Thursday, 30 March 2017

Little stones

This is a poem inspired by an encounter at the local fish and chip shop. I did not have quite the amount required for my order and the server did not let me get by. I was a little taken aback and disappointed. I was thinking bad thoughts about him but then I took a grace note and changed my thinking around to the good. Then I was blessed by inspiration for this poem. Grace is rewarded with grace. All is in the service of God. Good or bad, all things happen for the Grace of God. Halleluyah.

Little Stones.

Little stones we must walk over
'til we reach the mountain we must climb
Little lives we must live
Until we reach heights devine

Solid rock we must stand on
Soil we must plant
Stars that guide us all the way
To the greatness that we want

Given grace we all live in
Grace replaces time
All little flowers in the garden
tended by a hand gentle and kind

Clouds living in the sky
Kissing the air rare
Passing through the moonlight
Keeping the trees fair

Fruit budding in the Spring time
coming to Autumn harvest
Bees flying by the will of God
To bring food to the blessed

Thursday, 16 March 2017

A gentle smile

A gentle smile greeting
and cordial meeting
Juice to come later
after ordering from the waiter
Sitting in a cafe Sunday morning
Over the roof tops the Son dawning
Over our drinking cups we smile
Sitting a talking for a while
Good company and good times
A few jokes, smokes and rhymes
Then our bums get sore
and we can not sit anymore
A walk down the street
to the tram stop past a few shops
You leave and away you go
til next week comes again. Not tomorrow
Next week comes after long hours
and we drink again our black coffee. Bitter, sweet and sour

The shade in the valley

The shade in the valley
The river overcomes the levee
The ride through the night
Angel wings shining bright
Thou seekest the light
Thou whom is the teller
Never far from our hearts
Always ready with scent celler
The power to abide by
all His commands, how great
The power to change mens' fates

Dancing of the wings

A dancing of the wings
The dancing in flight
You are so many things
reconciled, made right
Oh delight of the senses
wend you way tither thather
Your dance is what matters
The curves, your verve
Your timing and elan
waxing and wan
Your love made plain

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Oh stars

Oh stars that shine
what do you portend
for this heart of mine
What desire in my eyes do you see
Who, how and when shall I meet

Oh Heavens on high
what do you say
for my life
When and where
will I rejoin my wife
Not a single thought lose
Rays counted in each day

The coming of innocence
regained by conscience
By unclothing of guilt
By re-building on what is there already built
The coming of Joy
forever to rejoice

Oh Star Devine
Your light crystallizes in to time
What fate from your light is mine

Oh Son obedient
What do you think is meant
by the past that has went

Blessed be the Saints
and all called to Heaven
Creation bows to Thee

Oh Great Light
set the wronged right
if it is Your delight

In times that heal
we regain the sensation and feel
of what can be made real

And we can be blessed
to Live in Eden, no less
by His great sacrifice