Thursday, 29 September 2016

Cry my sweet

Cry my sweet Angel
Weep for the sorrows of man
For though you can help them with anything
they are held captive by the legacy of sin
For the Fall has taken hold
and only the ones who take the Fall and Rise to heart
shall be saved
and will depart from the realm of death
Save those you can
Save the repentant man

Between the clouds

Between the clouds you are shinning
Beautiful stars Messengers of light
Wit silent optimism bringing
Silvery guardians of the night
For good fortune followed those who gaze
of a nighttime into the dark haze above
For the night is the Sun far below
Leaving the sky to work in Hades
And for those who know
the dark sky holds the promise of what tomorrow may be
Oh wonder and marvel at what the world holds
Oh Creator of these great works
how does the world unfurl?
For days in the Sun follow the rain
In Communion we are whole again
In given ways and splendorous days
may we give of ourselves to You
In every thing what Life brings
Only what God wills
Only what is true

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

To someone special

You will always be
                    to me
that special someone that I knew
that I cherish
as always wish
to be with

For life may twinkle
and fizzle
like a little lost flame
       without a name
Our candle will be lit again
by God and His Son
to light the day
shinning bright always

Our Love will be guided
               sometimes bid
by the Holy Ghost
Never far from our hearts
Never to depart
Start to end to start

You will always be
                    to me
the suns' rays
for eternity and a day
to Love and guide the way

You will always be
                    to me
our Love forever shines
In Gods' mind
I be yours' and you'll be mine

You will always be
                    to me
the air that I breathe
The quick and slow release
The Love and the peace

You will always be
                    to me
the firm and steady ground
The Lover that I found
The Love that surrounds

You will always be
                    to me
the rocking rolling sea
The wetness beneath
The adoration bequeathed

You will always be
                    to me
the clear blue sky
My how and why
My Love whom never dies