Monday, 27 January 2014


I am his yet he does not own me
I bow down to him yet he does not control me
He created me yet he set me free
To be with him is to be loved yet I have not seen him
I give to him all I have yet I came from nothing
He is ever-present yet intangible and elusive
I lay down my life for him yet he raises me up again
He is light and no darkness is in him
He is supreme beauty yet to see him causes trembling
He is the world and everything in it and we are one

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Song : You can tell

C                                 Am
You can tell from the eyes
Whether happy and wise
You can tell from the smile
If your time is worth while

D                           F
Give time to your friends
Try to make amends

For your sin

C                                 Am
You can tell from the heart
Whether good and smart
You can tell you can tell
Your coin is in the wishing well

D                           F
Give time to your friends
Try to make amends

For your sin

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sadness Silent Spring

The sadness of a man who knows that his life is torture
No wife or son or nephew or daughter
For what intransigence he does not understand
What can a traveller own in a foreign land
The government or his friends he can not trust
A life not worth trying
Only left the option of dying
And suddenly in the street, a strangers' smile
And I realise that I will be happy in a while
With Life worth the risk
And Love, of coarse, not to be missed

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Even the Heart

Even an organ as strong as the heart
cannot survive when left apart
from the comfort of friends and lovers
How oh how will my heart recover
Stillness too soon in the night
I toss and turn in the pale moon-light
I am hot, bothered and can not sleep
I have not slept a wink in weeks
When will the light shine
When will you, love, be mine
Although I can not own you
I only want some-one true
to be with
share my wit
and get it
If only I had you by my side
always to be with, to let me ride
I have always wanted some-one like you
If only those times I had been good
Then maybe things would have turned out as they should
If only I had been better behaved and thought
Things might have been as God has wrought
And God forgive me my sins and tresspasses
I am a minnow and fingerling and wrasse
But a fish I remain
In the water I stay
In the fluid that saves
And one day to fly
a sparkle in Gods eye
And Jesus my friend,
our lives together never to end

Friday, 10 January 2014

Song : The tale a broken man tells

Listen to the tale a broken man tells
Turn from the darkness before sin breaks your spell
of love is a skin which we rub onto each other
feelings from within your heart to your lover

When we give we live for today
The more we give the more we have to say
that life is worth living and striving and sharing
A life with Jesus is one that is caring

Look at what I am and what I am doing
Not what I would be and not what I was
What we want is a love that's ensuing
A lover should be gentle in all that he does

Some times life is like a lump of coal
but when we feel the weight we know it's tarnished gold
Feel with your heart the mineral you've received
only with pure hearts can we truly perceive

Words are like water they quench the heart and soul
Good words bring laughter as all truths are told
Give from within your soul to begin
on the journey as Jesus guides you from sin

One kind woman and one kind man
We'll be together and we'll be friends
Yet some thing missing inside us remains
We can be whole with Jesus again

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The woods

Don't look back now
you're not out of the woods yet
Don't go back in or you'll regret
what you've seen
what you've heard
what you've done
to have your fun

Don't turn back now
you're in the light
Don't fuss and don't try to fight
the way of the truth and the life
you're free of arrows
and free of strife
free of sin and bathed in delight

Don't go back in the woods
or you'll get lost
what is the price of anything
and what is the cost
what is the pound or yard
what is the keep and what is the discard

keep your eyes on what you've
been looking for
someday she may knock upon your door
opportunity knocks but once
open and welcome once more

the love you knew and loved before.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Great holes are dug for diamonds.
For to fall in to.
To fall in Love.
Beyond and above
all the wear and tears
of the falling world.
For even though the hole is deep
the diamond will keep
its' values strong
and last the world weary night long.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

So clear

So clear is your light to me
Now nearer my heart is to thee
Through the greatest distance of shadow
You give your commitment symbolised by a rainbow

No fear of loneliness with three
Now here, there, everywhere you'll be
Though I walk wretched and low
I am touched by Grace and I know

forever you'll be by my side
to comfort and confide
Confide confide you're dear to me
Confide confide my darling to me

For to be fidel and true
is to me to be with you

The fish that come back

The Law

The Law of Love
means we are tested
If requited then we may rest
in the green fields to smile and jest

I was empty and bereft
feeling pain and mistaking it for joy
Amusing myself to while away the hours
with trinkets and toys

And when the tide went down
and I wore a beggars frown
then the Prince was there
to make my life clear

He did not offer coin
far more was he offering
A life with an eternal friend
"Your days shall never end"

I have seen thus far and I know
no matter how low I go
He can always reach
and land me on the beach

From the tempest of the sea
to be safe and set free
A free man with soul
and Holy Spirit to guide

From the water to behold the land
To walk with feet along the sand
A friend by my side
to comfort and sometimes chide

All the while with a pure abiding love
He is the white dove
venturing over endless seas
Returning always back to me