Friday, 28 March 2014

To the tune of Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper

This song is based on Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper.

I knew a girl
her name was Truth
She was a horrible liar
She always knew
she couldn't change
no matter what she
tried to do

She saved the whales
Holy Grail
set the hearts on fire
Given that
we know not enough
to say this is truth

Given time
and not enough love
we will all expire
But given just enough
from above
we may all be proved

Life is just
a bag of dreams
and a small sack of desire
If we just
didn't live
as the proud man chooses

you're so fine
and you can reach higher
May we just
touch a little
but not get loose

Sometimes things
are not what they seem
Some times things do conspire
Keep your ears
to the ground
and your eyes on the skies

All the while
we try to change ourselves
All the way to the pyre
That burns away
what we know
until we lose

Live your life
as best you can
and don't be upset when mired
That chains that hold
you to the ground
are the chains
that will one day let lose

The world might change
when you wink
You can tell with your eyes
What have we
to be fearful
when we have Jesus

Love yourself
with the flame
of a burning desire
Help each other
make a name
and don't be confused

Make your life
a pleasant dream
so you awake
into life
Give yourself
the ways and means
to be what you choose


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sacred Heart of the Triune God

Why oh why the terrible pain

The truth to be gained
through passion and pain
Weathers the sun and rain
Forever and again
The love of a child
for mother gentle and mild

Fine So Fine your mind
and body is enslaved
by watchers who crave
your love your touch
so sinful I want to so much
Your love Your love
I am below you are above

Do you need me
I cannot believe what I see
A way of speaking which tells no lies
Every thing revealed in the twinkling of your eyes
Pealing away the seal which wrinkled when espied

Nice Smile Nice Smile
will you stay and say with me for a while?
Do you like the weather?
or the touch of a feather?
The night is long when I am alone
The sky is forlorn and barren when I have no home
But then you smile
and life is wild and while I tame it
and give my name to it
and give my name to you
Do you take it as true?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The green and the rust

The green and the rust
living on the same tree
The will and the must
which long to be set free
The sun is below the trees
There is no direct sun
The air is blowing a breeze
blowing for he rain to come
Has it past or is it to come
The rain the pain
the woman the child
By passion to gain
the love which is wild