kingdom is as the love of a big family
all smiles and beauty
a great place to be

Song : Four Leaf Clover

I'm turning over
a four leaf clover
I've never turned over before

The sun is shining
the moon is lighting
the night time and daytime toujours

Rainbows are reaching
over hills and beaching
right by the sea shore

Angels are descending
the narrow path is wending
the way to our heavenly home

When vision is cloudy

When  vision is cloudy
and hearing dim
When memory escapes me
and I fall in to sin
When pains strike
and I may not win
You are near to lift me up
You lift the kettle and fill my cup
You break the bread on which we sup
You nurse me back to health and bear the cross

You are the true friend
The help of the poor
You are the light
You are the door

The way the truth and the life
Water in to wine
The Church is your wife

Given time we all shall come
We are all brothers and sisters
Daughters and sons
The Father loves us
Divinity three in one
Great for low
Pierced with holes and spear
In your perfect love
you conquered the last fear

You held yourself not high or hauty
You feared not death or disease
You saved and fed and watered
You attended to all my needs
You are the Saviour heaven sent
You have come and all depravity went

You came not to punish but to save
To live and breathe fulfilling promises made
In the sky on a cloud
behind you the sun
you proclaiming aloud
That all sinners go to heaven

When I see you

When I see you
and you take me through
the crooked and narrow
and make me fly
straight as an arrow
Then the flight is joy
Giving me hope for tomorrow
and today easing away sorrow
Giving me a dream and future
Helping me suit her
and her for me
So we can be
Birds of a feather
The eagle and the dove
There is no greater love
For three in  one
How the wool is spun
Giving tenor to the snowy white clouds
that around your bear shoulders is a shroud
Giving warmth to the vows

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Take care

Take care
for decisions you can not change
Some things will remain strange
to you

Take care
for the day is long
God helps you sing your song
he whispers to you

Take care
for the error is repeated
in the wake of lies the truth has retreated
to come back another day

Have compassion
for to love is beautiful and free
Proclain your love on bended knee
and give without reservation

Have faith
for God knows your heart
At the end we are back at the start
of lifes' journey

Have courage
for the race is not always to the swift
nor the battle to the strong
but the kingdom is for the meek

Be true
for you shall then know all
Listen for the soft gentle call
for he speaks to you

Be grand
for then you shall have a place to stand
even though you may be little
none shall take the place of you

Be good
for then all shall be as it should
The tree is safe in the wood
which stands true and straight

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The white dove

Summer leaves.
Autumn comes.
The dry leaves
on the ground are scattered
by the wind, the hot dry wind.
Tears drop.
Drip down to the corner of my
lip. Clowns cry when the circus passes by
your town.
The fruits of loneliness are bitter and dry.
The years of aloneness drag on by.
The agonising passing of each moment in exile from another person,
leaves one bereft of joy and needing so much to be loved.
By someone, anyone with a genuine heart.
The world needs so much a someone with a genuine love.
The coming down of the spirit like a pure white dove.
Anointing him. Resting on him. Indwelling in him.
Taking away the vestments, if any, of sin.

Monday, 27 January 2014


I am his yet he does not own me
I bow down to him yet he does not control me
He created me yet he set me free
To be with him is to be loved yet I have not seen him
I give to him all I have yet I came from nothing
He is ever-present yet intangible and elusive
I lay down my life for him yet he raises me up again
He is light and no darkness is in him
He is supreme beauty yet to see him causes trembling
He is the world and everything in it and we are one

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Song : You can tell

C                                 Am
You can tell from the eyes
Whether happy and wise
You can tell from the smile
If your time is worth while

D                           F
Give time to your friends
Try to make amends

For your sin

C                                 Am
You can tell from the heart
Whether good and smart
You can tell you can tell
Your coin is in the wishing well

D                           F
Give time to your friends
Try to make amends

For your sin

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sadness Silent Spring

The sadness of a man who knows that his life is torture
No wife or son or nephew or daughter
For what intransigence he does not understand
What can a traveller own in a foreign land
The government or his friends he can not trust
A life not worth trying
Only left the option of dying
And suddenly in the street, a strangers' smile
And I realise that I will be happy in a while
With Life worth the risk
And Love, of coarse, not to be missed

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Even the Heart

Even an organ as strong as the heart
cannot survive when left apart
from the comfort of friends and lovers
How oh how will my heart recover
Stillness too soon in the night
I toss and turn in the pale moon-light
I am hot, bothered and can not sleep
I have not slept a wink in weeks
When will the light shine
When will you, love, be mine
Although I can not own you
I only want some-one true
to be with
share my wit
and get it
If only I had you by my side
always to be with, to let me ride
I have always wanted some-one like you
If only those times I had been good
Then maybe things would have turned out as they should
If only I had been better behaved and thought
Things might have been as God has wrought
And God forgive me my sins and tresspasses
I am a minnow and fingerling and wrasse
But a fish I remain
In the water I stay
In the fluid that saves
And one day to fly
a sparkle in Gods eye
And Jesus my friend,
our lives together never to end

Friday, 10 January 2014

Song : The tale a broken man tells

Listen to the tale a broken man tells
Turn from the darkness before sin breaks your spell
of love is a skin which we rub onto each other
feelings from within your heart to your lover

When we give we live for today
The more we give the more we have to say
that life is worth living and striving and sharing
A life with Jesus is one that is caring

Look at what I am and what I am doing
Not what I would be and not what I was
What we want is a love that's ensuing
A lover should be gentle in all that he does

Some times life is like a lump of coal
but when we feel the weight we know it's tarnished gold
Feel with your heart the mineral you've received
only with pure hearts can we truly perceive

Words are like water they quench the heart and soul
Good words bring laughter as all truths are told
Give from within your soul to begin
on the journey as Jesus guides you from sin

One kind woman and one kind man
We'll be together and we'll be friends
Yet some thing missing inside us remains
We can be whole with Jesus again

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The woods

Don't look back now
you're not out of the woods yet
Don't go back in or you'll regret
what you've seen
what you've heard
what you've done
to have your fun

Don't turn back now
you're in the light
Don't fuss and don't try to fight
the way of the truth and the life
you're free of arrows
and free of strife
free of sin and bathed in delight

Don't go back in the woods
or you'll get lost
what is the price of anything
and what is the cost
what is the pound or yard
what is the keep and what is the discard

keep your eyes on what you've
been looking for
someday she may knock upon your door
opportunity knocks but once
open and welcome once more

the love you knew and loved before.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Great holes are dug for diamonds.
For to fall in to.
To fall in Love.
Beyond and above
all the wear and tears
of the falling world.
For even though the hole is deep
the diamond will keep
its' values strong
and last the world weary night long.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

So clear

So clear is your light to me
Now nearer my heart is to thee
Through the greatest distance of shadow
You give your commitment symbolised by a rainbow

No fear of loneliness with three
Now here, there, everywhere you'll be
Though I walk wretched and low
I am touched by Grace and I know

forever you'll be by my side
to comfort and confide
Confide confide you're dear to me
Confide confide my darling to me

For to be fidel and true
is to me to be with you

The fish that come back

The Law

The Law of Love
means we are tested
If requited then we may rest
in the green fields to smile and jest

I was empty and bereft
feeling pain and mistaking it for joy
Amusing myself to while away the hours
with trinkets and toys

And when the tide went down
and I wore a beggars frown
then the Prince was there
to make my life clear

He did not offer coin
far more was he offering
A life with an eternal friend
"Your days shall never end"

I have seen thus far and I know
no matter how low I go
He can always reach
and land me on the beach

From the tempest of the sea
to be safe and set free
A free man with soul
and Holy Spirit to guide

From the water to behold the land
To walk with feet along the sand
A friend by my side
to comfort and sometimes chide

All the while with a pure abiding love
He is the white dove
venturing over endless seas
Returning always back to me